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  • In today’s society, and indeed in the society of men from the ages of the ancient Greeks, the men, and women o society had an image in their minds of a perfect body. This body has been admired and desired throughout th ages. Great sculptures, great artists, and grea photographers have tried to capture this PERFECT BODY in marble, oil and film. We have all seen thes bodies in this artwork again and again and have a clea picture in our minds of what a PERFECT BODY would look like.

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  • What to expect of this book I assume that the reader of this book will have the level of knowledge of the ECG that is contained in The ECG Made Easy, to which this is a companion volume. The ECG is indeed easy in principle, but the variations in pattern seen both in normal people and in patients with cardiac and other problems can make the ECG seem more complex than it really is. This book concentrates on these variations, and contains several examples of each abnormality. It is thus intended for anyone who understands the basics, but now wants to use the ECG to its maximum potential as a...

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  • SSRIs and SNRIs tend to have fewer side ef ects and are more popular than the older classes of antidepressants, such as tricyclics—named for their chemical structure—and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). However, medi­ cations afect everyone dif erently. here is no one-size­ its-all approach to medication. herefore, for some people, tricyclics or MAOIs may be the best choice. People taking MAOIs must adhere to signiicant food and medicinal restrictions to avoid potentially serious inter­ actions.

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  • The second shift is methodological in nature. Until recently only two strategies were available for studying the biological mecha- nisms underlying artistic appreciation and creation: first, making theoretical conjectures based on general understanding of brain structure and function; and second, single case-studies of brain injuries affecting art-related activities. The former produced theo- ries that often went untested (and were sometimes untestable), while the latter generated accounts that were often anecdotal, incomplete and difficult to interpret.

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  • Milk from the udder of a healthy cow contains very few bacteria. Poor hygiene introduces additional bacteria that make the milk spoil quickly. To ensure that the milk remains fresh for a longer time it is necessary to practice good hygiene. Good hygiene needs to be observed at all stages of milk production, handling and marketing. Therefore you need to advise the farmer on hygienic milk production and handling after milking.

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  • Genes contain the recipes for the various proteins a cell needs to stay healthy and function normally. Some genes and the proteins they make can influence how a breast cancer behaves and how it might respond to a specific treatment. Cancer cells from a tissue sample can be tested to see which genes are normal and abnormal. The proteins they make can also be tested. If the genetic recipe contains a mistake the report will say “genetic mutation” or “genetic abnormality.

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  • Comprehensive policy on CAM and TM is lacking in most countries, including the United States. According to the 1994 Dietary Supplement, Health, and Education Act, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cannot require proof that dietary supplements and herbal products are safe and effective before they are sold, although it is charged with requiring good man- ufacturing practices.

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  • Results also showed that the addition of proline (0.75 g/l) or spermidine (0.15 mM) to the culture medium increased the number of secondary embryos considerably. The fully developed plantlets exhibiting healthy roots and shoots were obtained when somatic embryos were sub-cultured onto B5 medium containing 1.5 mg/l IBA.

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  • The present investigation was conducted on 24 diarrhoeic cattle calf (0-3 months old) and 08 healthy cattle calves. These diarrhoeic cattle calves were divided into three treatment groups (T1, T2, T3) and healthy control group (Tc) consisting of 08 cattle calves in each. Various Rehydration Electrolyte Solutions was prepared as RES1, RES2 and RES3 having zinc, glutamine and their combination respectively and effect of these RES solutions was seen on the alterations of serum protein and electrolytes on 0, 3 and 7th day.

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  • Healthy seeds of different varieties of rice (PD 6, NDR 359, PD 16 and PS 5) and wheat (UP 262, UP 2628, PBW 175 and UP 2554) were germinated and fourteen days after germination, young rice/wheat seedlings were transferred to half strength of Hogland solution (pH 7.0) containing either recommended levels of Zn (0.05 mg Zn L-1 ) or no Zn for four days. For solidification of medium 0.4% w/v agar- agar was mixed in the Hogland solutions of both –Zn and +Zn. Prior to solidification, 11.25 mL of 0.1% bromothymol blue dye solution prepared in 60 % ethanol and was mixed to agar nutrient solution.

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  • The present investigation aimed at evaluating the importance of ca based nutrient sprays viz., the Bio-efficacy of Megacal containing Ca, Mg, K, Zn, Iron and Cu, as organic product. The sprays were used on apple cv. Red Delicious for a period of two years at farmers’ field in district Shopian during 2016 and 2017. Healthy trees of uniform age (20 years) were selected. Cultural practices and plant protection measures were uniform for all the selected trees, irrespective of treatments. On each tree four branches from four sides were marked, for different flower and fruit observation measures.

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  • A limited number of nondigestible oligosaccharides are available for use in infant formula. This study evaluated growth and safety in infants fed formula supplemented with a mixture of bovine milk-derived oligosaccharides (BMOS).

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  • More potent antitumor activity is desired in Interferon (IFN)-treated cancer patients. This could be achieved by combining IFN alpha and IFN gamma. The aim of this work was to characterize the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a novel formulation containing a co-formulated combination of IFNs alpha-2b and gamma (CIGB-128-A).

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  • Human dentin, as an important calcified tissue in the body, plays significant roles in withstanding masticatory forces and has a complex hierarchical organization. Understanding the composition and ultrastructure of dentin is critical for elucidating mechanisms of biomineralization under healthy and pathological states.

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  • Millets are grown expansively in different areas of India as a staple crop to feed a huge section of the inhabitants. In India, its production holds the sixth position after wheat, rice, maize, sorghum and bajra.

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  • Paracetamol/Orphenadrine is a fixed dose combination containing 35 mg orphenadrine and 450 mg paracetamol. It has analgesic and muscle relaxant properties and is widely available as generics.

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  • Whole genome and exome sequencing usually include reads containing mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Yet, state-of-the-art pipelines and services for human nuclear genome variant calling and annotation do not handle mitochondrial genome data appropriately.

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  • For many years microbiologists believed that the tissues of healthy animals normally contained bacteria (Reith, 1926; Ingram, 1972). These ‘intrinsic’ bacteria were the cause of phenomena such as ‘bone taint’. The cause of bone taint is still questioned and will be discussed later.The prevailing view of the majority of textbooks (Banwart, 1989;Varnam and Sutherland, 1995), based in part on the work of Gill (Gill, 1979, 1980) is that the meat of a healthy animal is essentially sterile.

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  • Nutrition is one of the most important factors that impact health in all areas of the lifecycle. Pregnant women need adequate food and health care to deliver a healthy baby who has a good birth weight and a fighting chance for survival. In many regions of the world, the infant mortality rate is very high, meaning that many infants will not live to see their first birthday. Breastfeeding is the ideal method of feeding and nurturing infants, because breast milk contains many immunologic agents that protect the infant against bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

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  • Overall, adults age 65 and over do not appear to be using the Internet. This population has resisted going online, but all age groups have begun to gain ground as users. (Laurich 2002, 176). Laurich maintains that the elderly believe the Internet does not contain information highly relevant to their needs. Moreover, more than any other age group, they tend not to have Internet access either in their home or at work, though they do use the Internet at libraries. 22% of adults 65 and older have access to the Internet. Of the 22% of the US adults aged 65...

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