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  • In addition to local periodontal tissue involvement, chronic infection of the periodontium together with continuous up-regulation of pro-inflammatory responses and immune mediators may contribute to systemic sequel including diabetes, preterm delivery of lowweight birth babies, lung inflammation, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

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  • Linux Server Hacks is a collection of 100 industrial-strength hacks, providing tips and tools that solve practical problems for Linux system administrators. Every hack can be read in just a few minutes but will save hours of searching for the right answer. Some of the hacks are subtle, many of them are non-obvious, and all of them demonstrate the power and flexibility of a Linux system. You'll find hacks devoted to tuning the Linux kernel to make your system run more efficiently, as well as using CVS or RCS to track the revision to system files....

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  • In Unix there are many ways to accomplish a given task. Given a problem to solve, we may be able to get to a solution in any number of ways. Of course, some will be more efficient, be more readable, use less disk space or memory, may or may not give the user feedback on what is going on or give more accurate details and more precision to the result. In this book we are going to step through every detail of writing a shell script to solve real-world Unix problems and tasks. The shell scripts range from using a pseudorandom number generator to create pseudo-random...

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  • Consider that network and application firewalls, network and host Intrusion Detection/Preven- tion (IDS/IPS), access controls, sniffers, and Unified Threat Management systems (UTM)—all log security events that must be monitored. Every switch, router, load balancer, operating system, server, badge reader, custom or legacy application, and many other IT systems across the enter- prise, produce logs of security events, along with every new system to follow (such as virtual- ization). Most have their own log expression formats.

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  • This module is intended to help the server administrator perform the day-to-day administration of Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001. After completing this module, students will be able to: Locate and manage files and folders in the Microsoft Web Storage System. Manage the computer running SharePoint Portal Server. Monitor SharePoint Portal Server by using System Monitor. Back up SharePoint Portal Server. Restore SharePoint Portal Server.

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  •  Một số người nhận thấy rằng tác vụ truyền file trên Internet khá chậm, thường chỉ trong khoảng  900 ­1800 ký tự (character), ngay cả với modem 56K. Nguyên nhân có thể liên quan đến một  thông số của Win95/98 gọi là Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU). Hãy nhìn vào mục "Bytes  received/sec" trong System Monitor và so sánh thông số đó với thông số mà trình duyệt Web của  bạn thông báo.

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  • Default installations of almost any operating system are prime targets for hackers, and Solaris is no exception.These installations are usually devoid of any vendor patches, may be running system daemons with more privilege than necessary, and are likely to use insecure protocols.This chapter is designed to get you to begin thinking about Solaris in terms of security by examining the shortcomings of the default Solaris installation, as well as the tools available for monitoring the system. Most intrusions will result in your Solaris systems displaying uncharacteristic...

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  • Competitors. Monitoring the network could be used for corporate research; for exam- ple, gathering info about how a company uses electricity, from which utility, and for what loads. The curious party could be a competing utility, or a manufacturer of more electrically efficient equipment. Human error. This can affect control system implementation (thus the need for com- missioning), key sharing, network administration, physical security, upgrades, flaws in software and hardware development, etc. ...

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  • The jurisdictional boundaries among new and existing federal financial regulatory agencies should be drawn carefully to prevent mission overlap, and each of the federal financial regulatory agencies generally should have exclusive jurisdiction to issue and enforce rules to achieve its mission. Nevertheless, many emerging financial products and practices will raise issues relating to systemic risk, prudential regulation of financial firms, and consumer or investor protection.

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  • Module 6: Managing and Monitoring Domain Name System (DNS) Mỗi học viên một máy cài và cấu hình DNS như lab 1 và lab 2 module 5 Lab 1: Backup DNS 1. Copy database của DNS sang thư mục backupDNS a. Copy các file trong %systemroot%\system32\DNS b. Paste vào thư mục backupDNS VSIC Education Corporation Trang 75 70-291 Tài liệu dành cho học viên 2. Export 2 key trong regedit: Vào Start a. Tìm đến key sau: Run gõ Regedit Click phải vào key DNS server chọn export vào lưu key này với tên là: key1.

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  • Unix for Oracle DBAs Pocket Reference By Donald K. Burleson Copyright Chapter 1. Unix for Oracle DBAs Pocket Reference Section 1.1. Introduction Section 1.2. Understanding Unix Section 1.3. Building Unix Commands Section 1.4. Unix Server Environment Section 1.5. Process Management Section 1.6. Server Values Section 1.7. Memory and CPU Management Section 1.8. Semaphore Management Section 1.9. System Log Messages Section 1.10. Server Monitoring Section 1.11. File Management Section 1.12. Disk Management Section 1.13. Miscellaneous Shell Scripts...

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  • Built-In Database Objects In addition to creating the database files, several other structures are created. Data dictionary: Contains descriptions of the objects in the database Dynamic performance tables: Contains information used by the database administrator (DBA) to monitor and tune the database and instance PL/SQL packages: Program units adding functionality to the database. These packages are created when the catproc.sql script is run after the CREATE DATABASE command. PL/SQL packages will not be discussed within the scope of this course.

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  • Once everything was in a database, the MyLifeBits project became a quest for useful tools to organize, associate metadata, access and report about the information. Figure 1 shows the many different capture and display tools used to populate the store and then to search or access it. In order to support legacy applications, NTFS files and Outlook email stores are monitored and their metadata integrated into the database, including the text of each item to enable full-text search.

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  • People who administer the operation of an Oracle database system, known as database administrators (DBAs), are responsible for creating Oracle databases, ensuring their smooth operation, and monitoring their use. In addition to the many alerts and advisors Oracle provides, Oracle also offers the following features: Self-Managing Database Oracle Database provides a high degree of self-management - automating routine DBA tasks and reducing complexity of space, memory, and resource administration.

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