Intrusion detection in network security

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  • In this paper, the authors introduce a method for evaluating the performance of unsupervised anomaly detection techniques. The method is based on the application of internal validation metrics in clustering algorithms to anomaly detection. The experiments were conducted on a number of benchmarking datasets. The results are compared with the result of a recent proposed approach that shows that some proposed metrics are very consistent when being used to evaluate the performance of unsupervised anomaly detection algorithms.

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  • The conventional methods such as firewalls, encryption is no longer adequate. In this paper, we identify three types of threats against AODV which influence the routing message in MANET. Our solution is based on the use of Time based Finite State Machine to identify correct and malicious behavior in AODV. The TFSM have been modelled using JFLAP and simulated in MANET environment using C#.

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  • Security concepts are organized based on business needs, as opposed to tech-nological similarity. We’ve tried to focus on how these concepts relate in terms of practical business functionality. For example, network monitoring is discussed in Part 1, Managing Security rather than in a section on intrusion detection. For people with a technical background, this method of organization may seem strange. But one of our goals is to change the way people think about security. As we’ll say many times throughout the book, security is not a technological issue; it’s a business issue.

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  • In this paper, we propose a Learnable Model for Anomaly Detection (LMAD), as an ensemble real-time intrusion detection model using incremental supervised machine learning techniques. Such techniques are utilized to detect new attacks. The proposed model is based on making use of two different machine learning techniques, namely, decision trees and attributional rules classifiers.

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  • This paper aimed to evaluate the impact of Euclidean and Manhattan distance metrics on Kmeans algorithm using for clustering KDD cup99 intrusion detection data. Experimental results indicate that Manhattan distance metric performs better in terms of performance evaluation metrics than Euclidean distance metric.

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  • Intrusion detection is not for the faint at heart. But, if you are a network administrator chances are you're under increasing pressure to ensure that mission-critical systems are safe--in fact impenetrable--from malicious code, buffer overflows, stealth port scans, SMB probes, OS fingerprinting attempts, CGI attacks, and other network intruders.

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  • Physical security has been around since the first caveman guarded his mammoth skins and clubbed his neighbor over the head for trying to steal them. Because of its long history, physical security is a very mature field. However, as many InfoSec professionals start out as technicians, this aspect of security is often overlooked. In most circumstances, security is completely compromised once physical access is achieved. With physical access, attackers can disable, reconfigure, replace, and/or steal systems.

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  • (BQ)Typically, these actors attempt to exploit flaws in the system implementation or its deployment in order to obtain information, acquire access to services, or simply to disrupt the operation of the cloud through loss of system availability or system and information integrity. As the description of these attacks implies some of these attacks violate the tenant boundaries and hardware abstraction layers that VMware vCloud Director attempts to enforce.

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  • This chapter describes the functions and operations of intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). It explains the underlying IDS and IPS technology embedded in the Cisco IOS IPS solutions. It describe the use of signatures, the need for IPS alarm monitoring, and the design considerations in deploying IPS.

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  • This chapter describle the underlying IDS and IPS technology that is embedded in the Cisco host-and network-based IDS and IPS solutions, configure Cisco IOS IPS using CLI and CCP, verify Cisco Verify Cisco IOS using CLI and CCP. Inviting you to refer.

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  • IDS are a tool in a layered security model. The purpose of an IDS is to identify suspicious activity log activity Respond (alert people)

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  • Content in lecture Information systems security include: General security concepts, identifying potential risks, infrastructure and connectivity, monitoring activity and intrusion detection, implementing and maintaining a secure network, securing the network and environment, cryptography basics - methods and standards, security policies and procedures, security administration.

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  • In this article, a method has been presented in which the above mentioned shortcoming will be reduced by semantic expansion of alerts’ information. We will show that semantic expansion of alerts’ information based on background knowledge before clustering step leads to a much better clustering. DARPA dataset is used to evaluate the proposed method. Alerts’ detection rate will be more than 96%, which is better than similar approaches.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Security is much larger than just packets, firewalls, and hackers. Security includes: Policies and procedures; liabilities and laws; human behavior patterns; corporate security programs and implementation; technical aspects- firewalls, intrusion detection systems, proxies, encryption, antivirus software, hacks, cracks, and attacks.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Security is much larger than just packets, firewalls, and hackers. Security includes: Policies and procedures; liabilities and laws; human behavior patterns; corporate security programs and implementation; technical aspects- firewalls, intrusion detection systems, proxies, encryption, antivirus software, hacks, cracks, and attacks.

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  • In this research article, we have proposed a new technique that will tackle with all these different intrusion attacks. We propose a hybrid kind of approach that might be useful while facing these vicious network intrusion attacks.

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  • The network intrusion becomes ever growing problem. The complexity present in the collected network data set is absence of clear boundary between anomaly connection and normal connection. However fuzzy logic can well address this problem. In earlier works, combining fuzzy logic and data mining to develop fuzzy rules are explored to address this problem. In this paper, a new fuzzy model is developed to detect anomaly connections. The developed model is tested with NSLKDD data set. The model gives better result.

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  • In communication the security is an essential objective. Therefore various security systems are developed for networks, among them the IDS are an essential contribution for security. In this paper IDS technology is investigated in detail. In addition of that recent development on IDS systems is also investigated in this paper. After evaluation of previously developed methodology a new IDS system is proposed for enhancing the performance of the recently developed IDS systems.

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  • Advanced Encryption Standard and message authentication code based message digest 6 (MAC-MD6) algorithms for secure transmission of data over the MANET with AODV routing protocol.This proposed model will provide better performance in terms of Throughput, packet delivery ratio (PDR) and minimizes routing overhead as well as effective bandwidth utilization.

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  • Greetings. This is the oldie, but goody section of the course. This next section is important for a number of reasons. If you think about it, attacks occur in stages. In general the attacker has to perform reconnaissance to hone in on the target, to find the weaknesses. Then there will be an initial attack, this is often minimal, in the book Network Intrusion Detection we referred to this as the “grappling hook”. Finally, the attacker completes the kill. This attack shows each of these stages. This attack took 16 seconds to complete.

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