Homogenisation and multiscale

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  • The country case studies make clear that international partners share some of the blame, particularly because they too often fail to coordinate programs to help promote more integrated, comprehensive health care for women. However, it is equally clear that many of the obstacles are wholly local in nature: National governments and policymakers are often unable or unwilling to initiate or sustain health care programs and reforms that would improve women’s access to services and, by extension, reduce rates of vertical transmission.

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  • Water contamination weakens or destroys natural ecosystems that support human health, food production, and biodiversity. Studies have estimated that the value of ecosystem services is double the gross national product of the global economy, and the role of freshwater ecosystems in purifying water and assimilating wastes has been valued at US$ 400 billion (2008$) (Costanza et al. 1997). Freshwater ecosystems are among the most degraded on the planet, and have suffered proportionately greater species and habitat losses than terrestrial or marine ecosystems (Revenga et al. 2000).

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  • Today's absolute imperative is to tackle the economic crisis and put the EU back on the road to sustainable growth. This is the number one task for this generation of Europeans. It calls for a Europe able to compete in the global economy, reshaped to seize the opportunities of the future. It requires the stable macroeconomic environment which true economic and monetary union can bring. It needs a step change in the economy, to release the many strengths Europe can bring to bear in tomorrow's economy of high innovation and high skills.

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  • Smart-home technology may give the nursing personnel security in that they will be warned when dangers occur in other parts of the house. The result is that the nursing personnel can concentrate entirely on one person at a time. More time may in this way be spent on human care, instead of control routines. Altered routines lead to less stress and less exhaustion for nurses. This will in the long run have a positive effect on the occupiers. Elderly people often have objections to ICT. Ignorance is often a decisive reason. Information and knowledge about ICT will be important in...

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  • We insure your car for its agreed value. Your car’s agreed value is set by Just Car at the commencement of your policy and it’s almost always adjusted at the beginning of each subsequent period of cover. It is shown on the most recent of your insurance schedule and renewal notice and it does not change during the period of cover. The agreed value includes GST and is the most we will pay for your car , less any excess(es) and any other deductions this policy explains, for accidental loss or damage covered by this policy occurring during the period...

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  • The number of scientific journals is vast and is growing steadily, which means that there are plenty of publishing opportunities. The fundamental reason behind the growing number of journals is the increasing number of researchers globally. Quite often you can hear researchers complaining that there are no scientific journals for their specific narrow research field. Most often this is not true. Journals exist for wide and varying topical fields. Should you find it difficult to find a suitable one, try considering potential applications for your results.

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  • Major health problems in Myanmar, which are most likely to be exacerbated by this crisis, relate predominantly to communicable diseases (malaria, dengue, measles) and malnutrition, especially in children. As of 2003, 40% of children under five were assessed as being stunted, indicating chronic malnutrition and 10% as being wasted (acute malnutrition) (UNICEF). Major causes of death are usually due to malaria, respiratory and diarrhoeal diseases.

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  • In implementing its program, NBD serves potential borrowers on site in the targeted area. The methodology for implementing SME credit programs departs from the traditional lending structure in Egypt both in terms of targeted types of borrowers and amounts involved. Upon simple and thorough studies of potential and small borrowers, adequate uncollateralized loans with appropri- ate repayment schedules are disbursed to clients to fulfil their credit needs. NBD has been chosen as a model for the Middle East which relies on Microfinance best practice techniques.

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  • As a result of its products, services and alliances, LSI’s customers will be able to provide healthier, more educated sound choices about the treatments they offer or dispense. Health care Institutions will find their practices flourishing, as they are able to deliver to their patients alternative choices needed to stay well. They will find they have moved into informed partnerships with their patients where each is responsible for their part and both are empowered and enlightened through information that is now available.

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  • The French work was based on the available Black Smoke (BS) data. A correlation analysis between BS and PM10 (TEOM method7 ) was first carried out. It was found that at urban background sites, BS and PM10 (TEOM) are about equal. Following this, linear relationships were sought between the BS data and land use categories in the areas surrounding the measurement sites. Multiple regression analysis was performed for three categories of sites: urban, suburban and rural. Based on these regressions and using the land use data set, a PM10 map was established.

