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  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Oñati has enabled this group of scholars who share an interest in family law and family poli- cy, but come from a variety of academic disciplines and countries, to meet, to argue and to develop their ideas over almost a decade. We are grateful for this opportunity and proud to present our third volume of essays.

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  • The role of the law in settling family disputes has been a matter o particular debate over the past 25 years. In keeping with the genera public perception, the media have been largely critical about the role o lawyers in family law matters, sustaining a general lack of confidence in the legal profession, and a more specific feeling that in family matters lawyers aggravate conflict or even represent a female conspiracy. The climate in which family lawyers practise in England and Wales is therefore a harsh one....

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  • While feminist perspectives on all areas of life and law are crucial to achieve a just, nuanced and comprehensive understanding of them, some might think that the family and family law are the first, or at least most obvious, places to start. After all, feminism is concerned to ask questions about the lives of women, and the lives of women have traditionally centred upon their families. In fact, feminist perspec- tives have been offered upon family relations since a recognised feminist move- ment began centuries ago.

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  • Developmental Psychology for Family Law Professionals: Theory, Applica- tion, and the Best Interests of the Child is a practical application of developmental theory to the practice of family law. It intends to help you to ask questions that are developmentally informed and to better understand the breadth of experience, reams of reports and depth of emotion that must be digested in the course of seeking to understand each child’s unique needs.

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  • Thea Brown is Professor of Social Work and Director of the Family Violence and Family Court Research Program at Monash University. She has served on Family Court committees and on the Commonwealth Family Law Pathways Advisory Group. Dr Renata Alexander is Senior Lecturer in Law at Monash University and a member of the Victorian Bar. She was Deputy Registrar in the Family Court and is the author of Domestic Violence in Australia, 3rd edition. ..THEA BROWN RENATA ALEXANDER Understanding the issues facing human service and legal professionals .

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  • Family law is of fairly recent invention, especially as an academic subject, credit for this achievement usually going to Professor Peter Bromley, who published the first edition of his now well known textbook in 1957. In the same decade, a practical text on ‘Divorce’, as the general subject of family law was then called, was published by Dmitri Tolstoy.

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  • Historically, the law did not involve itself too much in the regulation of marriage. An individual was free to ‘marry’ merely by the exchange of vows, or by the act of sexual intercourse with their partner. This lack of legal regulation led to the term ‘common law wife’, which is still in use today, although having little, if any, legality or rights attached to it. The law did, however, start to become involved in marriage in the 18th century, and now legislation provides the rules surrounding the process of marriage.

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  • This question contains three related but distinct questions, all of which pivot on the multiple meanings of ‘international’ in this context. First, why study international family law as opposed to domestic family law? Second, why study international family law as opposed to comparative family law? Third, why study international (i.e. private and public) family law rather than private family law? The answers to these questions explain the purpose, scope, and approach of this book.

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  • I i nd it hard to believe that this book has now been on bookshelves in Canada for i t een years. h e number of changes to family law and the ways in which these changes are af ecting Canadian families continue to grow with each passing year.

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  • Responsibility, like rights, duties, obligations, justice and fairness, is a concept employed by the law in the ordering, regulation and resolution of conflicts in human life. This book contributes to analysis of responsibility, in which there is currently a renewed interest amongst politicians, in law and in academic research. At the same time, as a term employed by family members to describe the nature of their relationships with one another, responsibility is a concept employed in the ordering and negotiation of family relationships.

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  • The Family Law Act 1996 will provide the framework for divorce and separation, for mediation and for disputes involving domestic violence for many years to come. It will be up to the family lawyers to ensure that the Act lives up to its principles in supporting marriage and, if divorce or separation are inevitable, then in concluding the arrangements with minimum distress to the parties and their children and promoting a good continuing relationship.Any risk of violence is to be removed or diminished so far as is practicable.

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  • This Casebook introduces the area of Roman law governing the most personal and urgent problems that free Romans normally confronted: the marital relationship, the power of fathers over their children, and the devolution of property within the family. This area of law is interesting even today because, although many parts of it seem at least generally familiar, Roman family law was organized and developed on lines that are radically, and at times almost breathtakingly, different from any modern legal system.

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  • When this book was first conceived, my aim was to analyse the concept of family employed in a number of different areas of substantive Community law. The thought of writing a book which also included a detailed discussion of the family law of the European Union never entered my head. If it had, I should have thought it would be a very short book indeed. However, in the late 1990s, when carrying out research for an article on the developing concept of family in European Union law, I came across references to family law in discussions regarding the prospects for a European civil code.

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  • This text, which comprises a selection of important cases in family law, is intended primarily for law students and others who are preparing for first examinations in this subject area. It is intended to provide a digest of cases which illustrate the application of principles in this field of law. The cases chosen will offer useful adjunctive material for the group of Cavendish publications concerned with family law. For this second edition, cases which are no longer relevant have been omitted, and some 80 new cases have been added.

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  • This book traces and compares the approaches of different Arab League mem- ber states to a set of issues in the family law codifications that apply to their majority Muslim populations as they appear in the early years of the twenty- first century ce. Looking at ‘text’ in this way has become rather unfashion- able in at least some parts of the Western academy.

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  • The practice of law is not monolithic. Professional directories for the United States sort one million lawyers and 50,000 law firms into some 65 core practice areas. In Lawyers at Work, I interview fifteen lawyers in fifteen practice areas selected to be representative of the lawyering spectrum: employment law, corporate defense, criminal prosecution, financial services, international project finance, family law, international law, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, intellectual property, entertainment, nonprofit, civil rights, trusts and estates, and civil litigation.

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  • The raids transformed the Listuguj Mi’gmaq community. “We fight [amongst each other] all the time,” said one Listuguj citizen. “But if trouble starts, we’re like glue. We have one voice.” Said another, “The salmon raid brought people together. We were invaded. The raid cut across family divisions.” One elder, remembering those days, said, “I’ve never been so proud of my people as I was then. It awakened something in us.

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  • States are increasingly challenging the logic of simply assimilating refugees to their own citizens. Questions are now raised about whether refugees should be allowed to enjoy freedom of movement, to work, to access public welfare programs, or to be reunited with family members. Doubts have been expressed about the propriety of exempting refugees from visa and other immigration rules, and even about whether there is really a duty to admit refugees at all.

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  • Family law can be a fascinating topic; it is so infinitely varied in the different issues that may be encountered, whether in the examination room or in practice. Each family is different and it is a challenge to try to use the law to achieve a practical solution to the problems encountered.

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  • Operating income before depreciation and amortization is defined as income (loss) from operations before depreciation, amortization of intangible assets and amortization of stock compensation expense. We consider operating income before depreciation and amortization to be an important indicator of the operational strength of the Company.

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