Frameworks for mainstreaming

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  • This guide presents resources on child and youth participation from Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia and the Pacific. Most of the materials are available in electronic form and have been included in the CD-ROM that is part of this guide. The main audiences for this resource guide are practitioners and managers involved in promoting child and youth participation in government, community-based organizations, child-led organizations, NGOs and UN and donor agencies.

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  • This book is designed as a course text for students of Irish Politics and Public Administration. It may also be used to accompany courses in introductory politics, policy analysis and comparative politics or public administration. A range of Irish public policy topics are presented and explained—each by reference to a distinct framework for analysis. The book is intended to highlight (through readily presented Irish examples) the variety of alternative explanations available to students of politics and public administration who are interested in understanding how policy is made....

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  • Muscles as organs of the will, of character, and even of thought--The muscular virtues--Fundamental and accessory muscles and functions--The development of the mind and of the upright position--Small muscles as organs of thought--School lays too much stress upon these--Chorea--Vast numbers of automatic movements in children--Great variety of spontaneous activities--Poise, control, and spurtiness--Pen and tongue wagging--Sedentary school life vs. free out-of-door activities--Modern decay of muscles, especially in girls--Plasticity of motor habits at puberty...

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  • Over the past decade, PHP has transformed itself from a set of simple tools for web site development to a full-fledged object-oriented programming (OOP) language. PHP now rivals mainstream languages like Java and C# for web application development, with more and more enterprises turning to it to power their web sites. The reasons for this are clear: PHP has found the right combination of an easy-to-learn language and powerful features.

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  • A gender specific goal is seen as essential to tackle the underlying causes of gender inequality. Studies have shown that political commitment to gender equality is declining when gender is only mainstreamed. The importance of gender targets for securing funding is also being stressed. In addition to a standalone goal, considering gender equality throughout the post 2015 framework is also seen as crucial by many.

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