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  • In North America, dairy farmers base the majority of their cow feed rations around corn (maize) silage. Corn is a popular North American crop and underlies a large proportion of their Agricultural economy. The main advantage of corn silage is its high starch levels as starch improves the energy content of the diet. High starch forages are seen as a desirable characteristic in North American dairy feed systems. When corn is not available, forages are made with cereal crops such as wheat and barley. In order to maximise starch levels in wheat or...

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  • State and local governments finance public services primarily through taxes. Nationally, the two biggest taxes are the property and sales tax, which generate more than two- thirds of all state and local tax revenue. Because states rely most on sales and property taxes, and because these taxes place higher effective rates on low- and middle-income households (who spend a greater share of their incomes on housing and purchasing necessities than the wealthy), state and local tax systems are regressive. In Rhode Island, the lowest twenty percent of households pay 11.

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  • Investment-grade bonds are issued by well-regarded companies and rated as desirable investments.To be considered investment- grade, a bond must be rated BBB or better by Standard & Poor’s, or Baa or better by Moody’s. Corporate bonds with a lower rating or no rating are sometimes called high-yield bonds because of the higher interest rates they must pay to attract investors.They are also sometimes referred to as “junk bonds” because the issuers are believed more likely to default—that is, to fail to make full interest and principal payments as scheduled....

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  • Economists have long advocated pollution taxes as a policy to improve water quality. One of the reasons water effluent taxes are embraced by economists interested in market-based policies is that sources of water pollution are varied and difficult to assess individually in terms of control costs. In principle, taxes overcome this problem. With a price—the tax—applied to pollution emissions, firms compare the price to their costs of emissions control. If the price is higher than control costs, they reduce emissions rather than pay the tax.

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  • Similar MHC class II polymorphisms and T cell dysfunc- tions have been implicated in lupus,[127,128] and lower levels of free tryptophan[129] and MHC II protein over expression is also linked to autoimmune attack on beta cells in Type I diabetes (IDDM) [130]. Over expression of the MHC II following failure to select against self-reactive T-cells is also a useful model for rheumatoid arthritis, Graves disease, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, in which T- cells react to proteins produced in the body, failing to dis- criminate them from invading organisms [131].

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  • One way in which agencies work together is by adopting a program known as local mutual aid. This program allows neighboring communities to pool resources and share liability for damages or loss of equipment. If one community needs a particular piece of equipment, it may borrow it from a neighboring community. The equipment will become an asset of the borrowing community and will be covered under their insurance until it is released and returns to its home organization.

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  • A pervasive theme in the literature is that user-friendly wine lists are recommended; most guests do not want to spend significant time going through a massive wine menu. A list of as few as 50 extremely well chosen wines is considered more than enough to cover all the bases, even for fine dining restaurants. Current sales trends show that while wine consumption is holding, many customers are trading down a notch. This means that they are looking for value and are less willing to make selections at super- premium price points or suffer onerous mark-ups. ...

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  • The self-reported barriers vary significantly across regions as well as by individual characteristics. Among adults without a formal account, those in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean are the most likely to cite missing documentation as a reason for not having one. Those in Europe and Central Asia have the least trust in banks. Women tend to report using someone else’s account significantly more than do men, highlighting the challenges that women may encounter in account ownership.

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  • TRANSIENT NOISE PULSES 13.1 Transient Noise Waveforms 13.2 Transient Noise Pulse Models 13.3 Detection of Noise Pulses 13.4 Removal of Noise Pulse Distortions 13.5 Summary ransient noise pulses differ from the short-duration impulsive noise studied in the previous chapter, in that they have a longer duration and a relatively higher proportion of low-frequency energy content, and usually occur less frequently than impulsive noise. The sources of transient noise pulses are varied, and may be electromagnetic, acoustic or due to physical defects in the recording medium.

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  • Our stylized model generates several empirical hypotheses about the insurance offer decision. Firms in industries where labor turnover rates are high do not tend to offer insurance. Premium rigidities will be most pronounced in such industries. Firms not offering insurance will tend to have lower health-cost variability and lower average expected health spending than firms offering insurance; for example, they have higher proportions of younger workers or are in industries where workers tend to be healthy.

