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  • About Bretnor: Reginald Bretnor (born Alfred Reginald Kahn; July 30, 1911, Vladivostok, Russia – July 22, 1992, Medford, Oregon) was a science fiction author who flourished between the 1950s and 1980s. Most of his fiction was in short story form, and usually featured a whimsical story line or ironic plot twist. He also wrote on military theory and public affairs, and edited some of the earliest books to consider SF from a literary theory and criticism perspective. It has been alleged that he was an early associate of Anton Szandor LaVey in the days before the founding of the Church...

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  • Games of Strategy: Theory and Applications, originally published by Prentice Hall in 1961, was written by Melvin Dresher, a RAND research mathematician, during the heyday of Game Theory at RAND. This book introduced readers to the basic concepts of game theory and its applications for military, economic, and political problems,

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  • When The Compleat Strategyst was originally published in 1954, game theory was an esoteric and mysterious subject, familiar only to specialized researchers, particularly in the military. Its prominence today can be traced at least in part to this classic book, which popularized the subject for amateurs, professionals, and students

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  • Recent demands on the military have raised concerns about the impact of extended deployments on military marriages. To evaluate this impact, the authors draw on marital status data in service personnel records to estimate trends in marriage and marital dissolution between 1996 and 2005 and the specific effects of time

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  • Clarification of theoretical, practical capacity ideological struggle and propose solutions to improve ideological struggle of political theory lecturer at the military school today.

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  • Research objectives: To interpret to clarify the basics of theory and practice in the leadership of the province and city’s committees in Military Zone 3 for the local military and defense; to actively and scientifically evaluate the reality, stating the cause and draw some experience in leadership of province and city’s committees in Military Zone 3 for the local military and defense; to recommend the fundamental solutions to enhancing the leadership of the province and city’s committees in Military Zone 3 for the local military and defense at present time.

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  • Research clarify fundamental issues of theory and practice, on that basis, to propose measures to enhance fostering the working capacity of national defense - security at communes, wards and towns in the Military.

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  • Digital electronics is a rapidly growing technology. Digital circuits are used in most new consumer products, industrial equipment and controls, and office, medical, military, and communications equipment. This expanding use of digital circuits is the result of the development of inexpensive integrated circuits and the application of display, memory, and computer technology.

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  • The history of flight control is inseparably linked to the history of aviation itself. Since the early days, the concept of automatic flight control systems has evolved from mechanical control systems to highly advanced automatic fly-by-wire flight control systems which can be found nowadays in military jets and civil airliners. Even today, many research efforts are made for the further development of these flight control systems in various aspects.

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  • THE tremendous research and development effort that ~vent into the development of radar and related techniques during }Vorld IJ ar II resulted not only in hundreds of radar sets for military (and some for possible peacetime) use but also in a great body of information and ncm techniques in the electronics and high-frequency fields. 13ecause this basic material may be of great value to science and engineering, it seemed most important to publish it as soon as security permitted.

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  • Leonard Kleinrock of MIT published the first paper on packet switching theory in July 1961 [5]. Kleinrock convinced Roberts of the theoretical feasibility of communications using packets rather than circuits—a major step toward computer networking. The other key step was to make the computers talk to each other. Exploring this idea in 1965 while working with Thomas Merrill, Roberts connected the TX-2 computer in Massachusetts to the Q-32 in California through a low-speed dial-up telephone line [8], creating the first-ever (though small) wide-area computer network.

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  • It must seem to the casual reader of the history of the war of 1861-65, that enough has already been written upon the campaign of Chancellorsville. And there are numerous brilliant essays, in the histories now before the public, which give a coup-d'oeil more or less accurate of this ten-days' passage of arms. But none of these spread before the reader facts sufficiently detailed to illustrate the particular theory advanced by each to account for the defeat of the Army of the Potomac on this field....

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  • if you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, then this guide is for you. This guide is for you, or someone you know who has, or plans to seek, a protection order and may travel across county, state, territorial, tribal, or international lines, on to military installations, or within U.S. maritime jurisdictions. This information is intended to help you understand the full faith and credit provision of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), 18 U.S.C.

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  • The discipline known as Mathematical Logic will not specifically be defined within this text. Instead, you will study some of the concepts in this significant discipline by actually doing mathematical logic. Thus, you will be able to surmise for yourself what the mathematical logician is attempting to accomplish. Consider the following three arguments taken from the disciplines of military science, biology, and set-theory, where the symbols (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) are used only to locate specific sentences....

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  • Preface The game of Xiangqi is similar to the deployment of forces for military operation. Though it is a battle on xiangqi board, its theory is similar to the military strategy and tactics. As it is stipulated by the xiangqi rules, the side that captures the opponent's King will be the winner of the game. Therefore, each side tries to outwit his opponent and strives to show his bravery in taking various kinds of checkmate methods and to do his best to seize every opportunity for winning the victory. The game of xiangqi is rendered with a mysterious hue. Nearly...

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  • Part Three APPLICATIONS Conservation biologist D. A. Falk once remarked: “The daily practice of conservation is as different from the world of theory and scholarly research as is the blackboard at a military academy from the battlefield.”1 He went on to note that actual conservation decisions are often influenced

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  • In the third century of the Common Era (CE), when Rome dominated not only Europe, but also North Africa and the Near East, it was able to deploy fifty legions throughout the empire. In this forward defense strategy even the furthermost areas of the empire were secured by the on-site presence of an adequate number of legions of the Roman army. However, the empire had lost much of its muscle by the fourth century CE and the forces of Rome had diminished to only about twenty-five legions.

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  • Basic indicators National accounts Millennium Development Goals Paris Declaration indicators Private sector development Trade Infrastructure Human development Agriculture and rural development Labor, migration, and population HIV/AIDS Malaria Capable states and partnership Household welfare

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  • Using data pooled from 15 waves of the Women's Marriage, Fertility, and Employment Survey, this paper documents trends and educational differentials in marriage formation among Taiwanese women born between 1910 and 1979. Estimates of hazard rates and cumulative probabilities of first marriage show that women born

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