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  • This paper presents preliminary results of actual measured and simulated performances of a first year 806.52 kWp grid connected photovoltaic power plant located at Assa, southern Morocco (28.63°N - 9.47°W). The PV system consists of 8 AICHI on-grid PV inverters, 100 kVA each and 3432 SHARP Brand 235 kWp modules. The plant is divided into two groups of 4 inverters, each inverter is supplied by a PV field consisting of 33 strings of 13 seriesconnected modules facing south at a fixed tilt of 20°.The data presented in this study were monitored during the first year of operation of the plant.

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  • These papers describe environmentally conscious design technique in the field on buildings and architecture: how to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by enhancing the energy efficiency, water efficiency, use sustainable (renewable or recyclables) materials of construction. Section 4 is a collection of articles related to sustainable agriculture and food security: systems of food production that provide secure supply to meet the world growing population.

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  • The advantages and limitations of conventional structural MRI for the diagnosis and monitoring of MS are discussed by Andreadou (Chapter 15). There is often a disparity between the level of structural abnormality seen on MRI and level of cognitive difficulties expressed by the patient with MS. Clinical interview and neuropsychological assessment are vitally impairment, not only from an initial diagnostic perspective but also in terms of longer term planning and care.

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  • Measurement is a multidisciplinary experimental science. Measurement systems synergistically blend science, engineering and statistical methods to provide fundamental data for research, design and development, control of processes and operations, and facilitate safe and economic performance of systems. In recent years, measuring techniques have expanded rapidly and gained maturity, through extensive research activities and hardware advancements.

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  • The guidelines on surveying and monitoring (FAO, 2011a) present the “big picture” – describing how to plan a national strategy for obtaining AnGR-related data and keeping them up to date; they introduce the various types of survey that may form part of such a strategy, and outline the main steps involved in planning and implementing a survey. The guidelines on phenotypic characterization describe how to conduct a study on a specific animal popula- tion and its production environment – including details of what to measure, how to take these measurements and how to interpret them.

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  • The report describes the environmental status of the water bodies in 2004 as well as the trend in environmental quality over the period 1989–2004 in relation to changes in the pressures. In addition it de- scribes the monitoring of terrestrial natural habitats and species, in- cluding the first results of this monitoring, which was initiated in 2004.

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  • There is no direct gold standard evidence or specific UK or European consensus guidelines for monitoring the growth of children with moderate to severe renal disease. This document therefore aims to define minimum standards for measuring and monitoring growth in children with CKD, based on local expert opinion, international committee reports, and indirectly supportive peer-reviewed clinical trials and reviews.

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  • The linkage between model results and monitoring data can be complicated if monitoring programs are not designed to address which parameters should be monitored, timing of measurements, location, spatial scale, and resolution of measurements to match with model parameters. This is particularly valuable in the early stages of a project when the opportunity exists to alter the project to ensure long-term storage and improve efficiency.

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  • Chapter 13 - Progress and performance measurement and evaluation. The main contents of the chapter consist of the following: Structure of a project monitoring information system, the project control process, monitoring time performance, development of an earned value cost/schedule system, developing a status report: a hypothetical example,...

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  • A health risk assessment study conducted in 1994 for the Greater Cairo (GC) area evaluated the environmental health risks to Cairo residents and determined the major health hazards of ambient lead and particulate matter. In order to determine the spatial and temporal trends in the concentration of these substances, the Egyptian environmental affairs agency (EEAA) decided to initiate a pollutant monitoring program. This was conducted with the help of the USA and Denmark. Numerous monitoring sites were established in Egypt. These sites monitored ambient particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.

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  • In developing countries, it may be difficult to survey for nosocomial infections (NI). Moreover, a structure- based rather than internationally recommended infection prevention and control (IPC) programs are more applicable. IPC practice surveillance could be an additional or substituent survey. The current work describes the development of a measurable and updated tool for surveillance of IPC practices which we called “Ranked IPC Audit Check- Lists (RIPCACL)” and to evaluate their use for tailoring IPC programs in two hospitals in Egypt.

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  • This study attempted to design an intelligent, portable device as hardware for dust measurement by IMHEN. The device is able to collect a specific dust level, the time and location of various measurements, and environment parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, atmosphere pressure, etc. The device’s design used the programmable Arduino Mega 2560 board as the main processing unit. The device is small, portable, battery-operated which makes it to be suitable for mobile measurement of environment parameters.

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  • This article introduces a virtual private network (VPN) system deployed in a 70m2 operator station and greenhouse at Vietnam National University of Agriculture. The VPN system was not limited by geographical distance and allowed for remote monitoring of environmental parameters, viz. light (10- 16000lux), soil moisture (20-100%), temperature (20-60oC), and ambient humidity (30-90%) with tolerances of ± 5% of the set/measured values.

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  • Patients with multiple myeloma report more problems with quality of life (QoL) than other haematological malignancies over the course of their incurable illness. The patient-centred Myeloma Patient Outcome Scale (MyPOS) was developed to assess and monitor symptoms and supportive care factors in routine care.

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  • Groundwater-surface water interactions include the exchange of fluids and solutes between groundwater and surface water, which can affect water quality and water supply. Investigating the interaction of groundwater and surface water is essential to water managers and hydrologists for the improvement of effective waterresource policy, water resource protection and management. The effects of groundwater-surface-water exchange can occur on a variety of spatial and temporal scales.

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  • Wireless, wearable, inertial motion sensor technology introduces new possibilities for monitoring spinal motion and pain in people during their daily activities of work, rest and play. There are many types of these wireless devices currently available but the precision in measurement and the magnitude of measurement error from such devices is often unknown.

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  • administrative expenses, being treated as period costs. ABSORPTION VARIANCE is the variance from budgeted absorption costing of manufactured product. See also ABSORPTION COSTING. ACAT (Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation) is a national organization established in 1973 as a non-profit independent testing, accrediting and monitoring organization. The Council seeks to identify professionals in independent practice who specialize in providing financial, accounting and taxation services to individuals and small to mid-size businesses.

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  • Measuring the institutional foundations of financial markets is essential for understanding its determinants, and help design better policies • Indices of the rule of law, creditor rights and information, business transparency, and the quality of infrastructure are associated with deeper and more efficient financial markets • In banking and securities markets, characteristics related to private monitoring and enforcement drive development more than public enforcement measures

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  • Temperature measurement and control are vital in many industrial processes. Accurate control of the temperature is essential in nearly all chemical processes. In some applications, an accuracy of around 5-10~ may be acceptable. There are also some industrial applications which require better than 4-1 ~ accuracy.

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  • What You’ll See Today • Overview of National Instruments • Virtual Instrumentation and Graphical System Design • LabVIEW graphical programming fundamentals • Ease of Data Acqusition (DAQ) with NI • Application Areas • Web-based Remote Monitoring • Next Steps .National Instruments at A Glance • Leaders in computer-based measurement and automation $1,000 $900 • Long-term track record of growth and profitability • $1.02 B USD revenue in 2011 • More than 16% of revenue is invested into R&D • More than 6,000 employees; operations in 40+ countries....

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