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  • The book is divided into four main parts: key issues in researching language learning/teaching, data collection, data analysis and writing up research. Both qualitative and quantitative methodologies are discussed, alongside popular mixed-methods approaches, such as triangulated studies, thus covering many of the methods commonly employed in the field.

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  • Introduction, Creating and Destroying Objects, Methods Common to All Objects, Classes and Interfaces,... are the main contents of the book "Effective Java Second Edition", invite you to refer to additional documentation service needs learning and research. Hope this is useful references for you.

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  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is concerned with the efficient numerical solution of the partial differential equations that describe fluid dynamics. CFD techniques are commonly used in the many areas of engineering where fluid behavior is an important factor. Traditional fields of application include aerospace and automotive design, and more recently, bioengineering and consumer and medical electronics.

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  • he book begins by documenting the common challenges that must be addressed by system architecture engineering. It explores the major principles answering these challenges and forming the basis of MFESA. Next, the authors introduce MFESA, including its primary goals, inputs, tasks, outputs, and assumptions. Then they describe the fundamental concepts and terminology on which the systems architecture engineering is founded.

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  • Combines a cookbook approach with the use of PCs and programmable calculators. Contains statistics suitable for the low number of samples, high-pressure situations commonly found in established analytical methods with algorithms to eliminate statistical table handling, sample programs and data sets th

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  • Written by an expert with over 20 years of experience in the field, this timely volume provides - in a single source - all aspects of humidity measurement and instrumentation, including rudiments and theory, common applications, advantages and limitations of frequently used sensors and techniques, and guidelines for installation, maintenance, and calibration.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Financial accounting - An introduction to concepts, methods, and uses" has contents: Marketable securities and derivatives; intercorporate investments in common stock; notes, bonds, and leases; statement of cash flows - Another look,...and other contents.

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  • From what has been said in the preceding pages, it will be gathered that a vast amount of compassion has been wasted on the enclosure of commons, for it is abundantly evident from contemporary writers that there were a large number of people dragging out a miserable existence on them, by living on the produce of a cow or two, or some sheep and a few poultry, with what game they could sometimes catch, and refusing regular work. Dymock, Hartlib's contemporary, questions 'whether commons do not rather make poore by causing idlenesse than maintaine them;' and he also asks...

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  • Chinese Pinyin input method is very important for Chinese language information processing. Users may make errors when they are typing in Chinese words. In this paper, we are concerned with the reasons that cause the errors. Inspired by the observation that pressing backspace is one of the most common user behaviors to modify the errors, we collect 54, 309, 334 error-correction pairs from a realworld data set that contains 2, 277, 786 users via backspace operations. In addition, we present a comparative analysis of the data to achieve a better understanding of users’ input behaviors. ...

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  • In this paper we present an approach to the disambiguation of capitalized words when they are used in the positions where capitalization is expected, such as the first word in a sentence or after a period, quotes, etc.. Such words can act as proper names or can be just capitalized variants of common words. T h e main feature of our approach is that it uses a minimum of prebuilt resources and tries to dynamically infer the disambiguation clues from the entire document.

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  • An increasingly common requirement of computer systems is to extract information regarding the people present in an environment. In this article "A Survey of Human-Sensing: Methods for Detecting Presence, Count, Location, Track, and Identity "we provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary survey of the existing literature, focusing mainly on the extraction of five commonly needed spatiotemporal properties: Namely presence, count, location, track and identity,...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Financial accounting - An introduction to concepts, methods, and uses" has contents: Marketable securities and derivatives; intercorporate investments in common stock; notes, bonds, and leases; statement of cash flows - Another look,...and other contents,

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  • In this paper we describe two new objective automatic evaluation methods for machine translation. The first method is based on longest common subsequence between a candidate translation and a set of reference translations. Longest common subsequence takes into account sentence level structure similarity naturally and identifies longest co-occurring insequence n-grams automatically.

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  • This paper proposes the “Hierarchical Directed Acyclic Graph (HDAG) Kernel” for structured natural language data. The HDAG Kernel directly accepts several levels of both chunks and their relations, and then efficiently computes the weighed sum of the number of common attribute sequences of the HDAGs. We applied the proposed method to question classification and sentence alignment tasks to evaluate its performance as a similarity measure and a kernel function. The results of the experiments demonstrate that the HDAG Kernel is superior to other kernel functions and baseline methods. ...

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  • After completing this chapter, students will be able to: How static methods and fields are associated with an entire class rather than specific instances of the class, to use common Math methods available in the Java API, to understand the mechanisms for passing information between methods, how the method call/return mechanism is supported by the method call stack and activation records,...

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  • Objectives: To study the composition, morphology and clinical features of common bile duct (CBD) stones in elderly patients by endocopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). Subjects and methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 198 patients (106 patients over 60 years old) with CBD stones.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book “Financial accounting - An introduction to concepts, methods, and uses” has contents: Marketable securities and derivatives, intercorporate investments in common stock, synthesis of financial reporting, statement of cash flows - another look,… and other contents.

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  • The molar absorptivities were 1.5.104 l.mol-1 .cm-1 and Sandell's sensitivity index of 0.0263 μ . Recoveries of mesalazine from excipients were 95.4 -102.3 %. No interference was observed from common excipients present in pharmaceutical formulations. The proposed method has been applied successfully to determine mesalazine in pharmaceutical preparation as tablets (Pentasa and Sunmesacol).

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  • The A–Z of Correct English is a reference book which has been written for the student and the general reader. It aims to tackle the basic questions about spelling, punctuation, grammar and word usage that the student and the general reader are likely to ask. This book can help readers understand better grammar and writing correct English grammar.

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  • Boost students’ vocabularies, bring new words to life, and prepare kids for standardized tests with these instant, high-interest writing prompts— one for each day of the school year! A rich selection of vocabulary words is correlated with the calendar to support vocabulary development all year long. Includes kid-friendly definitions, common synonyms and antonyms, and prompts that inspire a range of writing genres. For use with Grades 3-6.

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