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  • The aim of CoreGRID is to strengthen and advance scientific and technological excellence in the area of Grid and Peer-to-Peer technologies in order to overcome the current fragmentation and duplication of effort in this area. To achieve this objective, the workshop brought together a critical mass of well-established researchers from a number of institutions which have all constructed an ambitious joint program of activities.

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  • This book is intended for anyone starting out with PHP programming. If you’ve previously worked in another programming language such as Java, C#, or Perl, you’ll probably pick up the concepts in the earlier chapters quickly; however, the book assumes no prior experience of programming or of building Web applications.

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  • Residency programs must demonstrate substantial compliance with requirements established by the Review Committee for the specialty to be accredited. There are 27 Review Committees, each with specialty-specific program requirements, but all contain a subset of common program requirements (CPR) that all programs, regardless of specialty, must meet. The recently revised CPR reflect the transition from a process-oriented resident education to one of outcomes.

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  • This paper, therefore, looks at these two systems respectively. On the basis of their respective characteristics, challenges and achievements, it points out some similarities and differences between them and some influences that the French higher education (HE) may have on the Vietnamese HE system as well as the role played by joint training programs in Vietnamese - French university- university cooperation.

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  • This book has been a rather long time in the making. I have been using PHP for many years now, and have grown to love it more and more for its simplistic approach to programming, its flexibility, and its power. Of all the programming languages I have used throughout my over 20-year career, PHP is my favorite, hands down. PHP has grown from a small set of functions to a very large volume of functions, external interfaces, and add-on tools. Some programmers may be overwhelmed by its apparent vastness, but I hope to show you in this book that most of the PHP world can indeed...

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  • Forty years ago, Congress asked the National Academies Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (COSEPUP)—the only joint policy committee of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine—to look at the relationship between basic research and national goals. That request, from the House Committee on Science and Astronautics in 1964, resulted in the report Basic Research and National Goals.

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  • However, few multi-unit casual dining restaurants can afford managers like Jordan. Employee turnover in casual dining is high and many servers are under the legal drinking age. Duplication of training programs for hundreds of units requires a different system than training at one or two restaurants. According to Ben Salisbury, Vice President, Global Account Development Stimson Lane Vineyards & Estates most wine training fails because there is too much emphasis on “wine knowledge” that no one remembers.

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  • The Research Centre for Forest Tree Improvement (RCFTI) is a unit within the Forest Science Institute of Vietnam (FSIV) which specialises in tree improvement research and delivery of genetically improved seed and planting stock to meet the planting requirements of the Government of Vietnam (GoV) as well as community and private sector plantation programs. RCFTI carries out an active program of research at stations throughout Vietnam, with its principal research station at Ba Vi.

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  • the easiest way for a beginner to score a blockbuster joint venture by jason fladlien published by jtd creatives at smashwords copyright © 2010 jason fladlien license notes thank you for downloading this free . this free may be copied, distributed, reposted, reprinted and shared, provided it appears in its entirety without alteration, and the reader is not charged to access it. ~~**~~ intro you've just finished a product. you set up an affiliate program for it (maybe something as simple as putting it on clickbank or you wrote the sales letter for it.

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  • While there are signs of growing optimism among contractors about some aspects of their business, the bottom line is that only 20 percent of firms say they expect the overall construction market to grow in 2013, while 56 percent don’t expect it to grow again until at least 2015. Even though few firms expect the market to grown again in 2013, more manufacturing contractors expect growth in 2013 than any other market types, with 21 percent predicting growth this year. Water and sewer contractors will have to be more patient than other contractors, with more of...

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  • Humidity promotes the growth of moulds Credit: Infrogmation The majority of the health effects linked to dampness and moisture of buildings are those of the respiratory system. They range from irritation of mucous membranes, respiratory symptoms, and infections to diseases such as asthma and allergy. However , it is still not known precisely how dampness leads to these symptoms and which are the main substances responsible. Humidity problems in buildings may originate from leaks, condensation, or the ground.

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  • Localism and decentralisation can only work if central government is prepared to trust local bodies, communities and citizens. We have aimed to design a local audit system which provides the rigour needed for Parliament, but allows local public bodies to take more responsibility in the way they procure audit services. These changes go hand in hand with the Government’s actions to increase transparency in local government and will help enable local people and local organisations to hold their local public bodies to account for the way that their money is spent....

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  • SSI continuing disability reviews (CDRs) are periodic reviews conducted to ensure recipients are still disabled according to agency rules. The frequency of these reviews is dependent on the likelihood that a recipient’s medical condition will change. Non-disability redeterminations (redeterminations) are periodic reviews that verify living arrangements, income levels, and other non-disability factors related to SSI eligibility. Similar to CDRs, the frequency of redeterminations is determined by the probability that changes affecting eligibility will occur.

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  • Based on the result of challenge 1, we propose to elaborate a methodology for the harmonization of time series covering ESPON territory at regional level for the period 1995-2006 on the basis of simple indicators of regional policy (population, GDP, unemployment, age structure). The problem is not to cover immediately a great number of indicators but to define a methodology that could be implemented in the ESPON 2013 DB and reproduced by different ESPON projects.

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  • This man ual de scribes the ba sic and most com monly used mod el ing and analy sis fea tures of fered by the SAP2000 struc tural analy sis pro gram. It is im pera tive that you read this man ual and un der stand the as sump tions and pro ce dures used by the pro gram be fore at tempt ing to cre ate a model or per form an analy sis. The com plete set of mod el ing and analy sis fea tures is de scribed in the SAP2000, ETABS, and SAFE Anal y sis Ref er ence Manual. As...

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  • This project was conducted in the Acquisition and Technology Policy Center of RAND’s National Defense Research Institute (NDRI). NDRI is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the defense agencies, and the unified commands. The NIC provides mid-term and long-term strategic thinking and intelligence estimates for the Director of Central Intelligence and key policymakers as they pursue shifting interests and foreign policy priorities....

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  • The Boeing case studies provide an interesting window into the dramatic shift in manufacturing paradigms taking place in response to the highly competitive market of the 21st century. Like many companies today, Boeing has placed Lean Manufacturing in the forefront of its efforts to eliminate continually all non-value added aspects of the enterprise and ensure optimal competitiveness.

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  • This data collection procedure can be used for those outcomes that can be assessed by visual ratings of physical conditions. It requires a detailed rating guide that staff or program volunteers use to rate the relevant conditions in a consistent manner over time. That is, different trained observers rating a particular condition should each give the condition approximately the same rating and rate the same condition found in future reporting periods approximately the same.

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  • This renovation process is currently facing many difficulties and challenges, the most critical of which concerns financial security in the context of a relatively weak economy.

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