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Managing portal users

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  • The eXperT’s Voice ® in open source Liferay Java -based Portal Applications Development ™ Practical A down-to-earth, practical approach to developing full-featured Java™-based web portals with blogs, wikis, and more Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D. ..Practical Liferay Java -based Portal Applications Development ™ Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D. .Practical Liferay: Java™-based Portal Applications Development Copyright © 2009 by Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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  • Trong bài lần trước, tôi đã giới thiệu với các bạn các khái niệm cơ bản về Portal, cách cài đặt và chạy GateIn portal. Trong phần này tôi xin giới thiệu các chức năng cơ bản của GateIn portal và demo một số tính năng cơ bản. 1. Đăng nhập GateIn tạo sẵn 4 tài khoản mặc định là root/gtn, john/gtn, mary/gtn, demo/gtn với các cấp độ quyền hạn khác nhau. Tài khoản có quyền cao nhất là root.

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  • The SLATE provides a secure collaboration environment, initially designed to meet the needs of students working together on university courses. SLATE is a secure web-based portal and in order to get started you will need the web address and a user account. When your user account is created you will have been assigned a role, such as maintain (this is the same as instructor) or access (i.e. the user). This role will decide what level of permissions you have.

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  • Grid computing combines aspects from parallel computing, distributed computing and data management, and has been playing an important role in pushing forward the state-of-the-art in computer science and information technologies. There is considerable interest in Grid computing at present, with a significant number of Grid projects being launched across the world.

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  • A guide for anyone who makes use of the Internet for research, including librarians, teachers, students, business researchers, and writers, this book details what serious users have to know to fully take advantage of Internet search tools and resources. Newsgroups, image resources, and reference resources are covered, as are the major tools-search engines, directories, and portals-and strategies needed to access these resources. For those with little to moderate searching experience, friendly, easy-to-follow guidelines to the world of Internet research are provided.

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