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  • In the closing year of the first quarter of the nineteenth century, there loomed up conspicuously, in the City of New York, a man whose purpose in life was to reform and better existing forms of medical practice. So well did he succeed that he is now revered as the pathfinder and founder of American Eclecticism in Medicine. Wooster Beach was born in Connecticut. He read Medicine in an unorthodox fashion by placing himself under the instruction of a successful but unlicensed country doctor living in a secluded part of the State of New Jersey. From this preceptor he acquired...

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  • Two other factors are likely to aid growth in the near term. 4 One is inventory investment. Throughout the current recession, businesses have reduced inventory investment substantially. Businesses have chosen to curtail production and run down existing stocks. This behavior has led to a situation where even just a return to normal behavior implies a substantial rise in inventory investment, and thus a powerful short-run impetus to growth. Renewed inventory investment should spur production and job creation throughout the economy.

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  • This means that services which could potentially fall within the remit of both insurance schemes tend to be shifted to the LTC insurance because this is much cheaper. Secondly, although the revenues and costs of all the German health funds are equalized to take account of their respective member structures (age, gender) (Strukturausgleich), this is not the case for the revenues and costs of the LTC funds. This leads to a high disincentive for the LTC funds to minimize their costs.

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  • Our primary motivation for improving the health of women is our concern with their well-being. But the health of women and adolescent girls is intimately linked to the health of their own children and future generations. Because of their roles in child-rearing, such as providing and seeking care, and managing water and nutrition, women play a crucial role in providing access to health services and health-related knowledge for their families and communities.

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  • This paper reviews current marketing practices in the pharmaceutical sector, examining both consumer and doctor-oriented promotion. It presents examples of marketing practices and their impact on consumer and doctor behaviour. It identifies negative impacts of these practices which include misleading advertising, disease mongering and escalating costs. It goes on to argue the need for an independently-monitored code of practice for marketers in the pharmaceutical sector and a greater degree of consumer education for both end-users and those prescribing drugs.

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  • After 40 the muscle fibbers shrink and replaced slowly with a tough fibrous tissue.Muscle changes often begin in the 40s in women. Lipofuscin (an age-related pigment) and fat are deposited in muscle tissue. This is most noticeable in the hands, which may appear thin and bony. Muscles may become rigid with age and may lose tone, even with regular exercise. Loss of muscle mass reduces strength which contributes to fatigue, weakness, and reduced activity tolerance. Exercise is one of the best ways to slow or prevent problems with the muscles, joints, and bones....

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  • Ammonia concentration should be measured using passive sampling techniques – either the ‘Alpha’ samplers used by the Ammonia Monitoring Scheme or commercially available diffusion tubes (e.g. those supplied and analysed by Gradko Ltd.). Wet deposition should be collected using a standard precipitation collector (Sykes & Lane, 1996) and analysed for NO2 - , NH4 + , SO4 - and pH.

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  • In the context of the 100% CCF for calculating the leverage ratio, Basel III applies a 10% CCF to commitments that are unconditionally cancellable and it also has been argued that such an exception could also be made for trade finance commitments. However, the 10% CCF treatment will only be made for commitments that are unconditionally cancellable at any time by the bank without prior notice.

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  • This brings us to the most complicated issue of Pakistan’s Dairy supply chain namely; achieving a “Level Playing Field” between the middlemen Dhodhis and the processors. At present, middlemen play a critical role in the Pakistan dairy industry: Without them, a far smaller proportion of milk would find its way from the farmer to the consumer. To varying extents, processors rely on dhodhis collecting milk and transporting it to collection centers. It is well known that adulteration of milk occurs in Pakistan on a broad scale.

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  • Due to saturation in some of the big Turkish cities and rapidly increasing land prices, many developers and institutional investors are forced to look beyond the biggest cities and explore secondary cities, like Mersin, Samsun, Kocaeli and Diyarbakir. Mersin for example, is a sizable city with a busy port on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey and an industrialised and commercially active city. It has already attracted a number of retail investment projects and houses five shopping centres, with the capacity to absorb further centres.

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  • The structure of health systems and PHI roles influence differences in access to health care by insurance status. In OECD countries with no observed waiting times for elective surgery – such as the United States, France, Switzerland, Japan, Belgium and Germany – all insured individuals enjoy timely access to care irrespective of whether their main form of coverage is public or private health insurance.

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  • There have been multiple studies of programs focused on positive youth outcomes in general and on reproductive health behaviors in particular. Many programs show promising results, although there have been few rigorous experimental replication studies. See the “what works” table at the end of the chapter for details on specific programs.

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  • The medical screening for tuberculosis among persons overseas applying for U.S. immigration status and nonimmigrants who are required to have an overseas medical examination, hereafter referred to as applicants, is an essential component of the medical evaluation. Because tuberculosis is a challenging disease to diagnose, treat, and control, these instructions are designed to detect and treat tuberculosis disease among applicants and to reduce the risk of spread of tuberculosis among the U.S. population after immigration.

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  • Chlorine and other chemicals used to disinfect source water can form carcinogenic compounds when they react with organic matter. These compounds become a serious problem when nutrient overloads trigger recur- rent and persistent blooms of algae that contaminate source water. The reaction between chlorine and algal organic matter generates trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, two types of disinfection byproducts that are federally regulated, as well as many other types of toxic byproducts. A study sponsored by the U.S.

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  • Two features stand out. First, leverage is procyclical. Leverage increases when balance sheets expand. Conversely, leverage falls when balance sheets contract. Thus, leverage tracks the waxing and waning of balance sheets in a way that amplifi es the fi nancial cycle. Although “procyclical leverage” is not a term that the banks themselves would use in describing how they behave, this is in fact what they are doing. Second, there is a striking contrast between the distress in 1998Q4 associated with the LTCM crisis and the credit crisis of the summer of 2007.

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  • According to the Social Security Administration your retirement income should be at least 70% of your income at retirement in order to maintain your standard of living. However, if you have average earnings throughout your work-life your Social Security benefits will replace only about 40% of your income at retirement. For family members who have not contributed to the Social Security plan this difference in retirement income and final income at retirement will be much greater.

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  • Response Rate per Prospect: To be accurate, enter the percentage of responses you have received by mail, through your website and/ or call centers; whichever way you have asked the prospect to contact you. As an example, a multi-channel campaign that generated 1,000 calls, 2,000 coupons or responses by mail and 1,000 clicks on your website (using a Personal URL to track) would be considered as 4,000 prospects, which converts into a 4% response rate. You would enter 4% in the current Response Rate field section.

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  • This paper presents a new mechanism that allows the application to register its interest in a specific event, and then efficiently collect the notification of the event at a later time. The set of events that this mechanism covers is shown to include not only those described above, but may also be extended to unforeseen event sources with no modification to the API. The rest of this paper is structured as follows: Section 2 examines where the central bottleneck of poll() and se- lect() is, Section 3 explains the design goals, and Section 4 presents the API of new mechanism.

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  • Discrimination against outsiders has always existed, but with the exception of a few discussions of the employment of women (see Edgeworth [1922], and Faucett [1918]), economists wrote little on this subject before the 1950s. I began to worry about racial, religious, and gender discrimination while a graduate student, and used the concept of discrimination coeffi- cients to organize my approach to prejudice and hostility to members of particular groups.

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  • Despite the relative safety and popularity of SSRIs and other antidepressants, some studies have suggested that they may have unintentional efects on some people, especially adoles­ cents and young adults. In 2004, the Food and Drug Adminis­ tration (FDA) conducted a thorough review of published and unpublished controlled clinical trials of antidepressants that involved nearly 4,400 children and adolescents.

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