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  • Economic and environmental consequences of natural and man-made disasters have grown exponentially during the past few decades. Whether from hurricanes, chemical spills, terrorist incidents, or other catastrophes, the negative impacts can often be felt on a global scale. Natural Hazards Analysis: Reducing the Impacts of Disasters evaluates critical preparedness issues that emergency managers must face before, during, and after disasters of any kind.

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  • Honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) are the main pollinating agents for numerous plants and fruit trees and, hence, play a key role in agriculture and more generally in the maintenance of ecological biodiversity. Although these social insects are not the targets of all the different agrochemical treatments used in crop protection, they are widely affected by pesticides.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Hazardous chemicals handbook" has contents: Monitoring techniques, radioactive chemicals, safety by design, operating procedures, marketing, transport of chemicals, chemicals and the environment - sources and impact, conversion tables and measurement data,...and other contents.

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  • THE following pages contain the results of an enquiry into the after health of University Oars, which has been carried out with more or less interruption during the last four years. It was commenced in the spring of the year 1869. I then hoped to obtain the information which I needed in the course of twelve or eighteen months, but I soon found that the labour which I had undertaken was likely to prove more arduous and more tedious than I had anticipated.

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  • A compilation of the most important aerosol chemical processes involved in known scientific and technological disciplines, Aerosol Chemical Processes in the Environment serves as a handbook for aerosol chemistry. Aerosol science is interdisciplinary, interfacing with many environmental, biological and technological research fields. Aerosols and aerosol research play an important role in both basic and applied scientific and technological fields. Interdisciplinary cooperation is useful and necessary.

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  • Within the overall transport process, attenuation processes may cause movement of the chemical to differ from that of the bulk flowing groundwater, for example dispersion, sorption and chemical or biological degradation of the chemical. Such attenuation processes potentially act to mitigate the impact of chemicals and are a function of both the specific chemical and geologic domain. Indeed, attenuation may vary significantly between individual chemicals and within different geological settings.

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  • Additionally, this positive association holds for interest-rate options contracts, forward contracts, and futures contracts, suggesting that banks using any form of these contracts, on average, experience significantly higher growth in their C&I loan portfolios. Furthermore, C&I loan growth is positively related to capital ratio and negatively related to C&I loan charge-offs. The findings in this study are confirmed after a robustness check.

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  • Each of these explanations has different policy implications. Should policymakers try to address external imbalances, increase nancial regulation or redesign the monetary policy framework to prevent future crises? To shed light on this question, we analyse the impact of both monetary policy and capital inows shocks on the housing sector across 18 OECD countries. We also assess whether the degree of mortgage market development or legislation permitting issuance of mortgage-backed securities amplify or dampen the impact of these shocks on the housing sector....

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  • This book is an anthropological study of the impact of commercialism on the professionalisation of sports medicine. In particular, it examines how the embodied practice of sport in a professional environment places stress on elite sporting participants. These individuals have better medical provisions than were available to the competitors of yesteryear. But they come at a price. The book investigates the relationship between commercialism, medicine and the body, in order to establish the importance of pain, injury and risk in the contemporary sporting world....

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  • In proteobacteria capable of H2oxidation under (micro)aerobic conditions, hydrogenase gene expression is often controlled in response to the availab-ility of H2. The H2 -sensing signal transduction pathway consists of a het-erodimeric regulatory [NiFe]-hydrogenase (RH), a histidine protein kinase and a response regulator.

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  • Starting in the 1980s, Nobel economist Milton Friedman played an important role, along with many other economists and public pol- icy experts, in the development of an index of economic freedom that would allow researchers to be able to measure the degree to which a country had a free market economy. Those efforts culminated in the Fraser Institute’s publication in 1996 of the first edition of Economic Freedom of the World. There have been 14 more editions published since then in what is now an annual series.

