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  • Referred Pain from Visceral Disease Diseases of the thorax, abdomen, or pelvis may refer pain to the posterior portion of the spinal segment that innervates the diseased organ. Occasionally, back pain may be the first and only manifestation. Upper abdominal diseases generally refer pain to the lower thoracic or upper lumbar region (eighth thoracic to the first and second lumbar vertebrae), lower abdominal diseases to the midlumbar region (second to fourth lumbar vertebrae), and pelvic diseases to the sacral region.

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  • With globalisation and knowledge-based production, firms may cooperate on a global scale, outsource parts of their administrative or productive units and negate location altogether. The extremely low transaction costs of data, information and knowledge seem to invalidate the theory of agglomeration and the spatial clustering of firms, going back to the classical work by Alfred Weber (1868-1958) and Alfred Marshall (1842-1924), who emphasized the microeconomic benefits of industrial collocation.

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  • Lichen Planus Lichen planus (LP) is a papulosquamous disorder that may affect the skin, scalp, nails, and mucous membranes. The primary cutaneous lesions are pruritic, polygonal, flat-topped, violaceous papules. Close examination of the surface of these papules often reveals a network of gray lines (Wickham's striae). The skin lesions may occur anywhere but have a predilection for the wrists, shins, lower back, and genitalia (Fig. 53-5).

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  • Product counterfeiting is a well-known problem, one that has been with us for a very long time. Trademarks go back to ancient times and where there are trade- marks counterfeiting soon follows. Recently more attention is being paid to fighting the problem. It would seem the first logical step would be to determine the size of the counterfeit market. But this is more difficult than it appears to be. First, no direct measurement of counterfeit trade can be undertaken, since by definition this is an illegal activity.

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  • Ðau lưng, thường gặp nhất là đau ở vùng thắt lưng (lower back pain) thường xảy ra nhất ở tuổi 20 đến 40, nhưng thường trầm trọng hơn ở người lớn tuổi. Những công việc thường gây ra đau lưng là những việc cần phải khiêng, cúi, với (reaching) và xoay người (twisting) thường xuyên. Nhiều nghiên cứu cho thấy đau lưng không liên quan đến giới tính, chiều cao, cân nặng.

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  • Moe Gibson stood alone, facing his locker, bawling like a baby. He had already removed his shoulder pads and the navy blue jersey emblazoned on both sides with No. 22, the one with his surname printed in large capital letters on the reverse and “Villanova,” in smaller type, along the front. Gibson, by now the only person remaining in the university’s spacious football locker room, cried for the name on the back of the jersey, and he cried for the name on the front.

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  • The NASA Mars Sojourner rover inspired this project . I followed the mission with great enthusiasm and witnessed a giant leap in robotics that day it began roaming the Martian terrain and sending images back to earth. Though I was in awe when the Viking missions of the 1970’s were in progress, we didn’t see that near real-time interaction with the craft .

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  • Understanding human anatomy will help you achieve greater expressive ability in figure drawing. By understanding the many different aspects of the human form, you can better grasp how the figure works as a whole. For example, if you feel along the bone on the lower part of your jaw, you will notice that there is a small indentation about halfway between the chin and the back of the jaw. This indentation is to allow a blood vessel to pass under the jaw. The indentation helps to protect the vessel. The significance of this little indentation is that it affects the...

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  • This book covers multiple topics of Ergonomics following a systems approach, analysing the relationships between workers and their work environment from different but complementary standpoints. The chapters focused on Physical Ergonomics address the topics upper and lower limbs as well as low back musculoskeletal disorders and some methodologies and tools that can be used to tackle them.

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  • The gesture has two versions; the raised steeple (Figure 42), the position normally taken when the steepler is giving his opinions or ideas and is doing the talking. The lowered steeple gesture (Figure 43) is normally used when the steepler is listening rather than speaking. Nierenberg and Calero noted that women tend to use the lowered steeple position more often than the raised steeple position. When the raised steeple position is taken with the head tilted back, the person assumes an air of smugness or arrogance. Although the steeple gesture is a positive signal, it can be used in...

