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  • The aim of the dissertation is study and propose a new algorithm for solving the optimal problem in nonlinear model predictive control MIMO system.

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  • The paper proposes a nonlinear control method, which can be applied to output tracking control a wide range of various perturbed nonlinear objects. This output feedback controller is established based on piecewise quadratic optimizing subjected to input constraints for state feedback control and then combined with an appropriate EKF or UKF for system state observation.

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  • Research objectives: Using boundary integral observations or observations on a part of the boundary instead of point-wise observations are new approaches to setting the inverse problem and have physical and practical meanings.

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  • In this paper our objective is to examine simple resonance solutions for a torsional vibration system of three variable generalized masses by using the small parameter method [5].

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa hoc quốc tế đề tài : Semilocal E-preinvexity and its applications in nonlinear multiple objective fractional programming

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  • This manual introduces you to SAP2000 Version 11. The step-by-step instructions guide you through development of your first model. The in-tent is to demonstrate the fundamentals and to show how quickly and easily a model can be created using the program. Completing the tutorial will give you hands-on experience working with SAP2000, which for most people is the quickest way to become familiar with the program. If you are viewing this manual as a .pdf file, we strongly recommend that you print it before starting the tutorial.

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  • In this paper, a nonlinear optimal control law based on aggregated variables is presented. The criterion is chosen so that the dynamic characteristics of object are included. The stability of the closed-loop system is global according to the Lyapunov stability theory. The control law depends explicitly on ship model parameters, so that it is can be easily to tune when the parameters change.

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  • We consider a general class of nonlinear constrained optimization problems, where derivatives of the objective function and constraints are unavailable. This property of problems can often impede the performance of optimization algorithms. Most algorithms usually determine a quasi-Newton direction and then use line search techniques.

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  • This chapter provides a brief introduction to the theory of morphological signal processing and its applications toimage analysis andnonlinear filtering. By “morphological signal processing”we mean a broad and coherent collection of theoretical concepts, mathematical tools for signal analysis, nonlinear signal operators, design methodologies, and applications systems that are based on or related to mathematical morphology (MM), a set- and lattice-theoreticmethodology for image analysis. MM aims at quantitatively describing the geometrical structure of image objects.

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  • Modeling multi-level complex systems is the object of this book. Complex systems are assemblies of several subsystems and are characterized by emergent behavior resulting by nonlinear interactions among subsystems for multiple levels of organization. The complexity of numerous systems is rooted in the existence of many levels of self-organization corresponding to different time and space scales. There is a need to provide general frameworks able to combine several scales and reality levels of the complex systems in one coherent and transdisciplinary discourse.

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  • Design and Implementation of FIR Filters A filter is a system that is designed to alter the spectral content of input signals in a specified manner. Common filtering objectives include improving signal quality, extracting information from signals, or separating signal components that have been previously combined. A digital filter is a mathematical algorithm implemented in hardware, firmware, and/or software that operates on a digital input signal to produce a digital output signal for achieving filtering objectives.

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  • Given a compact four dimensional manifold, we prove existence of conformal metrics with constant Q-curvature under generic assumptions. The problem amounts to solving a fourth-order nonlinear elliptic equation with variational structure. Since the corresponding Euler functional is in general unbounded from above and from below, we employ topological methods and min-max schemes, jointly with the compactness result of [35]. 1.

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  • Research objectives: To form a direct, simple and easy-to-use methodology to determine the redundancy of bridge’s structure. Form a finite element method in order to take into account the nonlinear behavior of the structure, when one or some of the main structure part is failure.

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  • The main objective of the present paper is to study the transition from periodic regular mot ion to chaos in a two degrees of freedom dynamical system by changing control parameters. The nonlinear differential equations governing motion of the system a rc derived from the Lagrange equations.

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  • In this paper we consider interior-point methods (IPM) for the nonlinear, convex optimization problem where the objective function is a weighted sum of reciprocals of variables subject to linear constraints (SOR). This problem appears often in various applications such as statistical stratified sampling and entropy problems, to mention just few examples.

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  • This paper develops a finite time-horizon fuzzy multi-deteriorating inventory model with/without shortage, where the demand increases linearly with time. Here, the total profit is to be maximized under the limitation on investment. In this problem, total profit, total investment cost and the time-horizon are fuzzy in nature. The impreciseness in the above objective and constraint goals have been expressed by fuzzy linear/nonlinear membership functions and vagueness in time-horizon by different types of fuzzy numbers. Results are illustrated with numerical examples.

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