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  • Memory-mapped file functionality –Map virtual memory space directlyto normal files. Advantages –No need to perform direct file I/O –Data structures created in memory will be saved in the file for later use –In-memory algorithms can process file data even though the file is much larger than available physical memory –Improvement of file processing performance –No need to manage buffers and the file data –Multiple processes can share memory

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  • Speed memory is a comprehensive memory training course based on recent research. As you work through methods to highly advanced systems - incresing your memory power all the time. These techniques to improve your memory form the basis of the new BBC television programme Use Your Head, devised and presnted by the author

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  • A few years after this classic book on how to improve your brainpower was first published, a fairly average student announced that he intended to try for a place at Cambridge University. His chances were assessed as ‘slim’, since his grades were usually unexceptional. But with the help of Use Your Head, he went on to achieve four As at A-level, two starred firsts at Cambridge and a top job with a multi-national company. Teach you the vital skills of Learning How to Think and Learn, Increase your creative thinking and problem-solving capacity, Enable you to make the best of...

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  • Tony Buzan, author of the best-selling Use Your Head and inventor of the revolutionary Mind-Mapping technique, has acquired fame by improving the memory and learning capability of thousands of people. In this book, based on the latest research into the workings of the human brain, he presents an ingenious system for training the memory to achieve extraordinary feats. The book provides surprising, yet simple, techniques for remembering names, dates, phone numbers and appointments.

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  • Writing Skills Abstract Advanced writing skills are an important aspect of academic performance as well as subsequent work-related performance. However, American students rarely attain advanced scores on assessments of writing skills (National Assessment of Educational Progress, 2002). In order to achieve higher levels of writing performance, the working memory demands of writing processes should be reduced so that executive attention is free to coordinate interactions among them.

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  • The main purpose of a computer system is to execute programs. These programs, together with the data they access, must be in main memory (at least partially) during execution. To improve both the utilization of the CPU and the speed of its response to users, the computer must keep several processes in memory. Many memory-management schemes exist, reflecting various

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  • In this paper we examine how the differences in modelling between different data driven systems performing the same NLP task can be exploited to yield a higher accuracy than the best individual system. We do this by means of an experiment involving the task of morpho-syntactic wordclass tagging. Four well-known tagger generators (Hidden Markov Model, Memory-Based, Transformation Rules and Maximum Entropy) are trained on the same corpus data. After comparison, their outputs are combined using several voting strategies and second stage classifiers. ...

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  • Genius isn’t always genetic. It can be learned!This indispensible book will have you thinking like a genius in no time, improving your ability to communicate, innovate, impress others, stand out in a crowd, get ahead…

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  • We present a discriminative learning method to improve the consistency of translations in phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) systems. Our method is inspired by Translation Memory (TM) systems which are widely used by human translators in industrial settings.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'poercharge your memory by wolfgang riebe', kỹ năng mềm, tâm lý - nghệ thuật sống phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Reducing language model (LM) size is a critical issue when applying a LM to realistic applications which have memory constraints. In this paper, three measures are studied for the purpose of LM pruning. They are probability, rank, and entropy. We evaluated the performance of the three pruning criteria in a real application of Chinese text input in terms of character error rate (CER). We first present an empirical comparison, showing that rank performs the best in most cases. We also show that the high-performance of rank lies in its strong correlation with error rate. ...

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  • Speer memory is a comprehensive memory training course based on recent research. As you work through the book, you graduate from simple methods to highly advance systems - increasing your memory power all the time. The techniques to improve your memory form the basis of the new BBC television programme Use Your Head, devised and presented by author.

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  • Computer technology has made incredible progress in the past half century. In 1945, there were no stored-program computers. Today, a few thousand dollars will purchase a personal computer that has more performance, more main memory, and more disk storage than a computer bought in 1965 for $1 million. This rapid rate of improvement has come both from advances in the technology used to build computers and from innovation in computer design. While technological improvements have been fairly steady, progress arising from better computer architectures has been much less consistent.

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  • Máy tính dùng lâu sẽ ngày càng ì ạch, chậm chạp nhưng không phải ai cũng có điều kiện nâng cấp? Hãy thử sử dụng Memory Improve Master để dẹp tan nỗi bực mình của bạn. Mặc dù linh kiện máy tính ngày nay có giá thành không còn quá cao, tuy nhiên với những người không rành về máy tính, việc chọn lựa những linh kiện phù hợp, vừa với giá tiền nhưng đủ đáp ứng nhu cầu sử dụng không phải là chuyện đơn giản.

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  • Cải thiện khả năng của bộ nhớ RAM Để tăng tốc máy tính của bạn, biện pháp thuận tiện nhất là nâng cấp RAM cho hệ thống. Mặc dù giá linh kiện hiện nay không quá cao như trước kia, nhưng không phải ai cũng dễ dàng mua được những linh kiện như mong muốn. Trước khi đưa ra quyết định có nâng cấp máy tính hay không, bạn hãy sử dụng một công cụ có khả năng tối ưu hóa bộ nhớ RAM có tên Memory Improve Master. Đây là một công cụ rất tuyệt vời giúp cho những chiếc...

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  • This edition of Fundamentals of Computer Graphics adds four new contributed chapters and contains substantial reorganizations and improvements to the core material. The new chapters add coverage of implicit modeling and of two important graphics applications: games and information visualization. The fourth new contributed chapter is a major upgrade to the material on color science. As with the chapters added in the second edition, we have chosen the contributors both for their expertise and for their clear way of expressing ideas....

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  • A little known - and often underestimated - fact is that most people who succeed in life possess a memory which, although not necessarily phenomenal, is nevertheless above average. Were they born with this ability, referred to by Plato as “one of the gifts of the gods”? For the most part, no. They developed their memory by applying some very simple techniques. This booklet will help you do the same. The benefits of improving your memory will quickly become apparent, and are likely to amaze you. They will help you succeed and prosper. Does this surprise you?...

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  • Whether you want to prepare your computer for Windows 7, avoid investing in a new one, or just "go green", this fully illustrated guide has what you need. You'll learn how to add printers and new keyboards, boost your PC's performance and increase memory, improve power consumption, rev up your multimedia capacity, and much more. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by photos that show you exactly what you should see at every stage.

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  • Để tăng tốc cho máy tính của bạn, biện pháp thuận tiện nhất là nâng cấp RAM cho hệ thống. Mặc dù giá linh kiện hiện nay không quá cao như trước kia, nhưng không phải ai cũng dễ dàng mua được những linh kiện, và nhất là việc chọn linh kiện phù hợp để đáp ứng nhu cầu không phải là chuyện đơn giản chút nào. Trước khi đưa ra quyết định có nâng cấp cỗ máy “yêu quý” của mình hay không, bạn hãy sử dụng một công cụ có khả năng tối ưu hóa bộ nhớ RAM...

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  • In the most advanced stage of knowledge-crafting, the writer is able to hold in mind the author’s ideas, the words of the text itself, and the imagined reader’s interpretation of the text. The representations of the author, the text, and the reader must be held in the storage components of working memory and kept active by allocating attention to them (Traxler & Gernsbacher, 1993). Thus, for expert writers, not only are the basic processes of planning, sentence generation, and reviewing juggled successfully, but so are three alternative representations of content.

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