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  • THIS tutorial explains how to develop web applications using the Web Service Interoperability Technologies (WSIT). The tutorial describes how, when, and why to use the WSIT technologies and also describes the features and options that each technology supports. WSIT, developed by Sun Microsystems, implements several new web services technologies including WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation, WS- ReliableMessaging, WS-AtomicTransactions, Data Binding, and Optimization. WSIT was also tested in a joint effort by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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  • In this paper, we present an efficient query selection algorithm for the retrieval of web text data to augment a statistical language model (LM). The number of retrieved relevant documents is optimized with respect to the number of queries submitted. The querying scheme is applied in the domain of SMS text messages. Continuous speech recognition experiments are conducted on three languages: English, Spanish, and French. The web data is utilized for augmenting in-domain LMs in general and for adapting the LMs to a user-specific vocabulary. ...

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  • Oracle Secure Backup, Oracle's new tape backup management software, delivers secure, high performance network tape backup for Oracle databases and file systems. It provides an integrated, easy-to-use backup solution that encrypts data to tape to safeguard against the misuse of sensitive data in the event that backup tapes are lost or stolen. Oracle Secure Backup provides optimized backup performance of Oracle Databases via tight integration with the database engine, as well as advanced backup functionality including automated tape rotation, known as “vaulting”. ...

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  • Developing Custom CPcode Functions In the DLP environment, CPcode can be used for creating new custom DLP Data Types. Note - Throughout this guide, "data types" has two meanings: CPcode data types are the supported data objects that can be used in scripts. For example: a CPcode data type is "integer". DLP data types are the representation of data sent by users, to identify messages that should be matched to the DLP policy. For example: a DLP Data Type is "Social Security Numbers".

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  • A social network service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, e.g., who share interests and/or activities. A social network service essentially consists of a representation of each user (often a profile), his/her social links, and a variety of additional services. Most social network services are web based and provide means for users to interact over the internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging.

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  • In multiuser rate allocation problem, a set of transmitters want to transmit the video sequences to corresponding receivers through a common channel that is shared by all transmitters. Since the transmitters compete for the same resource, i.e., channel bandwidth, they form a non-cooperative social network. The key problem in this social network is how to e±ciently and fairly allocate data rate among di®erent users.

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  • The efficient design of telecommunication networks has long been a challenging optimization problem. It is made difficult by the conflicting, interdependent requirements necessary to optimize the network’s performance. The goal of the designer is to produce a minimum cost network that allows maximum flow of information (in the form of messages) between multiple source-sink pairs of nodes that simultaneously use the network. An optimum design method must also produce a network topology that efficiently routes these messages within an acceptable amount of time...

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  • Web issues, database security 865 messages, 643-647 selecting accounts, 637-640 script architecture, 623-629 sending mail, 649-652 forwarding messages, 651-652 new messages, 649-651 replying to messages, 651-652 solution components, 619-620 solution overview, 620-621 WBMP (Wireless Bitmap), 403 Web application projects content, 471 separating from logic, 472 development environment, 469 documentation, 470 logic, 471 separating from content, 472 optimizations, 472-473 Zend Optimizer, 473 planning, 461-462 prototypes, 471 rewriting code, 462-463 software engineering, 460 testing code, 474-4...

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  • In light of global and country commitments to elimination of new paediatric infections and the changes outlined in this programmatic update, all countries should examine their own policy, goals and implementation experiences and assess how they can better simplify, optimize and integrate their PMTCT and ART programmes. Countries that are successfully implementing Option A and achieving their targets of decreasing mother-to-child transmission of HIV and treating mothers eligible for ART do not need to plan an immediate change to Option B or B+.

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  • Paging Systems It is often important to be able to reach certain people very quickly. The conventional telephone network is not always optimal, because a line may be engaged or the person being called might not be available. Mobile telephone systems offer a high degree of reachability of a mobile subscriber, but MSs are not always switched on and are expensive to use. Paging systems fill a particular gap (see Table 7.1).

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  • I am deeply grateful to all the Commissioners for their dedication, their foresight and personal commitment to our common endeavour. It has been a truly wonderful team. The spirit of friendship and open communication, the meeting of minds and the process of learning and sharing, have provided an experience of optimism, something of great value to all of us, and, I believe, to the report and its message. We hope to share with others our learning process, and all that we have experienced together.

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  • Facebook will morph from a relatively private social space to a business entity driven by the bottom line. Brands will need to tread carefully as they explore these new opportunities. Some users will tolerate prominent advertising in return for free access to their friends and social connections, but others may balk at increased commercialization. Seeing their personal data sold for targeted advertising may cause resentment, unless brands deliver engaging content that is appropriate for this personal space.

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