Liquidity and flight

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  • Pollution control policy is fundamental for our analysis. In 1982 the central government imposed a system of levies on air pollutants, on total wastewater, and on the concentrations of three pollutants contained in wastewater: total suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, and other solids. The first two are characteristic of the paper industry. The levy rates were reassessed in 1989 and increased in 1992. Wang et al. (1996) examined the effect of these charges on the effluents on the general manufacturing sector. They found the expected emission-reducing effect.

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  • Diamond crystals form deep within the mantle of the earth when carbon is exposed to extreme pressure and very high temperatures. Volcanic rock formations such as kimberlite or lamproite pipes serve as pathways that convey the fragments of rocks and crystals from the mantle to the surface (see.Figure.1). The diamonds, along with vast quantities of magma, are blasted upward in the course of violent eruptions. Kimberlite pipes, the richest source of mined diamonds, are usually shaped like a carrot and can extend as deep as 1 to 2 kilometers underground.

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  • In recent years the Observatory has implemented a rolling programme of improvements to the main Grade A Listed building, historic telescopes and telescope domes, supported by funding from the DCAL and other bodies (e.g. the Heritage Lottery Fund) totalling c.$700k since 2001. An important Capital project is construction of a new Library, Archives and Historic Scienti c Instruments building.

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  • Our study shows that, in spite of a gradual decrease, the incidence rates of pulmonary tuberculosis in immigrants remain high even a decade after immigration. The persistent high incidence rates are consistent with results of previous studies (2–5). Our study combines data on all immigrant patients in whom tuberculosis was detected and all legal immigrants present in a 5-year period in a low incidence country, enabling detailed analysis with a long follow-up period. We did not find a steep decline in incidence rates after immigration.

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  • In the case of unexpected inflation, the interpretation of their results is quite intuitive: news on inflation is correlated with news on future earnings prospects and/or required returns. For example, an unexpected rise in inflation may raise the risk of countercyclical monetary policy, which is likely to reduce expected real earnings growth and/or raise investors’ discount rates.

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  • From previous observations, addition of the antibody raised against the α6-integrin subunit in the GC culture medium impairs cell-spreading on LN substratum and induces the formation of clusters of rounded cells [6]. It can be hypothesized that changes in cell shape might be responsible for all or part of the functional changes observed in survival, proliferation and steroidogenesis of GC.

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  • Sustaining IEC to increase men’s participation faces obstacles related to negative individual attitudes, reluctance among decision-makers to budget IEC activities, lack of staff training, and scarce resources. Programs need to undertake strong communication programs and be able to demonstrate how IEC activities affect men’s participation in reproductive health.

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  • The guidance of Lawrence Haddad and Sudhir Wanmali in providing an enabling research environment deserves special recognition. We thank John Pender, the IFPRI internal reviewer, and two anonymous external reviewers for their critical but very constructive comments, which helped us significantly improve the analysis in and presentation of the report.

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  • The term ―luxury‖ is routinely used in our everyday life to refer to products, services or a certain lifestyle, however, often without a clear understanding of the luxury concept as it takes on many different forms for different people and is dependent on the mood and experience of the consumer: ―Luxury is particularly slippery to define. A strong element of human involvement, very limited supply and the recognition of value by others are key components‖ (Cornell 2002, p. 47). The word luxury ―defines beauty; it is art applied to functional items.

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  • As I became more well-known and my program continued to sell, I decided that my mission in all this is to save the world from the perils of cold calling. I’m out to save salespeople from the horrors of having to endure the miserable activity of cold calling day in and day out, and I’m also aiming to save customers from the hassle and annoyance of being cold called all the time. As a business owner, I hate receiving cold calls, and as a consumer, I hate when strangers call my home phone trying to...

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  • Rigorously speaking the functional group is not the whole molecule but only that collection of atoms that provides a specific chemical function. For example, the chemical family of alcohols is characterized by the function of the hydroxyl (OH) group, and aldehydes, ketones are characterized by carbonyl groups (C=O). There are various combinations of hydroxyl groups in molecules along with carbonyl groups and these combinations can lead to hydroxyketones and aldehydes (the basis for sugars) as well as to carboxylic acids.

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  • The conclusions and recommendations that have been put forward in this paper are based on the data collected throughout the life of this project. Opinions from a wide range of stakeholders were gathered during the four conferences which were hosted by Strategic Asia and the UK FCO as part of this project. Two conferences at the regional level, Kalimantan and Lombok, were held to assess implementation barriers and requirements as well as opportunities in the MP3EI. Two further national conferences were also held in Jakarta.

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  • What is at work here is a visual language that relies heavily on connotation, as described by Barthes. These connotations underscore the intertitle’s line of argumentation and address the sensory experience of the audience. A careful analysis of the style involved in the image construction reveals a homogenous pattern that can be described as a soft style. According to David Bordwell et al. (1985: 341), the soft style emerged and became the norm in the 1920s.

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  • If you’re bidding on a website and the scope of services described in your proposal includes testing, hosting and/or maintenance, you are taking on additional legal responsibilities that need to be described in the agreement. Try to limit any additional liability as much as possible. On all interactive projects, you’ll want to be very specifi c about how much support or maintenance you will provide after delivery, and whether or not those services will be billed in addition to the original contract price.

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  • Fire is always unexpected. Preparing for it shouldn’t be. Responding to a fire requires quick decisions and fast actions in a setting that can be loud, smoky, dark, and hot. Lives and property can be saved by being prepared before fire strikes. The Seattle Fire Code and Washington State Law establish fire safety regulations for multi-residential housing. These rules require property owners to develop a fire emergency guide for tenants. They also require that tenants be informed about the fire protection equipment in the building....

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  • RF and RHD remain significant causes of cardiovascular diseases in the world today. Despite a documented decrease in the incidence of acute RF and a similar documented decrease in the prevalence of RHD in industrialized countries during the past five decades, these non-suppurative cardiovascular sequel of group A streptococcal pharyngitis remain medical and public health problems in both indus- trialized and industrializing countries even at the beginning of the 21st century. The most devastating effects are on children and young adults in their most productive years....

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  • Computational fluid dynamics, usually abbreviated as CFD, is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. Computers are used to perform the calculations required to simulate the interaction of liquids and gases with surfaces defined by boundary conditions. With high-speed supercomputers, better solutions can be achieved. Ongoing research yields software that improves the accuracy and speed of complex simulation scenarios such as transonic or turbulent flows.

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  • The root of Panax quinquefolium L., famous as American ginseng all over the world, is one of the most widely-used medicinal or edible materials.

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