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  • Finally, the HPDD sheds light on one of the leading issues of the day: the relationship between debt and growth. Separating countries into fast-, medium-, or slow–paced growers over 1885–2009, we find an intuitive pattern. 15 Fast growers consistently registered low debt ratios, while slow growers carried the highest debts for much of the sample period (Figure 7, upper panel). Further light is shed on the debt-growth relationship by a bubble chart that compares debt ratios and (total) PPP GDP (Figure 7, lower panel).

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  • An important barrier to quick process changes is the industry’s slow capital-turnover rate. A survey in 1997/8 revealed that the median age of paper ma- chines in Europe was 23 years (Berkhout, 2005). Recent research undertaken in the USA suggests a potential negative correlation between environmental innovation and sunk costs. The research suggests that no matter what the regulator does, because there will be much lobbying and negotiations undertaken as a part of the permitting process, regula- tors tend to favour existing actors over potential new entrants.

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  • KI has an exemplary record of achievement in adapting its manufacturing processes to minimise their impact on the environment. This has been recognised through many regional and national awards, including a Packaging Reduction Gold Achievement Award Presented by WasteWise in 2006. As an early pioneer of the focus on indoor air quality KI is a founder member the US Green Building Council and has many of its products certified by Greenguard for use in LEED accredited environments.

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  • Operations in the intermediate stage segregate some elements and group others, forming coherent representations. In late visual process- ing stages certain regions of the object are selected for further scrutiny, memories are activated, objects are recognized and associated with meanings. In the case of visual stimuli found to be aesthetically pleasing, these operations elicit emo- tional processes, which feedback into the system via attentional mechanisms.

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  • Human health can be affected by acute or chronic exposure to toxicants, through the media of water, wet land sediments, or even air when sediments becom dessicated and airborne or burnt. The nature of thes exposures is exacerbated by human behaviours and activities and they can result whenever ecosystem services have been eroded – especially when the hydrological services that maintain biological, geo logical and chemical processes have been distorted by human activities of over extraction of water.

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  • The fourth, fifth and sixth columns show the results of the models estimated using instrumental variables. The fourth column shows the results of using household assets as instruments, while controlling for community fixed effects. The fifth column also uses household assets as instruments but it conditions on a wide set of community characteristics instead of using community fixed effects. The last column uses average wages in the municipality as instruments.

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  • Everyone is affected by their oral health. Good oral health is a key component to a healthy life because it affects how we eat, speak and how we relate to each other with confidence in our healthy smiles. Pain and infection that may arise from oral diseases can affect our capacity to function as full members of society. For example, if you are kept from going to school, or from getting a job because of the condition of your teeth and mouth, then it may have economic and social impacts in your life. In some extreme cases, oral diseases...

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  • We also frequently found that even the best corrective lenses did not improve vi- sual acuity of the impaired eye to that of the fellow eye. Through the analysis of these initial cases, an apparently predomi- nant common characteristic of these pa- tients was a work station with papers angled to the right or to the left of themon- itor and keyboard. Other reports revealed the screen was in the frontal position, but was twisted. Still others reported that their habitual work pattern was with their eyes/head twisted.

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  • Eight students in this study achieved an increase in their Overall score from Test 1 to Test 2 of one whole band and a further 14 achieved a half band increase. In other words, just over half of this sample of 40 students were able to achieve a better result in the IELTS Test when taken again after two or three years of higher education in Australia. A total of 12 students achieved the same Overall score in Test 2 as in Test 1, and six students actually regressed, dropping a half band. Of course, this is not to say...

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  • Histological assessment showed that independently of the etiological factor involved, changes of the mucosa refer both to the gingival epithelium and the lamina propria (Banita et al., 2008, 2011). There is now general agreement that all gingival overgrowth lesions contain fibrotic or expanded connective tissue with various levels of inflammation and an enlarged gingival epithelium. As soon as plaque accumulates adjacent to the gingival margin, inflammatory cells infiltrate in the subjacent connective tissue and initiate its destruction.

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