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  • This guide stresses the need for an effective security testing program within federal agencies. Testing serves several purposes. One, no matter how well a given system may have been developed, the nature of today’s complex systems with large volumes of code, complex internal interactions, interoperability with uncertain external components, unknown interdependencies coupled with vendor cost and schedule pressures, means that exploitable flaws will always be present or surface over time.

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  • The main purpose of this report is to present the diversity and wealth of experience that savings banks have developed throughout Europe in the field of socially respon- sible activities. It illustrates this joint commitment with concrete case studies from a range of European countries, offering an overview of the fields in which savings banks are active, and providing examples of what they concretely do, how they inno- vate to adhere to stakeholders’ needs and diversify their initiatives.

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  • However, instead of appropriately distributing risks, this process often concentrated risk in opaque and complex ways. Innovations occurred too rapidly for many financial institutions’ risk management systems; for the market infrastructure, which consists of payment, clearing and settlement systems; and for the nation’s financial supervisors. Securitization, by breaking down the traditional relationship between borrowers and lenders, created conflicts of interest that market discipline failed to correct.

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  • In the early, typical version of the scam, the targeted person was led to believe that s/he would soon gain access to large sums of money upon payment of a small processing fee. The initial payment of a few hundred dollars, according to the scam artist, was all that was standing in the way of a large money transfer routed directly to the target’s personal bank account. The money was usually presented as illegally obtained funds in need of laundering. The overseas embezzler simply needed a willing accomplice’s American bank account to which to transfer the...

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  • These differences are likely to stem from three important variations in user-side data on the use of financial services. First, the definition of an account varies across surveys and respondents are often prompted in different ways. The Global Findex survey defines an account as an individual or joint account at a formal financial institution (a bank, credit union, cooperative, post office, or microfi- nance institution) and notes in the question text that an account can be used to save money, to make or receive payments, or to receive wages and remittances.

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  • Lecture Financial accounting - Appendix 3A: An alternative method of recording deferrals, this chapter prepare adjusting entries for prepaid expenses originally recorded in an expense account, prepare adjusting entries for unearned revenues originally recorded in a revenue account.

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  • The innovative nature of social funds, their contributions to poverty reduction, their wide- spread recognition as well as controversy surrounding them in developing countries and within the development community, all called for a global exchange of experiences and lessons learned. The Economic Development Institute (EDI) of the World Bank, after facilitating some regional exchanges among social funds’ managers in Latin America and Africa, identified the need for a global learning event in 1995 and initiated the preparation of the workshop in early 1996....

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  • In fact, the world saw some countries achieve success in their initial stages of dollarization such as Zimbabwe in its attempt to curb inflation and Cambodia to attract FDI. This paper is to deal with the forms of dollarization and its advantages and disadvantages and then present the facts of Vietnam’s dollarization and solutions to this.

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  • After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Identify the various costs included in the initial cost of property, plant, and equipment, natural resources, and intangible assets; determine the initial cost of individual property, plant, and equipment and intangible assets acquired as a group for a lump-sum purchase price; determine the initial cost of property, plant, and equipment and intangible assets acquired in exchange for a deferred payment contract;....

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  • This study contributes to solving the problem of an aging population by providing important information that determines feasible annuity payments for the homeowners of reverse mortgage products and by promoting the implementation of mortgage loans. From the empirical analysis, we demonstrate that demand for reverse mortgages recently took a big jump after the 2008 global financial crisis because housing prices gradually declined, which generated home equity conversion preferences in the United States. This study also examines loan-level reverse mortgages and presents a number of findings.

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  • Cost-benefit ratio The net present value of an investment divided by the investment's initial cost. Also called the profitability index. Counter trade The exchange of goods for other goods rather than for cash; barter. Counterpart items In the balance of payments, counterpart items are analogous to unrequited transfers in the current account.

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  • Despite the mixed signals, the authorities are taking steps to improve the business climate. Zimbabwe has eased business start-up by reducing registration fees and initiated a process to speed up the name search process and company and tax registration. In addition, the corporate income tax rate was reduced from 30% to 25%, the capital gains tax was lowered from 20% to 5%, and the payment of corporate income tax was simplified by allowing quarterly payment through commercial banks.

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  • The amount of capitalization required by a bad bank is essentially determined by two factors: operating costs and acquisition costs. When a low price is paid for the acquired troubled assets, this not only minimizes the risk of future losses but also keeps the initial capital requirements of the bad bank low. The source of financing determines whether the government or private sector provides the required start-up funding. The need for liquid funds depends on how the banks being freed of their troubled assets will be “paid.

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  • Mr. Mac Corporation has no material problem with uncollectible accounts or obsolete inventory. All sales and purchases are on account. The company provided the following information for the year ending 20X5: Total sales $ 1,560,000 Beginning accounts receivable 350,000 Total purchases of inventory 1,080,000 Beginning inventory 25,000 Collections on accounts receivable 1,440,000 Payments on accounts payable 925,000 Cost of goods sold 1,065,000 a) Calculate the “accounts receivable turnover ratio.” b) Calculate the “inventory turnover ratio.

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  • An employer will rarely make an unconditional pre-payment, that is, a down payment to a contractor at the start of the contract. He can, however, make early payment to the contractor for provision of offices, laboratory, and transport for the engineer’s staff on site, etc. (see Section 15.10). These matters by no means cover the contractor’s outgoings for his initial set-up, especially when the pro- ject is very large and overseas, so significant advance payments, secured by a repayment bond, are often allowed....

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  • This chapter determine the initial recognition, initial measurement and subsequent measurement of bonds; describe the effective interest method and calculate interest expense, amortization of bond discounts/premiums, and interest payments; explain the derecognition of debt;…

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  • Unlike credit transfers, direct debits are initiated by the payee, which thereby ensures that its claim on the payer is fulfilled on time. However, this presupposes that the payer preauthorises the payee to collect payment (collection authorisation) or, by agreement with the payee, authorises its bank to debit its account in accordance with direct debit requests issued by that particular payee (debit authorisation). Bank customers who have IT systems are expected to submit their direct debits for collection to the bank in electronic form only, ie on magnetic tape or diskette.

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  • By contributing a minimal amount you can accrue benefits for every year you are overseas. If you decide to work within the mission you will continue to contribute to your Social Security plan through payroll deductions. However, if you decide to work on the local economy or initiate a home-based business, you will need to earn “credits” by contributing through self- employment taxes or through a totalization agreement. In order to qualify for Social Security payments you have to earn a certain number of credits in a lifetime. If you were born prior to 1929 you...

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  • The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 provided SSA with the authority to conduct pre-effectuation reviews (PER) for favorable initial SSI adult blindness or disability determinations. SSA started conducting these reviews in April 2006. They are conducted before the individual is awarded benefits and are done to ensure the accuracy of the determinations made by state agencies. The Social Security Disability Insurance (DI) program already required PERs, but prior to this legislation only SSI adult disability claims involving concurrent SSI/DI claims were subject to review.

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  • This program focuses on farmlands located in Southern Thailand. ORRAF supports the initial budget to cover costs of clear felling, site preparation, seedlings, fertilizers, weeding and labour. The budget for the initial costs is 7300 baths per rai for a 7-year period, that is, until the farmer is allowed to conduct the first rubber tapping activities. Full payment of benefits is delivered to the small-scale farmer in seven instalments. The extension officers perform yearly auditing visits to the farmland sites in order to verify the proper use of funds.

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