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  • Tuyển tập những bài báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học hay nhất được đăng trên tạp chí JOURNAL OF FOREST SCIENCE đề tài: Comparison of the impact of blue spruce and reed Calamagrostis villosa on forest soil chemical properties...

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  • Periplasmic binding proteins are abundant in bacteria by virtue of their essential roles as high-affinity receptors in ABC transport systems and chemotaxis. One of the best studied of these receptors is the so-called glucose⁄galactose-binding protein. Here, we report the X-ray structure of the Salmonella typhimuriumprotein bound to the physiologically relevant ligand, (2R)-glyceryl-b-d-galactopyranoside, solved by molecular replace-ment, and refined to 1.87 A˚ resolution with RandR-free values of 17% and 22%....

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  • The primary purpose of preparing this edition is to provide an update. In the 14 years since the first edition was published, ecological risk assessment has gone from being a marginal activity to being a relatively mature practice. There are now standard frameworks and guidance documents in the United States and several other countries. Ecological risk assessment is applied to the regulation of chemicals, the remediation of contaminated sites, the importation of exotic organisms, the management of watersheds, and other environmental management problems....

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  • Weeds severely affect crop quality and yield. Therefore, successful farming relies on their control by coordinated management approaches. Among these, chemical herbicides are of key importance. Their development and commercialization began in the 1940's and they allowed for a qualitative increase in crop yield and quality when it was most needed. This book blends review chapters with scientific studies, creating an overview of some the current trends in the field of herbicides.

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  • Giới thiệu về chất độc môi trường Độc học môi trường là nghiên cứu về tác động của chất ô nhiễm khi cấu trúc và chức năng của hệ sinh thái. Theo mục đích của văn bản này, sẽ được nhấn mạnh khi các cấu trúc sinh thái, từ phân tử cho cá nhân sinh vật cộng đồng và hệ sinh thái. Phạm vi rộng lớn của môi trường độc tố đòi hỏi một cách tiếp cận đa ngành của nhiều chuyên gia....

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  • Ô nhiễm kim loại nặng là một hiện tượng trên toàn thế giới. Trong số các kim loại nặng, chì (Pb), thủy ngân (Hg), cadmium (Cd), asen (As), crôm (Cr), kẽm (Zn), đồng (Cu) là đáng quan tâm nhất, mặc dù ba kim loại là những dưỡng chất thiết yếu trong động vật và dinh dưỡng con người. Những kim loại này được sử dụng rộng rãi trong ngành công nghiệp, đặc biệt là lao động bằng kim loại hoặc kim loại mạ, và trong các sản phẩm như pin và điện tử.

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  • How are pollutants transformed after their release into the environment? How are organisms exposed, and how do physiological alterations impact population dynamics and community structure? What direct or indirect impacts occur? As early as the 50s and 60s people living near industrial plants began to recognize undesirable changes in their environment - and to ask these very questions. The discipline of environmental toxicology addresses these questions.

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  • Vô cơ khí các chất ô nhiễm Trong chương này, năm trong số các chất ô nhiễm không khí lớn được coi là, tức là, lưu huỳnh oxit (SOx), các oxit nitơ (NOx), ôzôn (O3), carbon monoxide (CO), và florua (F). Mặc dù nhiều fluoride vào khí quyển phát ra từ các nguồn khác nhau là ở dạng hạt, có chứa chất florua được bao gồm trong cuộc thảo luận của chúng tôi ở đây với các chất ô nhiễm vô cơ khí chủ yếu là bởi vì có chứa chất florua khí gây thiệt hại nhất đối với các sinh...

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  • Đánh giá rủi ro sinh thái GIỚI THIỆU Một số lượng lớn độc tố môi trường được thực hiện với mục tiêu cuối cùng thực hiện một đánh giá rủi ro. Một số lượng lớn các nghiên cứu được thực hiện trong lĩnh vực này là hướng tới việc xác định nguy cơ sản xuất một sản phẩm mới hoặc phát hành một trừ sâu, nước thải đối với môi trường.

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