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  • Transport will play a critical role in delivering the CO2 emissions cuts needed to meet global political cli- mate change targets. The world’s car fleet is expected to triple by 2050, with 80% of the growth in rapidly developing economies. At the same time the car manufacturing industry is facing huge difficulties in the economic recession. We have to find ways to reconcile legitimate aspirations for mobility, an ambitious reduction in CO2 from cars worldwide, and global economic recovery.

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  • There are several reasons that may explain why the prevalence of heart failure is increasing: ageing of the population, the success in prolonging survival in coronary patients, and the success in postponing coronary events by effective prevention in those patients at high risk or those patients who have already survived a first event (secondary prevention) (Senni et al, 1999). Advances in medical therapy have resulted in improved survival in patients with moderate and severe heart failure, but the prognosis for end-stage heart failure patients still remains poor.

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  • The modular producer cell lines present several advantages: they are safer since integration of the vector within the packaging cell line was identified, the duration of the entire development process is much reduced as there is no need for screening and, in addition, production conditions are favorable due to the possibility of pre-adaptation of the master cell line to culture conditions and media. Thus, therapeutic virus production from bench to bedside becomes safer, faster, and cheaper (Coroadinha et al. 2010)....

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  • Other than this, automation and optimization of production engineering was attempted in various fields. Okumoto et al. (2005D) optimized the block allocation on the assembly area using simulated annealing method. Wibisono et al. (2007) optimized block division planning using genetic algorithm and product model. Universal Shipbuilding Corporation (2008) developed a high performance NC Printing Machine, which enables fast printing irrespective of the number of characters and lines to be printed.

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  • Some of those shareholders kept a close watch on the Fund’s holdings and noticed a large position in broker Lehman Brothers. These investors—sensing that the brokerage firm might be in trouble— decided to take their money out of the fund. To meet their redemption requests, the fund sold other securities—with the unfortunate result that the problematic Lehman securities became an ever-larger portion of the remaining assets.

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  • The PPS also recognises that renewable energydevelopments may have an adverse effect on both the historic and natural environment.It thereforestipulates that applications affecting World HeritageSites should only be granted after an assessment has shown that the integrity of the site would not be adversely affected.

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  • We contacted Planned Parenthood centers to determine which of their clinics in the county (two clinics each were chosen for Bexar County and Dallas County) saw the greatest number of WHP clients in 2011. Based upon the assumption that clients who attend those Planned Parenthood clinics would seek care at providers in the same proximate area, we identified non-PPFA providers within 30 miles of the chosen Planned Parenthood clinics and chose four non-PPFA providers who served the largest number of WHP clients in 2011 for interviews.

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  • Some water moves through the skin of mammals by insensitive diffusion. Most of the water, which passes through the skin, however, does so in the form of active sweating. Larger mammals usually sweat to dissipate heat. Among the domestic species, both camels and cattle have adopted this mechanism. A characteristic of the camel is that there is no copious flow of sweat or obvious wetting of the hair. The evaporation takes place at the surface of the skin and not at the extremities of the hair. The latent heat of evaporation is therefore drawn from the skin rather than from...

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  • More companies are proving it is possible to make money and actively help to slow the degradation of the planet for future generations. Within these companies, the push for change comes from the top—it’s all about leadership. UTC Power has great success working with organizations whose leaders are visionary about how their business affects the environment. They are concerned about where their companies need to be 3 0 or 40 years down the road. It’s the vision of the leadership that moves them toward using power solutions like ours.

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  • To investigate the role of precrisis external imbalances that may have triggered both fiscal consolidation and larger-than-expected headwinds to growth, we control for the precrisis (2007) current-account-deficit-to-GDP ratio, again taken from the April 2010 WEO database (IMF, 2010c), and find similar results. We obtain similar results when controlling for the stock of precrisis (2007) net foreign liabilities in percent of GDP, based on the updated and extended version of dataset constructed by Lane and Milesi-Ferretti (2007). ...

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  • In Phong Dien district, the main species for plantation establishment are Acacia auriculiformis, Acacia mangium and Pinus kesiya, selected by project managers of the national forestry programs. The total area under forest plantation is substantial: according to Phong Dien Forest Enterprise, 30,366 ha of plantations have now been established in the three communes of Phong Dien district near the buffer zone, with support from the 327 and 661 programs. Most plantations have been established on flat lands and lower slopes, for accessibility and financial reasons.

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  • In simplified diagrammatic fashion, Figure 1.2 illustrates the approximate chronological succession of environmental hazards, as societies undergo eco- nomic growth and consequent increases in the scale of human activity and envi- ronmental impact (4). Historically, on a local scale, category A hazards have predominated. In the early years of the industrial revolution in Europe much of the environmental hazard was at household and neighbourhood level.

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  • In several countries, Pathfinder has successfully enhanced access, knowledge, and cultural acceptance of reproductive health by training and supporting Community Health Workers (CHWs). CHWs (known by various other names throughout the world) are members of the community in which they work, and are selected by the community and community leaders, Pathfinder’s partner organizations, or Pathfinder itself to work as health volunteers. Their duties vary depending on the country, project, and local needs.

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  • You can earn a maximum of four credits each year. In 2010, the amount earned to accrue one credit was $1,120. This amount changes annually. Therefore, to earn four credits in 2010 you would need to earn a minimum of $4, 480. If you operate a home-based business while living overseas, you will need to file and pay your self-employment tax which will include a Social Security and Medicare payment. All credits earned will remain in your Social Security Account, even through years when you are not working or contributing. You can only earn...

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  • As more users are connected to the Internet and conduct their daily activities electronically, computer users have become the target of an underground economy that infects hosts with malware or adware for financial gain. Unfortunately, even a single visit to an infected web site enables the attacker to detect vulnerabilities in the user’s applications and force the download a multitude of malware binaries.

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  • Progress, however, is continuous and all guidance needs updating. We welcome the opportunity that the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has provided to review the original breast guidance in areas where science or practice has moved on. We have not rewritten the whole document since most of the original content remains valid, service guidance being less vulnerable to small clinical changes than clinical guidelines. The context of this updated guidance is very different from that of six years ago.

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  • Although major trends may emerge and show numerous toxic effects related to certain NP, it can be seen that each product, and even each synthesized NP batch, can have its own toxicity. Any process or surface modification can have an impact on the toxicity of the resulting product. Given this context, the authors of this report consider that the IRSST should favour the introduction of strict prevention procedures, which remain the only way to prevent the development of occupational diseases.

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  • achieve universal primary education (Mdg 2). Gender parity in education is still to be achieved. It is essential because educated girls and women improve prospects for the whole family, helping to break the cycle of poverty. In Africa, for example, children whose mothers have been educated for at least five years are 40% more likely to live beyond the age of five. Schools can serve as a point of contact for women and children, allowing health-related information to be shared, services offered and health literacy promoted. ...

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  • Clarity of PPHE goals and expectations. The PPHE program coordinator developed a detailed PPHE Resident’s Manual after witnessing some reluctance and confusion from residents about expectations in the first year. While part of this may have been a reaction to something new being added to the residency curriculum, the program leaders felt clarity of program goals and expectations would add to the program’s effectiveness. Need for flexible participation in PPHE. In the early part of the project, Stony Brook had expected to mandate participation for all residents.

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