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  • This compilation of some of our most popular How to Draw and Paint and Artist's Library series titles gives artists the perfect introduction to the basics of drawing. The Art of Basic Drawing contains fundamental information about tools and techniques, as well as a number of inspiring step-by-step lessons. With instruction and advice from five different accomplished artists, this book showcases a range of styles for beginners to imitate.

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  • One of the most popular drawing guides ever published, The Art of Drawing has been an informative and thorough guide to several generations of aspiring artists. For fifty years, Willy Pogany has given the main principles of drawing in a simple, constructive way. By following the sequences laid out in the lessons, students quickly master the art of drawing. As a further aid, Pogany gives a complete anatomical description of the body for each section, including a list of all bones and a description of the muscles and their uses.

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  • ‘Drawing in colour’ is a slightly unusual title, because the obvious comment is, ‘How does that differ from painting?’ Well, in this book I examine no fewer than four methods of drawing in various colour mediums, only one of which is connected with painting. I will be showing examples – and how to go about them – of drawing in coloured pencil, pastel or crayon, coloured inks and watercolour painting, which can be heavily conditioned by drawing.

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  • Covers all basic aspects of the chemistry of resins and binders, their solubility in solvents, and their compatibility with pigments essential for modern coating material. Presents state-ofthe-art knowledge of organic coatings materials and their manufacturing and processing. DLC: Gums and resins.

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  • Dieter Stoye, Werner Freitag (Editors) Covers all basic aspects of the chemistry of resins and binders, their solubility in solvents, and their compatibility with pigments essential for modern coating material. Presents state-ofthe-art knowledge of organic coatings materials and their manufacturing and processing. DLC: Gums and resins. This hook was carefully

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  • Book condition is very good. No jacket issued. Appears unread. Back tail corner creased. Else fine. Over 1800 illustrations of patterns of things to whittle and carve for the beginner or an experienced woodcarver. Index. 188 pages. Bookseller Inventory # 002650 Over 1,000 design ideas for carving Christmas tree ornaments, cookie molds, toys, weathervanes, cigar-store Indians, sundials, caricatures, and many other projects. 1,821 illustrations.

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  • Drawing portraits has always been, and will continue to be one of the greatest aspects of drawing. I found my first serious love of drawing when I traveled to Florence, Italy. It was there that I saw the many artists drawing portraits on the street. I would stand and stare at their amazing technique - for me, watching them work was a new experience and one of my most cherished memories from my travels in Europe.

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  • The earliest form of painting was with colours ground in water. Egyptian artists three thousand years B.C. used this method, and various mediums, such as wax and mastic, were added as a fixative. It was what is now known as tempera painting. The Greeks acquired their knowledge of the art from the Egyptians, and later the Romans dispersed it throughout Europe. They probably introduced tempera painting into this country for decoration of the walls of their houses.

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  • The authorities consulted in the preparation of this book are too numerous to quote in detail. But the admirable works by the late Rev. W.H. Jones have been proved so full of useful information that the service they rendered must be duly acknowledged, although in almost every instance further reference was made to the building itself--or to officially authenticated documents. Nor must the help of one of the cathedral cicerones be overlooked, in spite of his desire to remain anonymous; for his knowledge of the building served to correct several mistakes in the first edition.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'drawing portraits - part 2', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, mỹ thuật phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • A basic knowledge of the physical aging processes allows you to accurately draw people of various ages. The age regression and progression techniques, discussed in this heavily illustrated article, can be invaluable for accurately portraying or modifying the ages of portrait subjects. This article is divided into the following four major sections: FROM NEWBORN TO TODDLER: During the first two years of life, a human face changes more drastically than at any other stage of development.

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  • Rural women play a crucial role for the well being of their families. Without any glare of publicity, they contribute their best to the welfare and progress of the society. Entrepreneurship-development and income-generating activities are feasible solution for empowering the women. Most of the rural women indulge in stitching activities but due to lack of knowledge, in the technical know-how and latest designing techniques, they are unable to earn the remunerative income.

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  • This concise volume, edited by two of today’s leading pain clinician-scientists, represents the culmination of several forces. First and foremost is the recognition that the knowledge and skills supporting current medical management of pain have grown sufficiently large that this field has become a discipline in its own right. Accordingly, candidates who meet the requirements of the American Board of Anesthesiology may now become board-certified in Pain Management and achieve diplomate status just as their colleagues in other areas have done for years.

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  • Nevertheless, one must acknowledge that Bonfand’s book takes risks, and can even be called a theoretical tour de force. By rejecting citation and confronting painting and cinema according to their ‘phenomenologicallity’, Bonfand truly ponders the relation between painting and cinema beyond the box, even though the correlation between the two may sometimes seem too loose in a couple of chapters. Additionally, the different essays remain too randomly juxtaposed, which deprives the book from having a solid structure and argument.

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  • “We purchased a refurbished Siemens SOMATOM 16-slice CT and my understanding is that they basically overhauled the whole unit,” says Paul Deloia, CEO of Tristan Associates, a Harrisburg, PA-based group of digital imaging centers. “They replaced everything that needed to be replaced and we received the same warranty as if we bought a new one. Some vendors just perform cosmetic changes like painting the unit and don’t really replace the circuitry and tubes.

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  • The picture of Nilotic visual aesthetics painted here is an analyst’s abstraction. It is founded on the current state of anthropological knowledge concerning the group of peoples which provide the ethnographic focus, peoples who are related linguistically, historically, geographically, and culturally. Further research may reveal significant differences between and amongst the aesthetics of these four peoples. It might, however, also reveal significant similarities between these four peoples and other Nilotic-speaking peoples. The analysis presented here is ahistorical.

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  • A / Aims and objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know about basic knowledge and information about history of Jeans through words or phrasal words : made from, named after , embroidered jeans and painted jeans B / Teaching aids : Textbook , chalk , cassette and some pictures of jeans . C / Procedure : 7min I / Warm up : Brainstorming - Play games in groups . - Representatives from each group to - Call on some Ss to demonstrate . Suggested answers : Easy to wear Convenient Fashionable...

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