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  • This study examines the role of master’s education in the natural sciences and whether and how master’s degree programs might be enhanced to bolster our nation’s workforce and our science-based industries. To carry out the study, the National Academies appointed a committee of experts that was charged with exploring and answering, as possible given the data available, the following questions: 1.

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  • Continuing education (CE) is the process by which health professionals keep up to date with the latest knowledge and advances in health care. However, the CE “system,” as it is structured today, is so deeply flawed that it cannot properly support the development of health professionals. CE has become structured around health professional participation instead of performance improvement. This has left health professionals unprepared to perform at the highest levels consistently, putting into question whether the public is receiving care of the highest possibly quality and safety....

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  • Competencies within different contexts may require different bundles of skills, knowledge and attitudes. The challenge is to determine which competencies can be bundled together to provide the optimal grouping for performing tasks. Another challenge is designing learning experiences that support students as they practice using and applying these competencies in different contexts. Continual refinement of defined competencies is necessary so that enhanced performance in a variety of contexts can be assessed. In essence, CBE is a process, not a product. ...

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  • Increasing diversity in the U.S. population has sharpened concerns about the vitality and diversity of the clinical research workforce, concerns that have persisted for two decades. Our nation’s unprecedented level of investment in biomedical research has led to an explosion of new knowledge about human health and disease, but basic research achievements must be translated into treatments and therapies in order to benefit human health.

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  • Scarcely one half of the children of our country continue in school much beyond the fifth grade. It is important, therefore, that so far as possible the knowledge which has most to do with human welfare should be presented in the early years of school life. Fisher, Metchnikoff, Sedgwick, and others have shown that the health of a people influences the prosperity and happiness of a nation more than any other one thing. The highest patriotism is therefore the conservation of health.

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  • The primary remaining problemin keymanagement is a technical issue; namely how to locate the certificate for a certain machine or person. Some basic requirements on the facility used to locate the certificate can easily be identified. It must be accessible everywhere. It should be practical, in the sense that it should not be extremely expensive or cause administrative hassle, to work. Preferably it should be distributed, because a central world-wide organization to store all certificates is not feasible to implement.

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  • In this low-cost competitive environment, a region’s best chance to differentiate itself is with its brainpower: the education, knowledge, skills, and abilities of its workforce. From this perspective, every region has the potential to be competitive. Until recently, economic development practitioners paid scant attention to workforce issues, but this is changing.

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  • Gain the educational foundation you need to pursue a career or advanced study in business with UC Berkeley Extension’s Fundamental Studies in Business and Entrepreneurship (FSBE) program. Whether you need a study-abroad experience to complete a four-year-degree requirement or simply want general knowledge of business practices, FSBE is the ideal study-abroad option before entering the workforce or attending graduate programs in the United States.

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  • Occupational analysis provides economic development practitioners with insights into the talent base within a region. Each occupation represents a portfolio of knowledge, skills and abilities. In Southeast Wisconsin, the Milwaukee 7 region, economic and workforce development professionals are looking at the occupational composition of 15 targeted industry groups, including pharmaceuticals, plastics, and industrial machinery.

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  • Conserving the rich biodiversity of the countries of ASEAN is an imposing challenge, requiring political commitment, adequate resources, widespread awareness, and innovative approaches to reconciling the needs of nature with those of people. It also requires a knowledgeable, skilled and committed workforce and training is generally seen as the major means of reaching this goal; few conservation plans and projects do not

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  • Chapter 51 provides knowledge of employment law. After reading the material in this chapter, you should be able to: Identify and describe legislation protecting worker safety, health, and well-being; regulating wages and hours, pensions and benefits, and income security; and that governs unionized workforces; explain employment-at-will doctrine and its major exceptions.

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  • When comparing CBE to some of the more traditional models of education (Fig. 2), three fundamentally different characteristics emerge. First, CBE explicitly maps the specific health needs of the populations to a set of competencies for the workforce to be trained. In other words, it guides decisions about what graduates of the educational programs must be able to do, in order to address the key health issues of the community.

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  • The pursuit of scientific knowledge and its technical application towards society requires the talent, perspectives and insight that can only be assured by increasing diversity in the research workforce. Therefore, all projects are encouraged to have a balanced participation of women and men in their research activities and to raise awareness on combating gender prejudices and stereotypes. When human beings are involved as users, gender differences may exist. These will be addressed as an integral part of the research to ensure the highest level of scientific quality.

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