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  • Topic 12 - Forward contracts and hedges, simulated correlated random variables. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Compute no-arbitrage forward prices for equities, currencies, and commodities; compute the payoffs of forward contracts; construct forward hedges using beta and correlation; simulate correlated random variables.

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  • This chapter explain how forward contracts are used to hedge based on anticipated exchange rate movements, describe how currency futures contracts are used to speculate or hedge based on anticipated exchange rate movements, explain how currency option contracts are used to speculate or hedge based on anticipated exchange rate movements.

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  • The goals of this chapter are: To describe futures contracts and show how they circumvent the problems of forward contracts, to compare forward and futures markets, to describe swaps and introduce some terminology.

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  • This chapter provide an of derivatives. As we noted in the chapter, there are four major classes of derivatives: forward contracts, futures, options, and swaps. Following is a brief explanation of each.

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  • Lecture Financial derivatives - Lecture 2: Introduction. The contents of this chapter include all of the following: The nature of derivatives, examples of derivatives, ways derivatives are used, forward contracts.

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  • Chapter 9 - Currency futures and swaps. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: To describe futures contracts and show how they circumvent the problems of forward contracts, to compare forward and futures markets, to describe swaps and introduce some terminology,...

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  • In this chapter, Students understand and can recall the costs and benefits of hedging, payoffs and profits of currency forwards and futures, difference between a forward and futures, how to speculate with forwards and futures contracts, how financial managers use forwards and futures to hedge fx risk, how futures are traded and margin calculated.

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  • Topic 13 - Option contracts and hedging, monte carlo valuation, and black-scholes. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Compute the payoffs and profits of plain vanilla option contracts, value options using monte carlo simulation and black-scholes models, computed hedged and unhedged cashflows using options and forwards, value arithmetic asian options, use @Risk to value options and compute position risk.

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  • Hợp đồng kỳ hạn dãy đoản (short-range forward contract) bao gồm một vị thế trường quyền chọn bán với giá thực hiện thấp, K1, và một vị thế đoản quyền chọn mua với giá thực hiện cao.

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  • 438 Planning and Forecasting A Foreign Currency Hedge Suppose an American electronics manufacturer has just delivered a large shipment of finished products to a customer in France. The French buyer has agreed to pay 1 million French francs in exactly 30 days. The manufacturer is worried that the French franc may be devalued relative to the American dollar during that interval. If the franc is devalued, the dollar value of the promised payment will fall and the American manufacturer will suffer losses.

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  • Inspired by Lorenz’ remarkable chaotic flow, we describe in this paper the structure of all C 1 robust transitive sets with singularities for flows on closed 3-manifolds: they are partially hyperbolic with volume-expanding central direction, and are either attractors or repellers. In particular, any C 1 robust attractor with singularities for flows on closed 3-manifolds always has an invariant foliation whose leaves are forward contracted by the flow, and has positive Lyapunov exponent at every orbit, showing that any C 1 robust attractor resembles a geometric Lorenz attractor. ...

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  • The Company on behalf of a sub-fund may enter into transactions in over-the-counter markets, which will expose the sub-fund to the credit of its counterparties and their ability to satisfy the terms of such contracts. For example, the Company on behalf of the sub-fund may enter into repurchase agreements, forward contracts, options and swap arrangements or other derivative techniques, each of which expose the sub-fund to the risk that the counterparty may default on its obligations to perform under the relevant contract.

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  • This potential disparity in availability of private insurance between regions and crops is sometimes cited as a reason for government intervention (U.S. GAO, 1980; Appel, Lord, and Harrington, 1999), but here again, crop insurance is not unique. Many risk management tools used by farmers are available only in certain regions. For example, cash forward contracting is widely available for corn and soybean producers in the Midwest, although the same is not necessarily true for producers in regions where basis risk is high.

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  • Banking sector reforms have been sequenced to correspond with changing regulations of the foreign exchange market. The government has allowed the exchange rate to gradually float (as opposed to a “crawling” peg), and full current account convertibility has been introduced, with de facto capital account convertibility for nonresidents, and calibrated liberalization for residents.

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  • Additionally, this positive association holds for interest-rate options contracts, forward contracts, and futures contracts, suggesting that banks using any form of these contracts, on average, experience significantly higher growth in their C&I loan portfolios. Furthermore, C&I loan growth is positively related to capital ratio and negatively related to C&I loan charge-offs. The findings in this study are confirmed after a robustness check.

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  • Specific decision rules are needed regarding pre-harvest forward contracts because it is possible for an advisory program to recommend taking the LDP on those sales before the grain is actually harvested and available for delivery in central Illinois. To begin, it is assumed that amounts sold for harvest delivery with pre-harvest forward contracts are delivered first during harvest. Since LDPs must be taken when title to the grain changes hands, LDPs are assigned as these “forward contract” quantities are harvested and delivered.

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  • Essentials of Investments: Chapter 17 - Futures Markets and Risk Management presents Futures and Forwards, Basics of Futures Contracts, Existing Contracts, Trading Mechanics, Margin and Marking to Market, Margin and Trading Arrangements.

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  • In Financial Economics, many researchers have studied option prices, because these derivatives contain unique information that is not available from the prices of other financial instruments. A call option gives the buyer the right to purchase in the future a certain asset at a price fixed today. The value of such an option is determined by the distance between the current stock price and the exercise price. When market participants price option contracts in the course of trading, they use forecasts of the probability of different asset prices for the period until the derivative expires.

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  • After discussing each vendor with District program staff, we learned the District received minimal services in terms of the amounts paid to some of the vendors. We asked District program staff why the program manager would award these contracts. District program staff stated the District did not receive much benefit from work provided by several vendors and stated the program manager wanted support from prominent members of the community. Environment: District program staff stated, although they had concerns about the program, they did not bring them forward...

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  • Appendix A: Derivatives. Derivatives are financial instruments that “derive” their values from some other security or index. They serve as a form of ‘insurance” against risk. Financial futures, forward contracts, options, and interest rate swaps are the most frequently used derivatives.

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