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  • There is scarcity of published literature on manifestations of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) among elderly patients in India. The aim of the present study was to compare the clinical, radiological and laboratory manifestations of PTB among young and elderly patients. Methods. This prospective study involved 100 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) negative patients with PTB. The demographic, clinical, radiological and laboratory manifestations were compared between young (n=50; under 60 years of age) and elderly (n=50; aged 60 years and above) with PTB. Results.

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  • The CGAP is the sum of an economy’s idiosyncratic performance over the two years from the first quarter of 2008 to the fourth quarter of 2009. A positive value indicates that an economy outperformed the global economy while a negative value indicates underperformance. A value of 10%, for example, implies that an economy had real GDP growth 10% higher than we would expect, given the path of the global economy, over this two year period.

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  • A primer, we are told by the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (Onions, 1980:1,670), is “a small introductory book on any subject.” Some ten years ago, amidst a mixture of encouragement and pestering by colleagues, I set about writing a primer in conversation analysis. I had been teaching a two-term course called “Conversational Structures” to classes of both undergraduate and graduate students for over twenty years by then, and more abbreviated courses to one or the other of these cohorts for several years before that.

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  • Objectives: To evaluate the antibiotic resistance of Gram-negative bacteria causing pneumonia in stroke patients. Methods: Descriptive study. Results: P. aeruginosa resistance > 80% was observed in most antibiotics (14/20 patients), 100% was resistant to imipenem, norfloxacin; sensitivity to polymycin (100%). K. pneumoniae strains 100% with 8/20 antibiotics, including ciprofloxacin, cefpirome, cefuroxime. K. pneumoniae strains were sensitivity 100% to doxycylins and carbapenem antibiotics. A. baumannii strains resist 100% to 5 antibiotics, including piperacillin + tazobactam; 50% of A.

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  • Vascular dysfunction may also reduce oxygen delivery to gingival tissue. Pocket oxygen tension was reported to be significantly lower in smokers than non-smokers providing support for the negative effects of smoking on vascular system (Hanioka et al. 2000). Evidence from both human and experimental studies suggests that smoking has a long-term chronic effect, and its effect is not simply a vasoconstriction.

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  • The female version varies slightly; the knees are held together, the feet may be to one side and the hands rest side by side or one on top of the other resting on the upper legs (Figure 88). During more than a decade of interviewing and selling to people, our observation has revealed that, when the interviewee locks his ankles, he is mentally ‘biting his lip’. The gesture is one of holding back a negative attitude, emotion, nervousness or fear. For example, a lawyer friend of mine told me that he had often noticed that, just prior to a...

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  • This chapter introduces issues concerning unsteady flow, i.e. flow situations in which hydraulic conditions change with time. Many flow phenomena of great importance to the engineer are unsteady in character, and cannot be reduced to steady flow by changing the viewpoint of the observer. The equations of motion are formulated and the method of characteristics is introduced as main part of this chapter. The concept of positive and negative waves and formation of surges are described. Finally, some solutions to unsteady flow equations are introduced in their mathematical concepts.......

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  • A recent report has found that public attitudes to asylum in the UK have reached new levels of hostility. 25 Some politicians have responded to perceived public concern over asylum and immigration by emphasising restrictive policies. 26 The media has a key role to play in the formation of public attitudes and observers have argued that the UK press has encouraged negative attitudes towards asylum seekers. 27 There have been a number of studies, which have noted the way in which particularly the newspaper media construct asylum seekers as threats or problems.

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  • The Committee on Chemical Safety is well aware of the possible negative perception of the word audit.Once you understand its meaning as used in this document, you may, at your discretion, replace it with alternatives. Examples of alternative terms include safety survey, safety consultation, safety assessment, field observation, field assessment, or operational survey. Throughout this manual, the concept of environment, health, and safety is intended, but for the sake of simplicity, safety is used.

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  • Our results have important implications for the performance of the mutual fund industry. From an overall perspective, we observe more frequently funds with negative rather than positive performance. However, the performance of the industry as a whole is not so bad because about 80 percent of the funds produce zero alphas. In fact, the negative average performance documented in the previous literature is not due to the majority of funds but is only caused by one fifth of the funds.