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  • begin begin 1. To do the first part of something; make a start: Begin writing now. 2. To come into being; start: The race will begin in five minutes. SYNONYM: start; ANTONYMS: end, finish be•gin (bih GIHN) verb, began, begun, beginning. behind 1. At the back of: Jorge stood behind me in line. 2. Later than; after: Our bus was five minutes behind the first bus. be•hind (bih HIND) preposition. below In or to a lower place: From the plane we could see the mountains far below. Adverb. In a lower place than; beneath: My friend’s apartment is below mine....

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  • Sensitization When intense, repeated, or prolonged stimuli are applied to damaged or inflamed tissues, the threshold for activating primary afferent nociceptors is lowered and the frequency of firing is higher for all stimulus intensities. Inflammatory mediators such as bradykinin, nerve growth factor, some prostaglandins, and leukotrienes contribute to this process, which is called sensitization. In sensitized tissues, normally innocuous stimuli can produce pain. Sensitization is a clinically important process that contributes to tenderness, soreness, and hyperalgesia.

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  • The crucial assumption that allows as to solve the two-good model relatively simply is the ability of the shoppers to combine purchases from two stores without incurring additional cost. This assumption can be justi ed for internet shopping or the cases when as Stahl, II (1989) puts it \Casual empiricism suggests that there is a non-negligible measure of consumers who seem to derive enjoyment from shopping itself".

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  • Clinical Presentation and Staging Patients with cervix cancer generally are asymptomatic, and the disease is detected on routine pelvic examination. Others present with abnormal bleeding or postcoital spotting that may increase to intermenstrual or prominent menstrual bleeding. Yellowish vaginal discharge, lumbosacral back pain, lower-extremity edema, and urinary symptoms may be present. The staging of cervical carcinoma is clinical and generally completed with a pelvic examination under anesthesia with cystoscopy and proctoscopy.

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  • Agency securities. Agency securities are the obligations of federal gov- ernment agencies or government-sponsored enterprises. Generally, agency debt offers a slight yield premium over T-bills. Turn back to Chapter 6 for more on agency securities. Commercial paper. Commercial paper, or CP, is issued by corporations (including banks) to finance short-term cash needs. While smaller corpo- rations usually depend on bank loans for this type of funding, larger cor- porations with good credit ratings can access the CP market and often do so.

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  • Present the draft agreement to the client in person, if possible, so that you can explain the contents and answer any questions. Don’t be surprised if they ask for modifi cations or additional items to be included. Here are some of the issues that may come up: Pricing Often the initial client response will be to ask for a lower price. It’s best for you to avoid getting into a discussion of standard hourly rates. Discuss the scope of work instead. Focus on the main objectives. Can portions of the project be scaled back? Are there components that can be broken...

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  • Making a good walkcycle requires more than just arm and foot positioning. Spend some time on the spine. When walking, the leading hand twists the top of the spine toward it, and the trailing arm twists the lower spine toward it. Be aware, though, that by rotating the lower spine bones, the upper spine, arms, neck, and head will rotate as well. You may have to compensate by rotating the upper spine bones back the opposite way. Rotations of the spine during a walkcycle should be subtle: they add hints to the overall motion. Over-rotating will produce animation that looks wild and unnatural....

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  • Fundamental Indexation has also been effective in back-tested results both in Europe and Asia. Return statistics from 1987 through 2005 suggest that fundamentally- weighted indexes have outperformed capitalization-weighted indexes in Greece, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark by over 200 basis points per annum. In Japan the out performance has been greater than 300 basis points a year. In emerging markets, the technique has shown even greater excess returns over capitalization- weighted indexes.

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  • For most taxable bond investors, bond mutual funds have a number of advantages over individual bond portfolios in terms of diversification, cash-flow treatment and portfolio characteristics, liquidity, and costs. Individual bonds do provide certain benefits compared with bond mutual funds, and these advantages revolve primarily around a preference for control over security-specific decisions in the portfolio.

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  • Worse, because the consumer fails to see that she will pay a large penalty and back-load repayment—and not because she has a taste for immediate gratification with respect to consumption— she underestimates the cost of credit and borrows too much. Due to this combination of decisions, a nonsophisticated consumer, no matter how close to sophisticated, has discontinuously lower welfare than a sophisticated consumer.

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