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  • With every new release of Windows Server, I always see lists of “What’s New” and “What’s Hot,” yet what I’m usually asked is, “Is it worth it?,” or “When should I upgrade?” Therefore, with each passing Beta and Release Candidate toward the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) for Windows Server 2008 (formerly known as Windows code name “Longhorn” Server), I’d like to present a different view of the road ahead for your Windows Server deployments. It’s not focused on the next code name “Vienna,” but simply Windows Server 2008:What to Expect.

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  • Phân biệt expect, hope, anticipate và look forward to .Các cụm từ như expect, hope, anticipate và look forward to mang ý nghĩa gì và cách dùng như thế nào cho đúng. Bài viết này sẽ giúp chúng ta hiểu thêm về chúng. Mời các bạn cùng xem nhé.

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  • Phân biệt expect, hope, anticipate và look forward to .Đối với người Việt chúng ta, việc học và sử dụng tiếng Anh, việc sử dụng từ, cụm từ, ngữ pháp, cấu trúc câu tiếng Anh... thường gặp rất nhiều khó khăn và nhầm lẫn bởi vì có khá nhiều từ trong tiếng Anh có nghĩa gần giống nhau, và chúng thường gây lúng túng cho người học.

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  • In this paper, we propose a novel method for semi-supervised learning of nonprojective log-linear dependency parsers using directly expressed linguistic prior knowledge (e.g. a noun’s parent is often a verb). Model parameters are estimated using a generalized expectation (GE) objective function that penalizes the mismatch between model predictions and linguistic expectation constraints.

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  • The EXPECTATION ECONOMY has been building slowly in the background. The biggest difference from five to ten years ago? Word of mouth now travels the world in a flash, making product launches instantly global, turning every new brand—big or small—into a potential 'player', and most importantly, rewarding exceptional performance with immediate interest and approval from consumers.

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  • The way in which discourse features express connections back to the previous discourse has been described in the literature in terms of adjoining at the right frontier of discourse structure. But this does not allow for discourse features that express ezpectations about what is to come in the subsequent discourse. After characterizing these expectations and their distribution in text, we show how an approach that makes use of substitution as well as adjoining on a suitably defined right frontier, can be used to both process expectations and constrain discouse processing in general. ...

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  • We present a novel transition system for dependency parsing, which constructs arcs only between adjacent words but can parse arbitrary non-projective trees by swapping the order of words in the input. Adding the swapping operation changes the time complexity for deterministic parsing from linear to quadratic in the worst case, but empirical estimates based on treebank data show that the expected running time is in fact linear for the range of data attested in the corpora.

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  • Statistical language modeling (SLM) has been used in many different domains for decades and has also been applied to information retrieval (IR) recently. Documents retrieved using this approach are ranked according their probability of generating the given query. In this paper, we present a novel approach that employs the generalized Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm to improve language models by representing their parameters as observation probabilities of Hidden Markov Models (HMM).

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  • In a headed tree, each terminal word can be uniquely labeled with a governing word and grammatical relation. This labeling is a summary of a syntactic analysis which eliminates detail, reflects aspects of semantics, and for some grammatical relations (such as subject of finite verb) is nearly uncontroversial. We define a notion of expected governor markup, which sums vectors indexed by governors and scaled by probabilistic tree weights.

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  • This paper proposes a new discriminative training method in constructing phrase and lexicon translation models. In order to reliably learn a myriad of parameters in these models, we propose an expected BLEU score-based utility function with KL regularization as the objective, and train the models on a large parallel dataset.

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  • This paper presents a semi-supervised training method for linear-chain conditional random fields that makes use of labeled features rather than labeled instances. This is accomplished by using generalized expectation criteria to express a preference for parameter settings in which the model’s distribution on unlabeled data matches a target distribution. We induce target conditional probability distributions of labels given features from both annotated feature occurrences in context and adhoc feature majority label assignment. ...

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  • We consider the problem of predictive inference for probabilistic binary sequence labeling models under F-score as utility. For a simple class of models, we show that the number of hypotheses whose expected Fscore needs to be evaluated is linear in the sequence length and present a framework for efficiently evaluating the expectation of many common loss/utility functions, including the F-score. This framework includes both exact and faster inexact calculation methods.

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  • this paper analyzes the panel data of bi-weekly surveys, conducted by the japan center for international finance, on the yen dollar exchange rate expectations of forty—four institutions for two years. there are three major findings in this paper. first, market participants are found to be heterogeneous. there are significant "individual effects" in their expectation institutions are found to violate the formation.

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  • Given that scientific material can be hard to comprehend, sustained attention and memory retention become major reader challenges. Scientific writers must not only present their science, but also work hard to generate and sustain the interest of readers. Attention-getters, sentence progression, expectation-setting, and memory offloaders are essential devices to keep readers and reviewers engaged. The writer needs to have a clear understanding of the role played by each part of a paper, from its eye-catching title to its eye-opening conclusion.

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  • Just ask anybody who knows me. I was never a huge fan of Microsoft’s ® Exchange Server—that is until Exchange 2003. Exchange Server 2003 introduced many of the features that I was looking for to be able to consider Exchange a good, rock-solid environment for a corporate email solution. Now, with the introduction of Exchange Server 2007 just around the corner, Microsoft is stepping up to the plate with their best offering to date.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "The economics of money, banking, and financial markets" has contents: Why study money, banking, and financial markets; an overview of the financial system; understanding interest rates; the behavior of interest rates; the stock market, the theory of rational expectations, and the efficient market hypothesis; financial crises,...and other contents.

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  • This guide was developed to assist teachers in successfully implementing the Michigan Merit Curriculum. The identified content expectations and guidelines provide a useful framework for designing curriculum, assessments and relevant learning experiences for students. Through the collaborative efforts of Governor Jennifer M.

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  • Phân biệt expect, hope, anticipate và look forward to 1. EXPECT: chúng ta sử dụng động từ này khi muốn thể hiện sự tin tưởng rằng một điều gì đó sẽ xảy ra trong tương lai. · She expected him to arrive on the next train. (Cô ấy trông mong anh ấy về trong chuyến tàu sắp tới).

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  • This thesis was done with a view to find out students‟ difficulties in learning written translation in order to orient students who begin to study this subject in good manner of study. the study also aims at understanding the students‟ expectation in learning the subject and then suggesting some possible solutions to overcome difficulties as well as satisfy their expectations to improve and adjust both learning‟s style and teaching method.

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  • Asset prices are determined by investors’ risk preferences and by the distributions of assets’ risky future payments. Economists refer to these two bases of prices as investor "tastes" and the economy’s "technologies" for generating asset returns. A satisfactory theory of asset valuation must consider how individuals allocate their wealth among assets having different future payments. This chapter explores the development of expected utility theory, the standard approach for modeling investor choices over risky assets....

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