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  • In this paper, we present two vector-level software algorithms which essentially eliminate such bit-wise operations for Gaussian normal bases. Our analysis and timing results show that the software implementation of the proposed algorithm is faster than previously reported normal basis multiplication algorithms.

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  • Namespace includes about Motivation - related types; Namespace advantages; Discontinuous namespace; Logical grouping; Qualified access; Access from same namespace; Name management; Name management details; Using directive; Multiple using directives.

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  • In more recent times processing power has become less expensive so each user can have exclusive access to one or more processors. The scheduling algorithms in these types of system are designed to allow users to run multiple applications simultaneously without the computer becoming unresponsive. For example a user may run a word processor, a spreadsheet, an email client and a WEB browser all at the same time and would expect each application to respond adequately to input at all time.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 8.11 Using a Single Stored Procedure to Update Multiple Changes to a SQL Server Database Problem You need to update a SQL Server 2000 database with changes to multiple rows in a DataSet by executing a single stored procedure.

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  • Learn to create Augmented Reality applications in no time using the Appcelerator Titanium Framework Create an open source Augmented Reality Titanium application Build an effective display of multiple points of interest. Learn to calculate distances between points of interest. Understand how to effectively and cleanly move the points of interest as the device rotates

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 6.8 Creating Constraints, PrimaryKeys, Relationships Based on Multiple Columns Problem You need to create a constraint, primary key, or a relationship between two tables in a DataSet using more than one column. Solution Use the System.Data.

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  • This project explores the development of a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) simulator using ray tracing techniques. This project gives an overview of ray tracing techniques, beamforming, MIMO channel models and MIMO systems. It explains the ability of MIMO systems to offer significant capacity increases over traditional wireless systems, by exploiting the phenomenon of multipath. By modelling high frequency radio waves as travelling along localized linear trajectory paths, they can be approximated as rays, just as in optics....

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Statistics for managers using - Microsoft excel" has contents: Sampling and sampling distributions, confidence interval estimation, fundamentals of hypothesis testing - One sample tests, simple linear regression, introduction to multiple regression.

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  • Using Multiple Profiles Using Outlook 2003, you can create as many profiles as you need. You'll most often create more profiles when more than one person shares a computer. Because Outlook 2003 supports multiple email accounts

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  • [ Team LiB ] Using Advanced Find Because I have several contacts whose names are Becky and correspond with other Beckys, I have quite a few search results to sort through when I use Find. I could search for Becky using her last name also, but it would miss the items in which only her first name was used. In this case, it would be better to use Advanced Find because I would be able to use additional criteria in my search and could narrow the results. Advanced Find has the capability to use multiple conditions so that you can...

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  • In random access or contention methods, no station is superior to another station and none is assigned the control over another. No station permits, or does not permit, another station to send. At each instance, a station that has data to send uses a procedure defined by the protocol to make a decision on whether or not to send.

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  • After completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following: Describe SET operators Use a SET operator to combine multiple queries into a single query Control the order of rows returned

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  • Describe Multiple Inheritance Constructors under Multiple Inheritance Ambiguity in Multiple Inheritance Multiple Inheritance with a Common Base Describe Virtual Base Classes Constructors and Destructors Use Pointers to Objects to access Member Functions

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  • In many computational linguistic scenarios, training labels are subjectives making it necessary to acquire the opinions of multiple annotators/experts, which is referred to as ”wisdom of crowds”. In this paper, we propose a new approach for modeling wisdom of crowds based on the Latent Mixture of Discriminative Experts (LMDE) model that can automatically learn the prototypical patterns and hidden dynamic among different experts. Experiments show improvement over state-of-the-art approaches on the task of listener backchannel prediction in dyadic conversations. ...

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  • In this paper, a new language model, the Multi-Class Composite N-gram, is proposed to avoid a data sparseness problem for spoken language in that it is difficult to collect training data. The Multi-Class Composite N-gram maintains an accurate word prediction capability and reliability for sparse data with a compact model size based on multiple word clusters, called MultiClasses. In the Multi-Class, the statistical connectivity at each position of the N-grams is regarded as word attributes, and one word cluster each is created to represent the positional attributes. ...

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  • This paper describes methods for relating (threading) multiple newspaper articles, and for visualizing various characteristics of them by using a directed graph. A set of articles is represented by a set of word vectors, and the similarity between the vectors is then calculated. The graph is constructed from the similarity matrix. By applying some constraints on the chronological ordering of articles, an efficient threading algorithm that runs in O(n) time (where n is the number of articles) is obtained. ...

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  • A novel plasmid vector pSELECT-1 is described which can be used for highly efficient site-directed in vitro mutagenesis. The mutagenesis method is based on the use of single-stranded DNA and two primers, one mutagenic primer and a second correction primer which corrects a defect in the ampicillin resistance gene on the vector and reverts the vector to ampicillin resistance. Using T4 DNA polymerase and T4 DNA ligase the two primers are physically linked on the template. The non-mutant DNA strand is selected against by growth in the presence of ampicillin.

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  • We extend the original entity-based coherence model (Barzilay and Lapata, 2008) by learning from more fine-grained coherence preferences in training data. We associate multiple ranks with the set of permutations originating from the same source document, as opposed to the original pairwise rankings. We also study the effect of the permutations used in training, and the effect of the coreference component used in entity extraction.

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  • But as online research takes place in a range of new venues (email, chatrooms, webpages, various forms of “instant messaging,” MUDs and MOOs, USENET newsgroups, audio/video exchanges, etc.) – researchers, research subjects, and those charged with research oversight will often encounter ethical questions and dilemmas that are not directly addressed in extant statements and guidelines.

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  • In October 2003, 77 million persons used a computer at work, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today. These workers accounted for 55.5 percent of total employment. About 2 of every 5 employed individuals connected to the Internet or used e-mail while on the job. These proportions were slightly higher than those measured in the prior survey conducted in September 2001. (See table A.) These findings are from a special supplement to the October 2003 Current Population Survey (CPS).

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