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  • This book is a gentle introduction to Linux, and as such, it is not intended as a comprehensive guide. On the contrary, great effort has gone into this book to keep it from becoming yet another comprehensive reference guide. I’ve been selective about covering the topics you are most likely to use early in your Linux hacking career. One of the interesting things about Linux, and UNIX in general, is that learning new ways and tools is almost an endless task. There are many tools—too many to cover even in several “comprehensive” volumes.

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  • Why should you learn about Linux? It’s a fast-growing operating system, and it is inexpensive and flexible. Linux is also a major player in the small and mid-sized server field, and it’s an increasingly viable platform for workstation and desktop use, as well. By understanding Linux, you’ll increase your standing in the job market. Even if you already know Windows or MacOS and your employer uses these systems exclusively, understanding Linux will give you an edge when you are looking for a new job or if you are looking for promotion.

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  • This is a book about Linux, a free, open source operating system that's changing the world of computing. In this book, we show how you can completely change the way you work with computers by exploring a powerful and free operating system. Linux goes against the traditional computing mainstream, being developed by a loosely organized group of thousands of volunteers across the Internet.

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  • The Linux market started from a few distributions available only from FTP servers, to full feature commercial distributions available in stores and online including a printed manual and phone support. Here are the main choices you have when looking for a Linux distribution: · You can download any Linux distribution from its FTP server. To take a few examples, RedHat can be downloaded from, Slackware from and Debian from That method is free, but requires you to have a fast Internet connection.

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  • You may be coming to Linux and KDE from another operating system, and you are probably familiar with browsing the Web, sending email, preparing documents, and doing other jobrelated tasks with your computer. Whether you’re somewhat experienced or completely new to computers, this book was written for you. In general, this book does not assume any computer experience on your part. We explain what Linux and KDE are (Chapter 1, “Learning about the Pieces”), and we even tell you how to use your mouse (with Linux there are three buttons).

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  • This article is a compilation of several interesting, unique command-line tricks that should help you squeeze more juice out of your system, improve your situational awareness of what goes on behind the curtains of the desktop, plus some rather unorthodox solutions that will melt the proverbial socks off your kernel.

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  • A new online book part of the TipOfTheWeek web site has been released: 100 Linux Tips and Tricks The book covers such things as installation, networking and software. It is available freely online at the following addresses:

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  • Mước 1 downnload BACKTRACK 4 beta KHI DOWN FILE ISO VỀ BURN RA ĐĨA VÀ BOOT -- MÌNH DÙNG LIVE CD bước 2 download tài liệu về -- dành cho những bạn thích hiểi rõ về cấu trúc của nó mediafire CÁI NÀY MÌNH LIỆT KÊ RA CHO NHỮNG BẠN LƯỜI ĐỌC MÀ CHỈ THIX HACK LIỀN LƯU Ý KHI DÙNG BACKTRACT THEO TÀI LIỆU 1.BT 4 beta 2.để tự động boot không chỉnh bất cứ dòng nào 3.login:root 4.pass:toor 5.

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  • This page is made for everyone who wants to become a "hacker" in a responsible way. Before you do anything, keep in mind that breaking into other computers is illegal, and can bring you faster in trouble than you can say: "Oh, sh...!!!" Getting knowledge is another thing than bringing that into practice; so READ, and read again, get a Linux distribution and after a lot of sweat and frustration you will get some insight !!

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  • Linux chính là hệ điều hành máy tính giấc mơ của các hacker. Nó hỗ trợ rất nhiều các công cụ và tiện ích cho việc bẻ khóa các mật khẩu, quét các lỗ hổng mạng và phát hiện những xâm nhập có thể. Chúng tôi đã sưu tập một bộ khoảng 10 công cụ tốt nhất trong việc hacking và bảo mật cho Linux. Tuy nhiên các bạn cần lưu ý rằng các công cụ này không có nghĩa là đều có hại.

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  • Linux Server Hacks is a collection of 100 industrial-strength hacks, providing tips and tools that solve practical problems for Linux system administrators. Every hack can be read in just a few minutes but will save hours of searching for the right answer. Some of the hacks are subtle, many of them are non-obvious, and all of them demonstrate the power and flexibility of a Linux system. You'll find hacks devoted to tuning the Linux kernel to make your system run more efficiently, as well as using CVS or RCS to track the revision to system files....

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  • Linux 101 Hacks can best be described as a study guide for beginning systems administrators ("Linux 101"). It focuses entirely on terminal use -- from using the command line to manage system processes, search and sort files, and make remote connections to using common text-based utilities (such as fdisk). Linux 101 Hacks doesn't contain information that couldn't be found elsewhere -- but it nicely presents common administrative tasks in a way that makes grasping the power (and subtle nuances) of a command easier to process in a practical sense than reading a man page would....

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  • They dreamed of a better browser . . . and before you could say "explore no more," Firefox was born. But already you want more. Tighter security, greater functionality. A custom installation for Linux. Maybe even that unique extension you've always dreamed of creating. Well, if you want to tweak the Fox, here are over 400 pages of ways to do it. From hacking profile settings to cracking links and cleaning out the cookie jar, this is the stuff that puts you in control.

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  • Hôm nay mình xin giới thiệu với các bạn đôi chút cơ bản về server chạy Linux . Để tiện phục vụ bài học mình xin lấy luôn một server để các bác thực hành . Hacking Security Sites part 31

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  • Nếu bạn không chạy Linux , mà chạy Windown chẳng han . Thì bạn lại phải cần 1 chương trình brute-force , nó sẽ cho phép ban chay John the Ripper hoặc PasswordCracker trên Windown . Hacking Security Sites part 35

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  • Hack quyền điều khiển Windows 7 Công cụ VBootkit 2.0 có khả năng thay đổi các thông số mã hóa để giành quyền điều khiển máy tính chạy Windows 7 ngay trong quá trình khởi động. Tại hội nghị an ninh HITB (Hack In The Box) diễn ra vào thứ 5 vừa qua tại Dubai, các chuyên gia nghiên cứu bảo mật tuyên bố đã tìm được phương pháp qua mặt và giành quyền kiểm soát bất kì máy tính nào sử dụng hệ điều hành Windows 7 sắp ra mắt của Microsoft. ...

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  • The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing serves as an introduction to the steps required to complete a penetration test or perform an ethical hack. You learn how to properly utilize and interpret the results of modern day hacking tools; which are required to complete a penetration test. Tool coverage will include, Backtrack Linux, Google, Whois, Nmap, Nessus, Metasploit, Netcat, Netbus, and more.

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  • Linux Cookbook™ Linux Desktop Hacks™ Linux Desktop Pocket Guide Linux in a Nutshell Linux in a Windows World Linux Multimedia Hacks™ Linux Network Administrator’s Guide Linux Pocket Guide Linux Server Hacks™ Linux Server Security LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell Writer SELinux Version Control with Subversion Linux Books Resource Center

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  • This soup-to-nuts collection of recipes covers everything you need to know to perform your job as a Linux network administrator, whether you're new to the job or have years of experience. With Linux Networking Cookbook, you'll dive straight into the gnarly hands-on work of building and maintaining a computer network.

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  • This authoritative guide will help you secure your Linux network--whether you use Linux as a desktop OS, for Internet services, for telecommunications, or for wireless services. Completely rewritten the ISECOM way, Hacking Exposed Linux, Third Edition provides the most up-to-date coverage available from a large team of topic-focused experts. The book is based on the latest ISECOM security research and shows you, in full detail, how to lock out intruders and defend your Linux systems against catastrophic attacks....

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