Neutral gas

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  • This book is concerned with Ultra-Low-Frequency (ULF)-electromagnetic waves observed on the Earth and in Space. These are so-called geomagnetic variations or pulsations. Alfv´en’s discovery related to the influence of the strong magnetic field on the conducting fluids (magnetohydrodynamics) led to development of the concept that the ULF-waves are magnetospheric magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)-waves. MHD-waves at their propagation gather information about the magnetosphere, ionosphere, and the ground. There are two applied aspects based on using the ULF electromagnetic oscillations.

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  • The neutral N-glycan structures of Arion lusitanicus (gas-tropod) skin, viscera and egg glycoproteins were examined after proteolytic digestion, release of the glycans from the peptides, fluorescent labelling with 2-aminopyridine and fractionation by charge, size and hydrophobicity to obtain pure glycan structures. The positions and linkages of the sugars in the glycan were analysed by two dimensional HPLC (size and hydrophobicity) and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry before and after digestion with specific exoglycosidases. ...

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  • he product of the risk-neutral default intensity and the loss rate equals the instantaneous credit spread. Like Duffee (1999) and Elton et al. (2001), we assume a constant loss rate and allow the default intensity to vary stochastically over time. We model each firm’s default intensity as a function of a low number of latent common factors and a latent firm-specific factor. This extends the analysis of Duffee (1999), who estimates a separate model for each firm. As in Duffee (1999), all factors follow square-root diffusion processes.

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  • We have isolated and characterized a second [Fe]-hydro-genasegene fromthegreenalga,Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. TheHydA2gene encodes a protein of 505 amino acids that is 74% similar and 68% identical to the known HydA1 hydrogenase fromC. reinhardtii.HydA2 contains all the conserved residues and motifs found in the catalytic core of the family of [Fe]-hydrogenases. We demonstrate that both theHydA1and theHydA2transcripts are expressed upon anaerobic induction, achieved either by neutral gas purging or by sulfur deprivation of the cultures. ...

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  • Trichloroisocyanuric acid synthesis process was studied by using DFT method. The obtained results demonstrate that the keto-enol isomerization of the cyanuric acid is a base-catalyzed reaction. It is possible that in the presence of NaOH the process of moving hydrogen in the cyanuric acid molecule and the reaction of neutralizing cyanuric acid can execute consecutively. And in this case NaOH plays the role as a donor of hydroxyl group catalyzing the movement of hydrogen and as neutralizing agent in an exothermal process.

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