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  • Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, "The Metal Doom," is a grand sci-fi adventure by venerable sci-fi author, David H. Keller, M. D. Imagine a world without metal… When all the metal was gone, the civilized world ended. People like the Tublers and John Stafford started the slow rebuilding of society—a job made difficult enough by the lack of metal tools and weapons.

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  • Chẳng biết nên ‘nhập đề’ thế nào vì những poster này sẽ không giống những gì bạn tường trông đợi (ở poster phim). Đa số các poster là do một nghệ sĩ sống ở Los Angeles có bí danh Midnight Marauder (Kẻ cướp lúc nửa đêm) làm cho phim Prometheus của đạo diễn Ridley Scott; chúng là poster của fan làm cho fan, không phải poster chính thức. Nếu phải so sánh thì những poster này trông giống hình trên bìa đĩa DVD, cũng chả lạ gì khi chính Midnight Marauder từng thiết kế (chơi) .

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  • In the year 1775 armed vessels were fitted out in several of the ports of New England to prey on the commerce of Nova Scotia. Many of these carried no proper commissions and were manned by hands of brutal marauders whose conduct was so outrageous that even so warm a partizan as Col. John Allan sent a remonstrance to congress regarding their behaviour: “Their horrid crimes,” he says, “are too notorious to pass unnoticed,” and after particularizing some of their enormities he declares “such proceedings will occasion more Torys than a hundred such expeditions will make good.

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