Lined piping systems

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  • An engineering and design tutorial for liquid process piping applications. Design strategy, general piping design, metal piping systems, plastic piping systems, rubber and elastomer piping systems, thermoset piping systems, double containment piping systems, lined piping systems, valves, ancillary equipment, corrosion protection and design examples

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  • The presence of crust on the inner walls of metallic ducts impairs transportation because crust completely or partially hinders the passage of fluid to the processing unit and causes damage to equipment connected to the production line. Its localization is crucial. With the development of the electronic imaging system installed at the Argonauta/Nuclear Engineering Institute (IEN)/National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) reactor.

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  • This paper presents a pipe cutting Robot system with two di erent cutting methods: the method with the end-e ector moves on cutting path and direction while the stationary pipe and the method with the end-e ector moves on a straight line while the rotating pipe to create the desired cutting path and direction.

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  • Tapping fittings are full-branch split tees designed for use when connecting branch lines. They are offered in sizes 4- through 12- and 16-inch and meet B31.3 specifications for use in refinery and chemical plant piping systems. Fittings are equipped with RF or RTJ flanges.

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  • Title of learning module: Introduction to Linux, open source applications and licenses, using Linux, command line skills, getting help, working with files and directories, archiving and compression, pipes - redirection - regex, basic scripting, understanding computer hardware, managing packages and processes, network configuration, system and user security, managing users and groups, ownership and permissions, special permissions, links and file locations.

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  • A Liqui-Mover pump is a positive displacement pressure powered pump with a minimum of moving parts. The pumping action is accomplished using a positive pressure to push the liquid from the pump tank into the return line. The Liqui-Mover pump can handle high temperature and high pressure condensate without difficulty. Liqui-Mover pumps are available in nine sizes. They are available in many configurations, from individual components that are field assembled to complete packaged systems ready for connection to field piping.

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  • The closed engine test cell system makes a suitable case for students to study an example of the flow of heat and change in entropy. In almost all engine test cells the vast majority of the energy comes into the system as highly concentrated ‘chemical energy’ entering the cell via the smallest penetration in the cell wall, the fuel line. It leaves the cell as lower grade heat energy via the largest penetrations: the ventilation duct, engine exhaust pipe and the cooling water pipes.

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  • Gate valves used in steam systems have flexible wedges. The reason for using a flexible gate is to prevent binding of the gate within the valve when the valve is in the closed position. When steam lines are heated, they expand and cause some distortion of valve bodies. If a solid gate fits snugly between the seat of a valve in a cold steam system, when the system is heated and pipes elongate, the seats will compress against the gate and clamp the valve shut. This problem is overcome by using a flexible gate, whose design allows the gate to flex as the valve seat compresses it. The...

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