Insecurity and nutritional

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  • This review highlights current food insecurity and nutritional insecurity which are interlinked with each other. This review paper deals with important strategies to improve the nutritional security in India like the promotion of household kitchen gardening, dietary diversification, empowerment of rural women, providing nutrition education, climate change mitigation, use of ICT.

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  • Food insecurity among Mexican-origin and Hispanic households is a critical nutritional health issue of national importance. At the same time, nutrition-related health conditions, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, are increasing in Mexican-origin youth.

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  • Nutritional health is essential for children’s growth and development. Many Mexican-origin children who reside in limited-resource colonias along the Texas-Mexico border are at increased risk for poor nutrition as a result of household food insecurity.

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  • Millets are not only powerhouses of nutrients; they also play the role of hedging against several insecurities (food, fodder, fiber, health etc). However the cultivation of millets has declined in recent years, which has to be revived due to its nutritional benefits and the consumers should be encouraged to include millets in their regular diet to fight malnutrition.

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  • Food insecurity is a threat for the development and prosperity of any nation. The status of food security and nutrition in India is not up to the mark as per various reports. Global Hunger Index (GHI), 2017 is severely high, i.e. 31.4 which is a challenge for our country. All people in the country should get sufficient and healthy food all the time to achieve food security. GHI reflects that we could not reach at the level of food security. 43 out of 1000 children below 5 years are dying every year due to diseases or malnutrition.

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  • Approximately 70% of HIV positive people live in Africa where food insecurity and under nutrition are endemic. However the impact of malnutrition on treatment outcome is not clear. This study assessed the effect of under nutrition on Anti-Retroviral Therapy treatment outcome among pediatric age group living with HIV/AIDS in Public Hospitals, Southwest Ethiopia.

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  • In present era problems like population incensement, food insecurity, loss of genetic diversity, challenging environmental etc. are directly or indirectly becoming huge obstacles in achieving the goal of providing every person daily basic food requirement. These conditions have put humankind in dangerous situation like Malnutrition. About 14.8% of Indian population has been affected by malnutrition. Although government is making policies and plans to fight against malnutrition but their efforts are insufficient to wipe out root cause of this problem.

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  • A detailed situational analysis of the nutrition situation in country, determinants of malnutrition and current nutrition interventions, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats can be found in annex 2. In brief, eighteen years of war and insecurity have had devastating effects on the nutrition and health status of the people of Somalia, which was already precarious even before.

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  • Malnutrition in Somalia is a huge public health problem, negatively affecting growth, development and survival of the population. Situational analysis shows a long term nutrition crisis characterised by persistently high rates of acute and chronic malnutrition throughout the country with some variation by zone and livelihood system. This situation reflects nearly two decades of armed conflict and insecurity, with breakdown in social and public services coupled with recurrent droughts and flooding seriously affecting food security and livelihoods.

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  • Ninety percent of the agricultural labour is done by women in Mozambique, yet they are vulnerable to food insecurity. The main contributing factors are limited access to education, especially in rural and peri-urban areas, and limited access to the labour market. As a result, they cannot ensure adequate nutritional intake for themselves and their families. Health and Environment According to a recent WHO report , roughly 16.2% of all deaths in Mozambique can be attributed to inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene practices.

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  • Fortunately, American business leaders are unlikely to stand by idly while the hope and promise of a prosperous and successful future for our children and grandchildren slip away. Throughout our history we have rallied to meet the demands of many serious threats, and there are no compelling reasons why we cannot meet the challenges posed by child hunger.

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  • Human development has different meanings depending on the area we will focus on. It is the ontogenetic process of individual development for psychologists. It considers systematic psychological changes in several areas, such as motor, cognitive, emotional, social, that occur in human beings over the course of their life span. To sociologists and economists, among others, human development is the consideration of the macrolevel countries or regions and their development conditions related to human needs.

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  • USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) projects that average per capita food consumption for 67 low-income countries will increase in the next decade. ERS also projects that the number of people failing to meet their nutritional requirements will decline from 774 million in 2000 to 694 million in 2010, providing an improved outlook for global food security. But the gains are not uniform across countries and in many food insecurity will probably intensify.

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