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  • A recent government health survey found that 1 to 5 per cent of elderly people who drank more than occasionally were ‘problem drinkers’, reporting significant psychological and/or physical dependence on alcohol. Other studies have found higher proportions of elderly problem drinkers, especially in men. One found 5 - 12 per cent of men in their 60’s to have alcohol problems.

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  • Like trailers for individual films, these “trailers” for film history (made by a former trailer-maker) use a montage structure which both elides and reconfigures the narrative they promote.

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  • As previously noted, Planned Parenthood affiliates are currently the dominant WHP providers in their markets. While Planned Parenthood clinics served slightly below half (45%) of the patients statewide (as seen in Table 4), they provided care to an even higher proportion of patients in the market areas in which they are located. In the five markets examined, Planned Parenthood affiliates serve more than half of the WHP patients. In Hidalgo and Lubbock Counties, Planned Parenthood affiliates serve more than four-fifths (84% each) of WHP patients.

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  • Both direct emission from fires and ash resuspension from burnt soils could be an important source of airborne PM10. This pyrogenic material, which is composed of organic matter, black carbon and inorganic material, is to a large extent present in the size range below 10 µm and so can be resuspended by wind [17]. Although the contribution to ambient aerosol from fire smoke will generally be episodic, in areas where there is a constant forest burning, the particulate emission from this source could be significant.

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  • Generally, the public consider government websites to be satisfactory, and some, such as the Transport for London website, are well regarded. Overall, however, the quality of government websites has improved only slightly since 2002, and a third of sites do not meet the Cabinet Office’s own user accessibility standards. The government has embarked on an ambitious strategy to move most citizen and business facing internet services and related information to two websites, Direct.gov.uk and businesslink.gov.uk, by 2011.

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  • Threats to independence are circumstances that could impair independence. Whether independence is impaired depends on the nature of the threat, whether the threat is of such significance that it would compromise an auditor’s professional judgment or create the appearance that the auditor’s professional judgment may be compromised, and on the specific safeguards applied to eliminate the threat or reduce it to an acceptable level. Threats are conditions to be evaluated using the conceptual framework. Threats do not necessarily impair independence....

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  • Audit target 4 a reviews the quality management of degree education at a general level. In turn, audit target 5 takes a more detailed look at primarily three degree programmes chosen as samples of degree education. HEIs choose two of these themselves. Universities of applied sciences choose one programme leading to a bachelor’s degree and one programme leading to a university of applied sciences master’s degree. Universities choose one module leading to a degree that includes both bachelor’s and master’s education, as well as one programme leading to a doctoral degree.

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  • This section must list in tangible terms all the products and services to be delivered. It will be based upon the detailed description of the desired future state (“blueprint”). A deliverable is a measurable, tangible, verifiable output, result or item that must be produced to complete a project or part of a project. For each deliverable, you must list the milestones that need to be achieved in order to achieve that deliverable. (A milestone is an important check point along the way that tells you if you are on track to delivery. “Establishing a section” or “having...

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  • The OFT may choose to disclose information that it obtains during the course of this market review, including as a result of this invitation to comment. It may also publish it in any document it produces at the end of this market review. In deciding whether to do so the OFT will have regard, in accordance with its statutory duties under Part 9 of the Enterprise Act 2002, to the need for excluding, so far as that is practicable, any commercial information relating to a business or any information relating to the private affairs of an individual which, if published,...

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  • There is a conflict, a struggle in everyone between these two directions. One solution is to try to put aside reality: have contempt for it. Two very common ways people have contempt are: We can either fight with the world aggressively or run away from it into a world of our own that is more comforting. “Everybody,” wrote Mr. Siegel, “is to a degree icebound, and crippled, and stuck, and jammed, and shut in….What is it for a person to be free?” People of the arctic, like people outside the arctic, have not known entirely what it is to be free. For example, there is what...

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