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  • Nutritional and physico-chemical properties are very important factors in food product development in this regard a study was carried out to know the nutritional and physicochemical characteristics of nine foxtail millet genotypes developed at Agricultural Research Station, Hagari along with the check variety. The genotype HN-46 recorded highest 1000 grain weight. The volume of thousand grains was high inHN-13 (2.5 ml). The bulk density of ten genotypes ranged from 0.75 to 2.20. The protein content of HMT 100- 1(13.29g) was high among all the genotypes followed by HN-43 genotypes (13.

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  • The present investigation was carried out to assess the nature and magnitude of genetic variability for yield and quality related traits in 50 genotypes of foxtail millet germplasm collections. The experiment was laid out in an Augmented Randomised Complete Block Design (ARCBD) at RARS, Lam, Guntur during Kharif, 2017-18. The analysis of variance revealed the presence of significant differences for most of the traits viz.

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  • A field trial was conducted to standardize row spacing and suitable genotype of foxtail millet to Southern Transition Zone of Karnataka at College of Agriculture, Shivamogga. Three foxtail millet genotypes viz., Local, HMT-1 and SIA 2644 were grown at four different spacing viz., 30 cm x 10 cm, 20 cm x 10 cm, 20 cm x 5 cm and10 cm x 5 cm. Experiment was laid out in factorial Randomized complete block design with three replications. The pooled results of the experiment shows that Among the different spacing, plants grown at 20 cm x 10 cm recorded significantly higher plant height (100.

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  • In the present study, 50 germplasm accessions of foxtail millet [Setaria italica (L.) Beauv.] were evaluated based on DUS descriptors for six morphological (qualitative) traits viz., plant growth habit, plant pigmentation at auricle, inflorescence shape, inflorescence compactness, lobe compactness, seed colour and six quantitative characters viz., flag leaf: blade length (cm), flag leaf: blade width (cm), peduncle length (cm), peduncle exertion, panicle length (cm) and plant height at maturity (cm).

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  • The present investigation was undertaken to identify the resistant genotypes amongst twelve genotypes of foxtail millet or Italian (Setaria italica L.) for evaluating blast and rust disease severity caused by Pyricularia setariae Nisikado. and Uromyces setariae-italica (Diet.) Yoshino. were studied during 2016-2017 at Centre of Excellence in Millets, Athiyandal, Tamil Nadu, India and this paper reports the result of this investigation.

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  • A Total of 40 different foxtail millet roots samples along with rhizospheric soil were collected from Raichur and Koppal districts of Karnataka. Azospirillum strains were isolated and physic-chemical properties of the soil were analyzed. Among them, 20 samples each from Raichur and Koppal districts were collected. The physico-chemical properties of the soil and available nutrients of Raichur district samples ranged from, pH (7.58-8.85), electrical conductivity (0.12-0.99 dS m-1 ), organic carbon (0.11-0.87%), available nitrogen (110.40 to 358.80 kg ha-1 ), available phosphorus content (9.

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  • Correlation and path analysis were studied in 50 genotypes of foxtail millet for 13 characters during kharif 2017-18. The investigation revealed positive significant correlation of plant height, panicle length, number of productive tillers per plant, test weight and carbohydrate with grain yield per plant at phenotypic level. Path analysis studies revealed that panicle length, number of productive tillers per plant, test weight and carbohydrate had true relationship with grain yield per plant by establishing significant positive association and positive direct effect at phenotypic level.

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  • An investigation was conducted to assess the magnitude of genetic variability, heritability (broad sense) and genetic advance as per cent of mean in 100 foxtail millet genetic resources for 18 metric traits. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed highly significant differences among the genetic resources for all the metric traits studied. Phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) was greater than genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) for all the characters studied indicating that these characters were highly influenced by the environmental effects.

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  • The present investigation was conducted to evaluate the sixty foxtail millet germplasm to access the nature and magnitude of genetic variability for yield and yield component traits. The experiment was laid out in Augmented Randomized Complete Block Design (ARCBD) at RARS, Lam, Guntur during kharif, 2018-19. The analysis of variance indicated significant differences for most of the traits viz.

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  • Hundred foxtail millet genetic resources were studied to assess the magnitude of genetic diversity for 18 metric traits using Mahalanobis D2 Statistic (Tocher’s method). The results of the study showed that the genotypes were grouped into 11 distinct non-overlapping clusters suggesting availability of substantial genetic diversity.

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  • A field experiment was conducted during the kharif season of 2018 on Foxtail millet of varieties SIA 3156 and SIA 326 (PRASAD) at Crop Research Farm, Department of Agronomy, Naini Agricultural Institute, SHUATS, Prayagraj (U.P). the experiment was laid out in Randomized Block Design with 6 treatments combinations, consisting of two varieties of Foxtail millet (SIA 3156, SIA 326) and nitrogen management viz.

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  • The field experiment was conducted during kharif 2018-19 at seed farm, College of Agriculture, Vijayapur to study the effect of seed priming and seed treatment on seed yield and quality in foxtail millet. The field experiment consisted of two factors.

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  • Foxtail millet is an important nutri cereals which sustains well in adverse conditions like limited rainfall, poor soil fertility. It has capacity to withstand drought, adaptable to poor environment and input management. A field experiment was conducted at agriculture Research Station, Hagari during Kharif 2018-19 to know the influence of seed priming with chemicals, micro nutrients and bio-inoculants on growth and seed yield in Foxtail millet. In the present study the twelve priming treatments were used.

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  • The present In-vitro study was conducted at pathology laboratory, University of agricultural sciences, ZARS, GKVK, Bangalore, Karnataka, India during march to evaluate fungicides against foxtail millet blast disease caused by Pyricularia setariae.

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  • A field experiment was conducted at Agricultural Research Station, Hagari, Karnataka in medium black soil during rabi-2017 to study the effect of agronomic fortification on nutrient content and dry matter accumulation in Foxtail millet. Research was carried out in split plot design consisting of three genotypes in the main plot and seven methods of micronutrients application in sub plot, it was replicated thrice.

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  • Upma mix using different combinations of foxtail millet, semolina and soy was developed by modified recipe followed by its sensory, proximate, hunter colour and cooking quality evaluation. The modified upma mix prepared from 65% foxtail millet, 30% semolina and 5% soy was found to be highly acceptable in terms of all sensory attributes.

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  • A field experiment was conducted at Main Agricultural Research Station, Raichur, during kharif 2018-19 to study the integrated nutrient management on Foxtail millet (Setaria italic L.) in black soil.

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  • The present study was conducted to know the nutrition composition of pre-treated foxtail millet rice in comparison with raw foxtail millet grains. Different pre-treatments were given to the millet grains in different combination such as roasting; cooking, drying and roasting. Pre-treatment reduced the moisture, protein, fat content of millet grains significantly (p < 0.05). More reduction was observed in cooked, dried and roasted grains and minimum reduction was observed in roasted grains.

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  • Foxtail millet (Setaria italica L. P. Beauv) has been considered as a tractable model crop in recent years due to its short growing cycle, lower amount of repetitive DNA, inbreeding nature, small diploid genome, and outstanding abiotic stress-tolerance characteristics.

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  • Millets are in the family of cereals grown globally with differential importance across continents and within regions of the world. Cereals are staple foods for a large proportion of the world population. The present investigation was carried out to find out the effect of different retail packaging material on the shelf-life of dehusked foxtail millet. The foxtail millet was procured at local Raichur market. Physical properties of dehusked foxtail millet viz., particle density, bulk density, angle of repose, coefficient of internal friction...

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