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  • But large numbers of education Volunteers have enjoyed the challenge of making the impossible possible. They've developed coping strategies and ways of teaching effectively in very large classes. This book brings you some of those strategies in the hope that they will be of use to you. We have included practical, obvious, and bold suggestions that have been made by Volunteers Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in well-established programs such as in francophone Gabon, or Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) in newer projects such as Namibia.

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  • The idea for this book grew out of our experience in teaching pediatric radiology to clinicians and students. Clearly, there is a strong desire on the part of those taking care of children to familiarize themselves with the rudiments of the pediatric radiograph. While radiologists have primary responsibility for the interpretation of films, clinicians bring valuable insight and information. Often they present additional important data or ask searching questions that prompt a re-evaluation of the films so that a more appropriate diagnosis may be obtained....

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  • The WKCCPP was based on collaboration among partners who brought complementary skills and resources to the project. The MOH provided the essential clinical infrastructure of health facilities, care providers, and district management. Local health management teams allocated necessary funds for supplies. MYWO focused its efforts on developing links with the community through a network of MYWO community health workers (CHWs) who did both group and individual outreach. KECANSA assisted primarily by providing oncology expertise for training and materials development.

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  • Thus, in living cells, the rates of anterograde and retrograde transport between the two organelles appear to have a substantial effect on the morphology of the Golgi. The effect of the balance between anterograde and retrograde transport on the morphology of the ER remains to be explored. Recently, increasing evidence has suggested that alteration in Golgi morphology during mitosis is not a passive process but rather an active one, which is highly coordinated with entry into mitosis and its progression.

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  • However, and in particular in children, it is unclear whether non-enzyme-inducing AED monotherapy (lamotrigine, sulthiame) or minimal enzyme-inducing AED monotherapy (oxcarbazepine) seem to have any adverse effects on linear growth or to cause vitamin D deficiency in otherwise healthy children with epilepsy (Luef & Rauchenzauner, 2008). In contrast to adults, there is controversy over the association of chronic AED use with an increased incidence of fractures in children (Souverein et al, 2005; Petty, et al, 2007).

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  • Eye drawing is the next step in the process of learning how to draw portraits. After blocking in the basic proportions the eyes are usually the next part that I draw. We've all heard that the eyes are windows to the soul, and that old phrase really hits the nail on the head. The eyes are extremely important to your successful portrait drawing, and it is through the eyes that we show our many emotions - happiness, fear, anger, sadness and so on. I

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  • The trend in typical calls to our Regulatory Helpline shows a growing maturity in BSA/AML compliance. It is important to remember that the BSA/AML regulatory scheme is still relatively young; SAR filing for depository institutions has only been in place since 1996, and more recently for other industries. Nevertheless, we can see from the types of calls we get that compliance professionals are becoming more comfortable with the technical aspects of filing and are focusing more on how to work more effectively with law enforcement to help catch criminals.

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  • Public media has become a leader in providing high-quality and trusted online services. For example, PBS Kids Go! is a leading children’s online service that presents free high-value educational content for young children that improves their academic performance while providing entertainment. The NPR news site and the NPR music site have both become known for outstanding quality and usability. Frontline offers its highly respected content as an easily accessible and user-friendly online service.

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  • Television has attracted young viewers since broadcasting be- gan in the 1940s. Concerns about its effects on the cognitive devel- opment of young children emerged almost immediately and have been fueled by academic research showing a negative association between early-childhood television viewing and later academic achievement. 1 These findings have contributed to a belief among the vast majority of pediatricians that television has “negative effects on brain development” of children below age five (Gentile et al. 2004).

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  • We find that the process measures of the quality of the prenatal and child care processes are positively and significantly associated with child growth. Structural quality and access variables, however, are not associated with child growth. These findings suggest that investments in improving prenatal and child care process quality in existing facilities in Indonesia may be an effective way to address conditions that result in a child’s inability to reach full physical potential. This paper is organized in four sections.

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  • A final reason to believe a connection between pollution and asthma might exist is that studies with more convincing empirical designs have found consistent effects of pollution on children’s health. Chay and Greenstone (2001) use declines in pollution that resulted from the 1980-82 recession and find a strong link between total suspended particles and infant mortality. Since most infant mortality is due to respiratory failure, it is reasonable to suspect that pollution could be related to other respiratory illnesses, such as asthma.

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  • Public MCH-FP service provision in Bangladesh has a number of distinguishing features. First, the pattern of service utilization is unbalanced, with low utilization of most facilities at the community level (upazila and below) and over utilization of facilities at the district and at teaching hospitals. Though the government EOC project has been proven as an effective way of maternal care by using three delays model, none even the district hospital is able to provide it.

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  • The main audiences and stakeholders who must be engaged for programs to be effective in changing food marketing to children reflect the societal sectors most closely associated with food, marketing, and health: The food and beverage industry could take several actions to address its role in the childhood obesity epidemic. First, food and beverage marketers should take steps to avoid using promotional tactics that attract children to unhealthy eating. The industry should research and adopt a code ...

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  • The Wiley Concise Guides to Mental Health are designed to provide mental health professionals with easily accessible overview of what is currently known about the nature and treatment of psychological disorders. Each book in the series delineates the origins, manifestations, and course of a commonly occurring disorder and discusses effective procedures for its treatment. The authors of the Concise Guides draw on relevant research as well as their clinical expertise to ground their text both in empirical findings and in wisdom gleaned from practical experience.

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  • cluding confounding variables (such as the economic position of the household, the schooling level of the father or the roles played by mass media rather than schools) usually reinforces the conclusion of an independent role of the schooling of the mother. However, attempts at unpicking the pathways through which girls’ schooling might have the effects on their later lives that is ascribed to it have been less successful.

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  • America’s modern culture is unavoidably and irreversibly immersed in the media. Men, Women, grandmothers, teenagers, even children are subject to the powerful influence of media today. As Americans, we are subject to an abounding atmosphere of subliminal messages and culturally strive to be like those we see on television, in the movies, and walking down the streets of Hollywood. It is vital to realize in our hustle-bustle lives that a billboard with a favorite celebrity sprawled across it does not deserve respect and extensive praise.

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  • Generally, empirical studies have considered the effect of subsidies on health insurance coverage. But mandates to obtain health insurance often include monetary penalties for noncompliance, and thus a mandate with a penalty also affects the relative price of health insurance by making it costlier to be uninsured. In this respect, the health economics literature is an obvious starting point to search for information about the possible effects of mandates on coverage choices.

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  • The arrows that point from the box labeled “Information distilled, interpreted, excerpted” indicate where this processing occurs. So for instance, scientists and committees process information before handing it on to policy advisors, and policy advisors do the same before handing information on to policy makers. And at the end of the chain, complex scientific information often gets boiled down to just a few pages and messages that reach the desks of the policy makers themselves.

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  • When mothers and their children are separated, mothers may not see their children again or may lose track of them. Sometimes this is due to the costs involved in arranging their visits to the prison. Other times it is because the mother rejects the relatives taking care of the children or because the mother has lost custody of the child (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2008). These mental and developmental problems tend to stay with children throughout their lives.

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  • This report serves as a background document for the policy brief on social and gender inequalities in environment and health that was prepared for the Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health (Parma, Italy, 10–12 March 2010). It provides an overview of the currently available evidence on the influences and effects of social and gender inequalities on environmental health risks.

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