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  • In the natural sciences, the concept of “(natural) tipping points” has become a hot topic in climate change research. To better understand and evaluate the possibilities for and the barriers to the fundamental societal transformations necessary for climate change mitigation, we suggest a social tipping dynamics framework.

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  • Aims of the study: The goal of this study is to find out how using pictures in teaching influences young learners‟ learning English vocabulary at an English center; the results of the research will suggest practical tips for English teachers in teaching vocabulary to young learners.

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  • "Ebook The flying book – Everyhing you’ve wondered about flying on airplanes" whether you fear, thrill at, or, like many, have never bothered to stop and think about the wonder of commercial flight, "The Flying Book" will inform, surprise, reassure, and entertain. David Blatner takes readers from the cockpit to the runway, the control tower, the baggage and security systems, the airplane manufacturing plant, and beyond, explaining the many factors that make airline travel possible.

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  • "Lesson Tips for language learning successfull" presnet keep a notebook where everything you write is in that specified language; listen to music in that language; watch movies and tv series with subtitles; read children’s books; take advantage of free apps.

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  • Peripheral pulmonary nodules are increasingly detected in patients screened for lung cancer or during disease progression of thoracic or extrathoracic malignancies. Sampling these lesions requires surgery, computed tomography (CT)-guided biopsy or bronchoscopic interventions.

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  • "Ebook IELTS Speaking" with part one of the speaking test; part two problems; part three of the speaking test; additional tips.

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  • In this chapter, you will learn to step by Step Painting Techniques: Learn to Paint with Free Painting Tips on Making Corrections, Paint Texture and Painting Materials. Learning to paint can be an intimidating process, but with free expert tips, you can master basic painting techniques in no time. Learn to paint a picture you can be proud of by using our expert tips on how to paint texture, making corrections.

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  • Chapter 10 - Managing the office medical records. In this chapter you will learn about various options for handling large volumes of patient records. As you work through this chapter, you will begin to have an appreciation for the very important task of chart management, and you will develop an organized approach to maintaining these critical documents. As you read, watch for helpful tips that teach you how to locate any patient chart quickly and efficiently.

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  • cissp all-in-one exam guide, 6th edition guide features learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, exam tips, practice questions, and in-depth explanations. written by the leading expert in it security certification and training.

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  • Vocabulary in Context series. The reproducible lessons in this series focus on practical vocabulary terms, skills, and concepts in relevant situational settings. Struggling students learn over 3,000 high-utility words in 28 self-contained thematic lessons. Additionally, each lesson activates prior knowledge and continually reinforces fundamental language arts skills and concepts. These reproducible books include teacher notes and tips, answer keys, reference guides, lessons, unit reviews, and more. Inviting you to refer to part 2 of Tài liệu.

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  • How to use social network safety. Must read and learn to protect yourself. The Top secret, Social media survival guide is an usefull finger tip for everyone. Some people surf many website as well as joining many social media such as facebook, twitter,... but they dont know how to protect the personal information about themself.

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  • (BQ) Tài liệu Project Origami activities for exploring mathematics presents a flexible, discovery-based approach to learning origami-math topics. It helps readers see how origami intersects a variety of mathematical topics, from the more obvious realm of geometry to the fields of algebra, number theory, and combinatorics. With over 100 new pages, this updated and expanded edition now includes 30 activities and offers better solutions and teaching tips for all activities.

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  • Tài liệu Basic IELTS Reading aim at providing IELTS candidates with a basic English language ability, enlarging candidates’ stock of vocabulary, and; giving candidates insight into the social life and culture of the English-speaking communities.

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  • Lecture Reaction essay Presented content: Definition, reaction organization, tips for reaction essays, language focus. Invite you to read the lecture reaction essay.

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  • Tài liệu Business writing basics includes chapters: Business writing — There have been some changes made, 13 Ways to mind your reader’s business and put your own on the back burner, 38 Practical writing tips you never learned in school, 26 Ways to add personality to your writing and win friends, 42 Ways to master letters and make yourself look professional on paper, 20 Tips for writing short reports and memos that get read and acted upon, 37 Ways to take the stress and drudgery out of report writing and make your re-ports readable, 38 Things you never learned in kindergarten — Faxes and E-m...

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  • What is necessary to learn English well? Changing your life. Learning English requires action. You may know all the learning tips, but if you don't start doing things, you will achieve .nothing. The fact is, if you want to learn to speak English well, you must change your life.

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  • Top tips for learning English .“Làm thế nào để cải thiện vốn tiếng Anh của mình?” Đây thật sự là một câu hỏi khó, mà để đưa ra một lời khuyên cụ thể lại càng khó hơn bởi với mỗi người khác nhau, hoàn cảnh khác nhau thì lại áp dụng những lời khuyên theo những cách khác nhau.

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  • Doctoral students have often requested concrete examples and guidelines from us. On the other hand, many guidebooks are at a more general level than the requested instruction. Ideally, adequate guidance would be conducted by a supervising professor, or a research group, but this is not always the case. This guidebook attempts to provide tangible tips that have been identified as beneficial for writing articles. Once someone tries to concretise the process of writing they are also easier to criticise.

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  • Given the diversity of the adult ESOL population, these learners clearly have varying needs for English language use (Weddel & Van Duzer, 1997), specifi cally in terms of their oral communication. The Equipped for the Future (EFF) initiative asked adult learners across the United States to respond to Goal 6 of the National Education Goals: “By the year 2000, every adult American will be literate and will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global economy and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship” (Merrifi eld, 2000, p. 4).

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  • about the smashwords book marketing guide: this guide provides authors and publishers practical advice on how to market their books. the ideas presented herein cost nothing to implement other than the investment of your time. in the last three years, tens of thousands of authors and publishers have improved their book marketing with the smashwords book marketing guide. although the smashwords book marketing guide was originally written for the benefit of authors who publish and distribute their s at smashwords, the principles you’ll learn here are universal.

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