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  • Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns is a reference book and a cookbook on how to style web pages using CSS3 and HTML5. It contains 350 ready–to–use patterns (CSS3 and HTML5 code snippets) that you can copy and paste into your code. Each pattern can be combined with other patterns to create an unlimited number of solutions, and each pattern works reliably in all major browsers without the need for browser hacks.

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  • MooTools Essentials: The Official MooTools Reference for JavaScript™ and Ajax Development Dear Reader, Whether you are visiting or building a web site these days, you can’t deny that JavaScript has become an important part of the experience. Visitors to web sites expect them to be interactive and responsive, and that means that those of us who build them must spend the time to make that experience come alive. In the past, JavaScript was often a tedious business, with browsers each offering their own mercurial blend of standard and nonstandard functionality.

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