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  • Considering the vital importance of writing skill in ESL studies, it is highly desirable that learners of English in our schools and colleges have the required level of proficiency in this field. However, the glaring truth is that majority of students at High School level in vernacular medium schools through out the country have a very poor proficiency level in writing. This has been studied and recorded by many research scholars from various parts of the country.

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  • The information in this working paper does not constitute the provision of investment, legal, or tax advice. Any views expressed reflect the current views of the author(s), which do not necessarily correspond to the opinions of the European Investment Fund or the European Investment Bank Group. Opinions expressed may change without notice. Opinions expressed may differ from views set out in other documents, including other research published by the EIF. The information in this working paper is provided for informational purposes only and without any obligation.

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  • The universal UDF in this case is called SAS_SCORE. This UDF is slightly different in that it can take a table or result set name as input, and the output is a result set. Call this a table UDF (compared to a scalar UDF like SAS_PUT UDF, which outputs a single value). The input parameter list of the SAS_SCORE UDF varies according to the DBMS and the model being executed. Regardless, the input parameter list of SAS_SCORE can be broken into two sets: the name of the scoring function to be run and the table or result set containing the...

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  • The Apple Finder Window reveals content, while leaving a clear visual path, or “breadcrumbs,” back to the original starting point. The ability to clearly see a travelled path through an interface is a vital component for a successful user experience. Designed as a single interface, and not as multiple Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) pages as with a conventional website, the timeline makes it easy for the user to see the path travelled.

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  • The legislation already in place and now being considered adds up to a fundamental reshaping of the EU's financial system. Agreement on banking supervision will put the European financial system on far more secure foundations and act as a springboard for confidence. 2013 will see the implementation of many of the detailed rules of this package.

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  • Due to the growing importance of forest goods and services an increasing amount of information is being collected on the ecological and also on the socio-economic value of goods and services provided by forests. However, much of this information is collected and presented at incompatible scales or it has been classified differently. In order to make comparative ecological or economic analysis possible, standardized frameworks for assessing the importance of forest goods and services are needed.

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  • Over the last few years, the Internet has had a profound effect on the private and professional lives of European citizens, offering them an increasing number and range of opportunities for accessing information, gaining and exchanging knowledge and realising personal learning goals. The core indicators for Internet take up show that most Europeans are using the Internet. According to Eurostat 2009 data, 65% of EU27 households have Internet access at home, ranging from 30% in Bulgaria to 90% in the Netherlands.

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  • A cross-sectional community based study was conducted in two different groups of elderly population (60 year and above) in Dibrugarh District of Assam, India during the study period from 2002 to 2003. The study comprised of 523 geriatric persons from both the settings. The first group consisted of 293 (male - 181 and female - 112) elderly persons from an urban setting among a population of about 1.3 lakhs. Four wards and two adjoining localities were selected randomly for the study.

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  • In addition to emerging chemical contaminants, there is also the threat of emerging pathogens – those that are appearing in human populations for the first time, or have occurred before but are increasing in incidence or are expanding into areas where they have not been reported (WHO 2003a). Not only do water-related diseases remain a leading cause of global morbidity and mortality, but several studies have confirmed that the variety of disease is expanding and the incidence of many water-related microbial diseases is increasing (WHO 2003a).

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  • Domain-speci c internet portals are growing in popularity because they gather content from the Web and organize it for easy access, retrieval and search. For example, www.campsearch.com allows complex queries by age, location, cost and specialty over summer camps. This functionality is not possible with general, Web-wide search engines. Unfortunately these portals are dicult and time-consuming to maintain. This paper advocates the use of machine learning techniques to greatly automate the creation and maintenance of domain-speci c Internet portals.

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  • FeedTree aware client applications should be able to examine conventional RSS feed data to discover if up- dates to that feed will be published through FeedTree. To do this, FeedTree metadata can be added to the RSS document structure to signal that it is available for sub- scription in the overlay. In this way, a FeedTree appli- cation bootstraps the subscription process with a one- time HTTP request of the conventional feed. All future updates are distributed through incremental RSS items published in FeedTree.

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  • Invasive Meningococcal Disease results from bacterial infection with Neisseria meningitidis, a gram-negative aerobic organism that is usually a commensal in humans; 5-25% of adults are asymptomatic carriers. 8 Meningococci that cause invasive disease develop a capsule that protects the organism from host defence mechanisms.

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  • Among technological options experimented to reach the unbanked and underbanked populations mostly in the rural areas are the satellite (mobile) branches, which allow to serve financially-excluded geographical areas where mainstream banks found it unprofitable to set up brick and mortar infra- structures. Savings banks in Uganda and Zimbabwe operate mobile banking units, which consist of vans equipped with information and communication technology touring remote communities on fixed dates to render banking services.

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  • In May 2000, HHS announced five initiatives to strengthen human subject protection in clinical research. One of these was to develop guidance on financial conflict of interest that would serve to further protect research participants. As part of this initiative, HHS held a conference on the topic of human subject protection and financial conflict of interest on August 15-16, 2000.

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  • The primary purpose of the board’s audit committee is to oversee the financial reporting process of a firm. The committee oversees a company’s audit process and internal accounting controls. In 1999, the Blue Ribbon Committee sponsored by the NYSE and NASDAQ made recommendations about the independence of audit committees. In response, the NYSE started requiring each firm to have an audit committee comprised solely of independent directors, while NASDAQ required only that independent directors comprise a majority of a firm’s audit committee.

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  • Another encouraging trend among this year’s Technology Pioneers is the effort to simplify the interface between machines and people. This means designing machines to do more of the work. Israeli pioneer start-up PrimeSense has pushed the idea to the extreme with its algorithms, circuitry and hardware that equips a machine to react to human movements and gestures. PrimeSense licensed its raw technology to Microsoft, which incorporated the company’s new concepts in its Kinect system that provides the brains for the interactive Xbox 360 video game console.

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  • Utility green pricing sales continue to exhibit some growth, but growth has slowed in the past two years, in particular. Collectively, utilities in regulated electricity markets sold about 4.8 billion kWh of green power to customers in 2008 (Table 9). Green pricing program sales to all customer classes grew by 11% in 2008, compared to rates ranging from 26% to 56% in recent years (Table 9 and Figure 4). The loss of the FPL program had a noticeable impact on sales. Without the termination of the FPL program, utility green pricing program sales would have grown at a rate of...

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  • With the three project types in mind, we can examine the basic criteria for project planning. At any time in a project, there are basic questions that everyone should know the answers to. You might not always like the answers, but you and your team should know what they are. Most planning frustrations occur when there’s disagreement or ignorance about these issues. • Who has requirements authority? Someone has to define the requirements and get them approved by the necessary par- ties (client or VP).

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  • Government taxes and charges are added to the risk premium we quote. The total of these amounts is the premium we charge you. For more information about the factors we take into account, you can read our Just Car Comprehensive Car Insurance – Premium, Excesses & Claims Guide. It is available on our website at justcarinsurance.com.au (under the ‘Customer Centre’ section then ‘Policy Documents’) or call us on 13 13 26 if you would like us to send you a free copy. Excesses may be payable on any claim you make on this policy. See page 18 for further details....

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  • The one study that uses fixed effects to estimate the returns to schooling – Angrist and Newey (1991) – finds that fixed effects estimates of the returns to schooling are higher than the correspond- ing OLS estimates. They suggest that individuals may make up for low workplace productivity by obtaining more schooling. However, the fixed effects coefficient is identified off of only those who have a break in schooling, a group which is less than twenty percent of the sample.

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