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  • The survey results indicate that the majority of students in almost all of the scenarios preferred the modern electronic soundtrack. Furthermore, in each case, regardless of whether a majority was reached, the positive response to this music outweighed the negative response. Focus group comments for the Caligari screening, for example, noted that the DJ Spooky music was “more effective” and allowed for a “better experience” for students.

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  • Social media gives us the ability to communicate instantly, yet most marketers have not developed the communication skills to address real time,” observes globally recognized marketing strategist, DaviD MeerMaN ScoTT. “Marketers have been trained with a campaign mentality, spending weeks planning, designing and executing in a sequential manner. Social marketing is changing that. We now need the ability to react instantly to breaking news, changes on our websites and negative customer feedback....

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  • The effect of lignin, which is an important additive for the negative electrode in lead±acid batteries, is studied on lead electrodes in sulfuric acid by means of potentiostatic transient measurements and in situ electrochemical atomic force microscope (EC-AFM) observations. During oxidation of the electrodes, it is con®rmed that the current transition in electrolyte with 20 ppm lignin gives a broad, hill-like curve, while that in electrolyte without lignin is a sharp peak.

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  • Texture, nutritive values and volatile compounds of Lentinula edodes, Pleurotus ostraetus and Pleroutus sajor-caju mushrooms were determined. The volatiles have been found out with an estimation approach by carrying out gas chromatography and mass spectrophotometer (GS–MS) Library Catalogue comparison. Neither regular increase nor decreases were observed for the values of texture, moisture, ash and protein values of L. eddoes.

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  • Overview emotion‘ perspectives Previous perspective Today’s perspectives and its importance Case study Intel Corp Position of emotion in today. Emotion and Emotional intelligence Dimensions of emotion How to focus on Positive and Active Don’t forget to let them catch their breath The emotional foundations of team effort Watch out for negative emotions The importance of recognizing emotional frameworks Using observational tools Attending to the nonverbal messages Solutions to overcome negative outlooks Stimulating positive feelings Creating an action orientation ...

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  • The data set we received from CIBC has 304,698 observations. Each observation represents a customer and is described by 407 variables, both categorical and numerical. The variable “index” gives the ID of the customer and the variable “target” describes whether the customer had responded to the previous campaign. There are a lot of missing values. Detailed descriptions on the meaning of each variable were not provided. All of the observations had received the direct promotion.

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  • Observational studies, and theoretical considerations, suggest that rebiopsy will detect prostate cancer in some men with an initially negative prostate biopsy. These studies reported multivariate analyses of predictive factors for positive repeat biopsy but there was disagreement on which factors predict re-biopsy outcome. There is evidence, however, that the odds of high grade prostate cancer are reduced if a man has previously had a negative biopsy.

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  • The sample was constructed in the following way. First, we dropped all company- years that do not report either executive or non-executive boards. Second, we removed all firms that report either negative equity or negative total assets. At this point the data consisted of about 57,000 director-company-year observations pertaining to 8,506 firm-years. Third, to address the issue of firms in severe financial distress, we have dropped companies that report ROE or ROS less than -1.

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  • Depressed mothers in developed countries have been observed to provide less quantity and poorer quality of stimulation for their infants (100) and to be slower in responding and less responsive to them (101, 102). Depressed mothers are also more likely to have negative views of themselves as parents (103), seeing themselves as having less personal control over their child’s development, and less able to positively influence their children1 . In summary, maternal mental health is inextricably linked with both physical and psychological development of children.

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  • Compared to Germany, the gross income of Italian banks is relatively large, but so are their operating costs (Figure 3). In both countries, the two time series show a negative trend, but in Italy the decrease in costs more than compensates the decrease in gross in- come. The negative trend in Italy’s gross income is driven by its shrinking interest income (Fig- ure 4), a trend also observed in many other European countries. However, this effect was countered by a marked increase in non-interest income.

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