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  • Verilog is a hardware description language. It was developed in the mid-1980s and later transferred to the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). The language is formally defined by IEEE Standard 1364. The standard was ratified in 1995 (referred to as Verilog- 1995) and revised in 200 1 (referred to as Verilog-200 1). Many useful enhancements are added in the revised version. We use Verilog-2001 in this book. Verilog is intended for describing and modeling a digital system at various levels and is an extremely complex language.

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  • IEEE Standards documents are developed within the Technical Committees of the IEEE Societies and the Standards Coordinating Committees of the IEEE Standards Board. Members of the committees serve voluntarily and without compensation. They are not necessarily members of the Institute. The standards developed within IEEE represent a consensus of the broad expertise on the subject within the Institute as well as those activities outside of IEEE that have expressed an interest in participating in the development of the standard. Use of an IE...

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  • OGC support to SDOs OGC role: collaborate consistent conceptual approaches for location and geospatial topics across multiple SDOs Geopriv, IEEE, ISO, OASIS OGC support of emergency service architectures OGC Web Services OpenLS Sensor Web Enablement CityGML and Indoor Location

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  • Document "IEEE Citation Reference" give you the knowledge: Online Sources, Periodicals, References, Patents, Standards, Theses, Unpublished, Conference Technical Articles,....

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  • Power Quality Considerations Harmonics • What Are Harmonics? • Harmonic Sequence • Where Do Harmonics Come From? • Effects of Harmonics on the System Voltage • Notching • Effects of Harmonics on Power System Components • Conductors • Three-Phase Neutral Conductors • Transformers • Effects of Harmonics on System Power Factor • Power Factor Correction Capacitors • IEEE Standard 519 Badrul H. Chowdhury University of Missouri–Rolla Hirofumi Akagi Tokyo Institute of Technology Rajapandian Ayyanar Arizona State University 17.

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  • Các khái niệm căn bản 1) Công nghệ phần mềm (Software Engineering) Theo tổ chức IEEE trong “IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology,” IEEE, Piscataway, NJ std 610.121990, 1990. Công nghệ phần mềm được định nghĩa (nguyên văn): (1) The application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software; that is, the application of engineering to software. (2) The study of approaches as in (1)...

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  • We describe a RASSP-based design methodology for application specific signal processing systems which supports reengineering and upgrading of legacy systems using a virtual prototyping design process. The VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL) [6] is used throughout the process for the following reasons.

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  • Measurements and Tolerances There are excellent books on measurements, listed below, Thus only special topics pertinent to arrays will be discussed herein. These are: measurement of low sidelobe antennas; array diagnostics; and scan impedance simulators. Because array performance is affected by random errors, tolerances are also discussed in this chapter. A. E. Bailey, Microwave Measurement, IEE/Peregrinus, 1985. 1988. G. H. Bryant, PrincipZe~ of Microwave Measurement, IEE/Peregrinus, G. E. Evans, Antenna Measurement techniques, Artech House, 1990.

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  • 3.3 System Tasks and Compiler Directives In this section, we introduce two special concepts used in Verilog: system tasks and compiler directives. 3.3.1 System Tasks Verilog provides standard system tasks for certain routine operations. All system tasks appear in the form $. Operations such as displaying on the screen, monitoring values of nets, stopping, and finishing are done by system tasks. We will discuss only the most useful system tasks.

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  • ADC’s IEEE 1349a Firewire patch for broadcast connectivity accommodates 12 or 24 ports in one rack unit and mounts in standard 19-inch racks. The panel offers a passive interconnection solution for digital video editing needs. Industry-compatible six-pin IEEE 1394a connectors on both the front and rear of the panel allow the interconnection of cameras, servers, workstations, and non-linear editing suites via FireWire at 400 Mb/s bandwidth. The result is increased flexibility and productivity without sacrificing performance and reliability....

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  • In the early 1970's, Hewlett-Packard came out with a standard bus (HP-IB) to help support their own laboratory measurement equipment product lines, which later was adopted by the IEEE in 1975. This is known as the IEEE Std. 488-1975.

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  • VoIP DEPLOYMENT IN ENTERPRISES1 Enterprises are probably the first ones to derive the benefits of running realtime telephony and associated services over an IP network. Before the advent of VoIP, enterprises generally had phone lines for real-time voice and fax services, and a data network based on dial-up, X.25, frame relay (FR), ATM, IP, and so on for data communications services [1]. IEEE standard 802.3 protocol or Ethernet-based LANs are very common in enterprises [2] for data communications networking. ...

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'cabling standard - tsb-155 - ieee 802.3an for cat 6a 10gbase-t system - draft 4.0', công nghệ thông tin, quản trị mạng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The book has a number of aims as: To teach the use of the standard UNIX C libraries and other facilities as specified by the UNIX98 standard created from the earlier IEEE POSIX and X/Open (SPEC 1170) specifications; to show how to make the most of advanced development tools; to give concise introductions to popular rapid development languages like the shell, Tcl and Perl; to show how to build graphical user interfaces for the X Window System; having given you firm grounding, to progress to topics of real−world applications which you want to program

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  • Mục đích của tiêu chuẩn này là để xác định chính xác VHDL. Các khán giả chính của nó là implementor của các công cụ hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ và người sử dụng tiên tiến của ngôn ngữ. Người sử dụng khác được khuyến khích sử dụng sách thương mại có sẵn, hướng dẫn, và các lớp học để học ngôn ngữ ở một số chi tiết trước khi đọc sổ tay này.

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  • This glossary defines terms in the field of computer applications. Topics covered include automated language processing, automatic indexing, business data processing, character recognition, computer-aided design and manufacturing, computer-assisted instruction, control systems, critical path method, library automation, medical applications, micrographics, office automation, operations research, personal computing, scientific and engineering applications, telecommunication applications, and word processing....

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  • Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0. Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 2000, ISBN 0-201-616335-5. IEEEE. IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic. ANSI/IEEE Standard 754-1985. Available from ISO/IEC. C++. ANSI/ISO/IEC 14882:1998.

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  • Chapter 13 introduces you to wired LANs: Ethernet. This chapter introduces wired local area networks. A wired LAN, viewed as a link, is mostly involved in the physical and data link layers. We have devoted the chapter to the discussion of Ethernet and its evolution, a dominant technology today.

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  • The Verilog hardware description language (HDL) provides the ability to describe digital and analog systems. This ability spans the range from descriptions that express conceptual and architectural design to detailed descriptions of implementations in gates and transistors. Verilog was developed originally at Gateway Design Automation Corporation during the mid-eighties. Tools to verify designs expressed in Verilog were implemented at the same time and marketed. Now Verilog is an open standard of IEEE with the number 1364.

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  • A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) is a book which presents a set of standard terminology and guidelines for project management. The Fourth Edition (2008) was recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an American National Standard (ANSI/PMI 99-001-2008) and by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers — IEEE 1490-2011.[

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