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  • In recent years, the affordability of weapon systems has become increasingly important to policymakers in the Department of Defense and U.S. Congress. Aerospace industry analysts and some government officials have asserted that government cost estimates are based on outdated methods that do not account for the latest technological innovations. The authors of this report present the results of a RAND research study to update the methods for estimating military jet engine costs and development time.

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  • Systems engineering and program management (SE/PM) constitute a large portion of the acquisition cost of military aircraft and guided weapons systems. The goal of this study was the development of a set of cost-estimating relationships that can be used to estimate the SE/PM cost element for development and

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  • This report explores why, in recent decades, military fixed-wing aircraft costs have escalated beyond the rates of commonly used inflation indices, examining both economy-driven factors that the Services cannot control and customer-driven ones that they can. The authors found that this trend of cost increases is true for all types of aircraft

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  • Legal mandates for airspace modernization, certification requirements, and minimum aircraft capability and equipment standards aim to improve the efficiency and safety of air traffic, particularly within the world's busiest airspace. Mandates drive changes in technical and operational standards, but they can also deny

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Aircraft design projects for engineering students" has contents: Design methodology, preliminary design, introduction to the project studies; project study - scheduled long- range business jet; project study - military training system,... and other contents.

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  • SU-30 aircraft is a modern fighting aircraft in Vietnam. The noise of the aircraft’s engine with high frequency and intensity will have effect on the hearing of the soldiers, specially aircraft maintenance soldiers. This study was carried out to investigate the noise levels in some working areas and the effect of noise on the hearing of the Su-30 aircraft maintenance soldiers.

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  • firebug | fish firebug noun 1 an arsonist; a person with a pathological love of fire US, 1872. 2 in poker, a player who bets and plays in a reckless fashion US, 1996 fireburner noun a zealot US, 1972 firecan noun a type of radar system in a military aircraft US, 1999 firecracker noun a secret fragmentation artillery shell used on an experimental basis in Vietnam.

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  • The availability of efficient and cost-effective technologies to repair or extend the life of aging military airframes is becoming a critical requirement in most countries around the world, as new aircraft becoming prohibitively expensive and defence budgets shrink. To a lesser extent a similar situation is arising with civil aircraft, with falling revenues and the high cost of replacement aircraft.

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  • Shocks in fluids result from fluid flow that is more rapid than the speed of a compression wave. Thus there is no means for the flow to adjust gradually. Pressure, velocity, and temperatures change abruptly, causing severe fatigue and component destruction in military aircraft and engine turbines. This problem is not limited to supersonic aircraft; many parts of subsonic craft are supersonic.

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  • The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) faces a tightening budget in the coming years. Despite the lean budget years, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are expected to be a priority. Due to their usefulness for intelligence collection in irregular warfare (IW) and counterinsurgency (COIN), UAS were quickly fielded and sent to theater

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  • The current strategic airlift fleet will be reaching the end of its service life in the next few decades, which has raised concerns about the cost and possible budget spike that would result from the need to recapitalize that fleet. This monograph presents the results of a cost-effectiveness analysis to determine

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  • The classic supply-complement is beef and leather – an increase in the price of beef increases the slaughter of cows, thereby increasing the supply of leather. The opposite of a complement in supply is a substitute in supply. Military and civilian aircraft are substitutes in supply – an increase in the price of military aircraft will tend to divert resources used in the manufacture of aircraft toward military aircraft and away from civilian aircraft, thus reducing the supply of civilian aircraft. Wheat and corn are also substitutes in supply.

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  • This report is one of a series from a RAND Project AIR FORCE project, “The Cost of Future Military Aircraft: Historical Cost Estimating Relationships and Cost Reduction Initiatives.” The purpose of the project is to improve the tools used to estimate the costs of future weapon systems. It focuses on how recent technical, management, and government policy changes affect cost. This report examines cost estimating risk analysis methods and recommends a policy prescription. The project was conducted within the RAND...

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  • This monograph is part of a RAND Project AIR FORCE project titled “The Cost of Future Military Aircraft: Historical Cost Estimating Relationships and Cost Reduction Initiatives.” The purpose of the project is to improve the tools used to estimate the costs of future weapon systems. It focuses on how recent technical, managemen

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  • In recent years, most Cost Adjustment Sheets (CASs) have increased the Navy's Flying Hour Program (FHP) budget. They also have been far more utilized by the F/A-18 program than by program offices for most other types of naval aircraft. RAND assessed the contribution of CASs to the accuracy of FHP

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  • English for Aircraft will help you use aeronautical manuals more easily. It is designed for civi- lian or military technicians, engineers and mechanics and can be used with a qualified tea- cher in a training course or tor self-study. It is for users of English with an intermediate level in written English.

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  • Nhập khẩu dữ liệu của bên thứ ba là một điều cần thiết và không có công cụ thích hợp và kỹ thuật để giúp đỡ khi làm việc trên các cụm lớn, sớm hay muộn, họ trở nên khó sử dụng và người dùng sẽ cảm thấy hệ thống làm chậm như các nguồn lực thấp. Công cụ Solid Edge lắp ráp lớn cung cấp xử lý hiệu quả và quản lý của hội đồng lớn, phức tạp và tối đa hóa

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