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  • In Excel, you can automate tasks by using macros. A macro is a set of instructions that tells Excel what to do. These commands are written in a computer programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This document first explains how to create macros using the Macro Recorder provided by Excel. Just as a tape recorder can be used to record sounds which can be played back later, so the Macro Recorder can record your actions into a macro. In this way you can create macros without learning about Visual Basic.

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  • The Objective of the dissertation : Make a checklist of the macro fungi species; evaluate diversity of species composition, resource value of macro fungi; created a checklist for classification of indentified species of Myxomycota, Ascomycota, Basidiomycota in Ngoc Linh mountain, Quang Nam province.

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  • Same or similar sequence of instructions is frequently used during programming. Assembly language is very demanding. Programmer is required to take care of every single detail when writing a program, because just one incorrect instruction or label can bring about wrong results or make the program doesn't work at all. Solution to this problem is to use already tested program parts repeatedly. For this kind of programming logic, macros and subprograms are used.

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  • The GNU Autotools make it easy for developers to create software that is portable across many UNIX-like operating systems. Thousands of open source software packages use the Autotools, but the learning curve is unfortunately steep, and it can be difficult for a beginner to find anything more than basic reference material on using the powerful software suite. In Autotools, author John Calcote begins with an overview of high-level concepts; then tackles more advanced topics, like using the M4 macro processor with Autoconf, extending the Automake framework, and building Java and C# sources....

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  • It would add up to a major record of EU action before the June 2014 European Parliament elections. In 2013 the Commission will devote much effort to implementation as an immediate way of delivering on the benefits of EU action.

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  • training of new health staff is limited to production of general medical doctors and nurses. there is little systematic production of other essential health cadres such as midwives, community midwives, sanitarians and pharmacists, or health system management professionals. For those who are newly-trained, few systems are in place for planned deployment within the public system, and there is a lack of mechanisms for retention.

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  • Managed care plans' growing interest in practice guidelines is driven by their need to control costs, ensure consistency of care, and demonstrate improved performance. By using practice guidelines, plans are making a conscious decision about the care they intend to provide, reflecting the trade-off between costs and benefits. When published guidelines differ from a plan's clinical and financial objectives, they are typically customized with the active participation of the network physicians.

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  • TextMate is a highly extensible Mac OS X GUI text editor that has gained quite a bit of developer notoriety through the years. Created in 2004 by Allan Odgaard, TextMate 1 started out as a simple editor. By 2006, when TextMate 1.5 was released, it won the Apple Design Award for Best Developer Tool, and has gained a vast community backing. In August 2012, TextMate 2 was released under GNU General Public License and its source code is available at Github. However, this guide will cover the most popular version of the software, TextMate 1.5.

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  • If used in a way that acknowledges that humans are an intrinsic part of ecosystems, the phrase “healthy ecosystem” can be justified: humans are implicated in activities that degrade ecosystems, yet humans can also be agents for the maintenance or restora- tion of ecosystems. And the health of humans is in some way a measure of the health of the ecosystem in which they live and depend, and vice versa. ‘Health’ is also powerful metaphor for the condition of an eco- system, and ecosystem approaches to human health make critical contributions to public health.

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  • Microsoft Office 2007 is the latest-and-greatest version of a long line of versions, starting (not surprisingly) with Version 1. Not that this is the 2,007th version. Somewhere along the way Microsoft switched from using sequential numbers for versions to using years. Teresa Hennig loves challenges, solving problems, and making things happen. Her company, Data Dynamics NW, reflects her dynamic personality and her innate ability to quickly grasp a situation and formulate a solution.

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  • you want to learn Microsoft Access inside and out, the nine minibooks in this easy-access reference are exactly what you need. Read the book cover to cover, or jump into any of the minibooks for the instruction and topics you need most. Learn how to connect Access to SQL Server, manipulate your data locally, use nifty new features from Office 2010 such as the enhanced Ribbon, create queries and macros like a champ, and much more. From the basics to advanced functions, it’s what you need to make Access more accesssible. Shows you how to store, organize,...

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  • Some twenty five countries have experimented with environmental accounting over the past twenty years. A few European countries have established physical accounting systems which are routinely compiled and applied to economic and environmental policy-making. Many other countries have undertaken more limited or one-time experiments and case studies with monetary environmental accounts, focused on issues such as forestry, soil erosion, and minerals depletion. A few examples suggest the richness of their experience.

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  • High-level languages, such as C, C++, and Java, are more like natural languages and thus make programs easier to read and write. Low-level languages are closer to the machine and there is a one-to-many relationship between high-level languages and low-level languages, where language translators such as compilers and interpreters convert each high-level instruction into many low-level instructions. The native language of a particular machine is a low-level language known as machine language and is coded in ones and zeros.

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  • The vertical cascade flue system from Evinox prevents multiple flue penetrations through roofs or walls by allowing up to 11 boilers on 11 levels to share a common 110mm flue riser, making it ideal for modern buildings with glass facades. The Evinox range of wall hung, condensing system and combination boilers are designed for use with our unique cascade flue system for apartment installations. An inbuilt non return valve on the boiler fan, allows for direct connection to the cascade system.

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  • Now suppose some upsetting event, such as a crash in home prices makes all mortgage related assets on bank balance sheets suspect. Then counter party risk becomes acute, and banks become less willing to lend to each other unsecured. Because the LIBOR market is unsecured, one very rough measure of counterparty risk from the U.S. housing crash is the difference between the federal funds rate, which is fully secured by repo agreements based mainly on Treasury bonds as the collateral, and the unsecured LIBOR.

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  • While the link between demographic change and stock prices is a positive question, the second issue that we investigate is normative: whether the United States is “saving enough for its old age.” The coming increase in the ratio of dependent elderly to working age adults will, ceteris paribus, lower the average level of consumption. In the face of this coming demographic shock, it may be optimal for the country to save a higher fraction of its income, in order to smooth consumption.

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  • This is the second part of the book that examines process and possible economic consequences of accession to the WTO. This part considers economic impact of the WTO accession and takes specific country as a case study, namely Ukraine. Computable General Equilibrium model for Ukraine is built and several scenarios are modelled. The facts that Ukraine has sufficiently large economy and accession was finalised quite recently should make it interesting to a wide audience.

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  • This pamphlet is designed to highlight various "legal aspects" of United States Savings Bonds, with emphasis on tax liability and reissues. While intended primarily for lawyers, trust officers, accountants, and legal representatives of estates, it may also serve as a guide for anyone who has decisions to make concerning the disposition of outstanding savings bonds or the form of registration for new bonds. Subjects are discussed here only in summary form. The pamphlet is not intended as a substitute for complete and qualified legal advice.

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  • There are some fundamental economic uncertainties. We cannot forecast economic events with a very high scientific precision. It is very clear that there does not exist a unique "general" model, which can yield all answers to a wide range of macroeconomic issues. Therefore, we use several different kinds of models on segments of the macroeconomic problem.

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  • In this paper we deal with the recent (1995-2018) Federal Reserve operated monetary policies, which were two unprecedented and distinct monetary policy regimes. The inflation stabilization era (1995-2008) and the zero interest rate era (2008-2015). These different monetary policy regimes provided different outcomes for inflation, interest rates, financial markets, personal consumption, and real economic growth.

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