Introduction to the Internet

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  • Phần Introduction to the Internet của bài giảng Tin học đại cương trình bày các nội dung chính sau: Contents, Concepts & History, Protocol, TCP/IP, Connecting to the Internet, Proxy, Internet Services, World Wide Web, Internet Explorer, Electronic Mail, Information Searching, E-commerce, Computer Viruses.

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  • Even a home computer user can be part of a truly global network. A connection to the Internet makes your home computer one of the millions of nodes on the vast Internet network. You can share files, collaborate, communicate, and conference with people on the other side of the globe. This lesson examines some of the most common ways of transmitting data via networks and the Internet.

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  • Chapter 10A - Connecting to the Internet. This lesson provides an overview of the options for connecting a computer to the Internet. It also shows how the wireless Internet works, and discusses the need for wireless security.

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  • Khi nhiều hơn một máy tính được kết nối với nhau và có thể trao đổi thông tin mạng máy tính. LAN (Local Area Network) Phạm vi hẹp. Mạng máy tính của cơ quan, trường học, Café Internet,…

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  • Java How to Program: Chapter 1 - Introduction to computers, the internet and Java include introduction, hardware and software, data hierachy, machine languages, assembly languages and hight-level languages, introduction to object technology, operation system, progamming languages, java, a typecal java development environtment, test-driving a java applycation,...



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  • We will begin our discussion by talking about false positives and false negatives, which are ever present factors in the life of an intrusion analyst. We will then discuss the notion of Events of Interest (EOI), and their relevance to the event analysis process. We will also go over techniques for judging the severity of a particular event. Additionally, we will propose a way to handle long term conditions that might result from a prolonged exposure to attacks.

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  • ICT 5 Web Development - Chapter 1.1: Introduction to Web Programming includes The Internet and WWW, Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), Web Application model, World Wide Web, Web site or Website, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).

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  • ECE/CS 372 Introduction to Computer Networks Lecture 1: Chapter 1 Introduction with goal: earn basic network terminologies, more depth detail later in course, approach.

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  • ECE/CS 372 Introduction to Computer Networks Lecture 1: Chapter 3 Transport Layer with goals understand principles behind transport layer services, learn about transport layer protocols in the Internet.

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  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 25 - Netorking's Objectives is to comprehend socket-based communication in Java, understand client/server computing, to implement Java networking programs using stream sockets, obtain Internet address using the InetAddress class, develop servers for multiple clients.

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  • Document "An Introduction to Cryptography Second Edition" introduce to you the content: Mathematical Basics, Cryptographic Basics, DES and AES, Primality Testing, Electronic Mail and Internet Security, Leading-Edge Applications,...

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  • ECE/CS 372 Introduction to Computer Networks Lecture 1: Chapter 4 Network Layer with goald understand principles behind network layer services, Instantiation and implementation in the Internet.

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  • Introduction to Computing: Lecture 11 - Dr. Pham Tran Vu includes about Industrial and Control Applications (Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided Manufacture (CAM)), The Internet (Architecture of the Internet, Internet Connections, World Wide Web,...).

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  • Lecture "Charter 1: Introduction to Computers, the Internet and the Web," provides students with the knowledge: What Is a Computer, computer organization, early operating systems, personal, distributed and Client/Server Computing, machine Languages, Assembly Languages and High-Level Languages,... Inviting you refer.

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  • Chapter 2A - The internet and the World Wide Web. This lesson introduces you to the keyboard and the mouse. You will learn the importance of these devices, the way the computer accepts input from them, and the many tasks they enable you to perform on your PC.

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  • Chapter 10B - Doing business in the online world. This lesson introduces you to the basics of e-commcrcc at the consumer and business levels. You w ill leam how to make sure your online shopping and browsing activities arc secure, and how to protect your personal information when using the Internet.

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  • Lecture E-commerce and e-business for managers - Chapter 1: Introduction to e-business and e-commerce. This chapter includes contents: Introduction: transitioning to the web, history of the internet, history of the web, internet and world wide web development, e-business and e-commerce overview, a word of caution.

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  • Chapter 2 - The internet and the world wide web. In this chapter students will be able to: Connecting to the internet; how does the internet work? the world wide web; email and other ways of communicating over the net; telephony, multimedia, webcasting, blogs, e-commerce; snooping, spoofing, phishing, pharming, cookies, and spyware.

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  • Hello, in this module we continue our discussion of encryption and we look at some practical applications of it. We start off by looking at VPN’s or virtual private networks and see how you can use them to create secure communications using public networks such as the Internet. We than briefly look at the problem of key management and finish our discussion with a look at PGP or Pretty Good Privacy, which is an application that allows you to encrypt files and send encrypted email.

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  • 1.Connect devices that are separated by a broader geographical area. 2.Use the services of carriers, such as telephone companies, network providers… 3.Use serial connections.A VPN is an encrypted connection between private networks over a public network such as the Internet. Instead of using a dedicated Layer 2 connection such as a leased line, a VPN uses virtual connections called VPN tunnels, which are routed through the Internet from the private network of the company to the remote site or employee host.

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