Obesity rates

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  • Because an interest rate swap is just a series of cash flows occurring at known future dates, it can be valued by sim ply summing the present value of each of these cash flows. In order to calculate the present value of each cash flow, it is necessary to first estimate the correct discount factor (df) for each period (t) on which a cash flow occurs. Dis count factors are derived from investors’ perceptions of in terest rates in the future and are calculated using forward rates such as LIBOR. The following formula calculates a theoretical rate (known as the “Swap Rate”) for...

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  • In the 1980s and 1990s, policymakers took a big leap, arguing that the new microfinance institutions should be profitable -- or in the prevailing code language, they should be “financially sustainable.” The argument for emphasizing profit-making microfinance institutions proceeds in three steps. First, it holds that small loans are costly for banks to administer but that poor households can pay high interest rates.

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  • For example, take the claim that many poor households will pay high interest rates without flinching, and the related claim that the existence of moneylenders implies the insensitivity of most borrowers to interest rates. Moneylender loans are often taken for short periods of less than a month, however, and are often used as a short-term patch to meet pressing consumption needs--while microfinance loans are typically held for several months at minimum and are targeted at business investment. The standard Grameen Bank loan, for example, had a one-year term.

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  • Using Fed funds futures rates to disentangle expected from unexpected policy actions, this paper shows that interest rates’ response to the “surprise” component of Fed policy is significantly stronger than the response to the change in the target itself; in fact, rates’ response to the anticipated component of policy actions is minimal, consistent with the efficient markets hypothesis.

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  • The average total daily energy expenditure is higher in obese than lean individuals when measured at stable weight. However, energy expenditure falls as weight is lost, due in part to loss of lean body mass and to decreased sympathetic nerve activity. When reduced to near-normal weight and maintained there for a while, (some) obese individuals have lower energy expenditure than (some) lean individuals. There is also a tendency for those who will develop obesity as infants or children to have lower resting energy expenditure rates than those who remain lean.

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  • Interest rate swap terms typically are set so that the pres ent value of the counterparty payments is at least equal to the present value of the payments to be received. Present value is a way of comparing the value of cash flows now with the value of cash flows in the future. A dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future because cash flows available today can be invested and grown. The basic premise to an interest rate swap is that the coun terparty choosing to pay the fixed rate and the counterpar ty choosing to pay the floating...

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  • Although women are a minority in national prison populations all over the world, the female prison population is increasing. This increase in women’s imprisonment is part of a global trend towards the increasing popularity and use of imprisonment and a corresponding under- use of constructive alternative, non-custodial sanctions. This applies particularly to drug offences and non-violent theft (Penal Reform International, 2007).

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  • Education. The adult literacy rate in Afghanistan is estimated to be 36%, while for adult women it is estimated at 21%2 (2001). A significant leap in school enrollment has taken place during the last couple of years, and more than four million children are now in school, one-third of them girls, but this still represents only a little more than half of school-age children and 40% of girls. These figures hide dramatic regional disparities, with girls representing less than 15% of the total enrollment in nine provinces in the east and south.

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  • A 1992 study conducted by Arthur Andersen , commissioned by the Associated Credit Bureaus (now known as the Consumer Data Industry Association) used a different methodology to conclude that the error rate was much lower. This study reviewed the behavior of 15,703 consumers who were denied credit based on a credit grantor’ s scoring system. From this sample, 1,223 consumers (7.8%) requested their credit report from the issuing credit repository, and 304 consumers (1.9% of the total sample) disputed the information on the report. Of these, 36 disputes (11.

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  • The current nutritional and health profiles of the Mexican population reflect notable failures in the field of social policies. Protein-energy malnutrition and infectious diseases are still relevant public health matters among poor rural and urban populations, and they remain common causes of death during infancy and childhood, and even later in life.

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  • “ We believe that sustainability, environmental quality, and resource consumption present risks that should be managed by the same structure and process as are other risks. as a leader in the real estate industry, we are dedicated to increasing building performance throughout our portfolio of properties.”

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  • According to Pierce-Eislen about 94% of the new construction is market rate while the remaining 6% is partially or fully affordable housing. Of the 10,217 units proposed, nearly 90% are market rate, 4% are mixed market rate and affordable and nearly 7% are fully affordable communities. Vacancy rates from county to county vary widely depending mostly on supply added to the market. Boulder/Broomfield reports vacancy at only 2.9% while Douglas and Jefferson Counties, also with limited new supply, reported vacancy rates of 4.1% and 3,7% respectively.

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  • Available information shows that the nutritional status of Mexican women differs widely within the country, according to geographical regions, urban and rural areas, and income groups. Nutritional deficiencies, anaemia and stunting, for example, are more common in poor women who live in the less-developed regions of the country, in rural and indigenous communities or in marginal urban areas. On the other hand, overweight and obesity currently affect women of all income groups, but rates are higher in the more economically advanced regions and big cities.

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  • There is growing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2) in the child and youth population, and particularly in young adults, secondary to an increase in their risk factors, which present themselves at very early stages of life. Among these, the most prevalent is obesity, which may increase rates of dyslipidemia, arterial hypertension (AH) and carbohydrate metabolism disorders, which are also recognized risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases (CMD). ...

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  • When interest rates fall steadily and continuously, corporations may be able to save money by refunding their existing bond issues. According to Boyce and Kalotay [2], the accepted wisdom is to refund a bond issue when interest rates fall 1% below the coupon rate on the existing bond. However, the refunding decision is in reality a complicated one.

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  • Since the goal of the traditional direct marketing model is to identify customers who are most likely to respond to the promotion, it follows that the effectiveness of such a model, or campaign, is determined by the response rate of contacted customers. This evaluation criterion has long been adopted by numerous works in both academic and commercial settings [LL98, KDD98, Bha00, PKP02, DR94].

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  • NCAP test is conducted at 56 km/h (35 mi/h), rather than 48 km/h (30 mi/h) as required by FMVSS No. 208. Model year (MY) 1979 vehicles were the first tested and rated using this protocol. For several years, the agency provided consumers with the values recorded during frontal impact tests by the anthropomorphic test devices and the relationship of those values to established injury assessment references.

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  • The agency began testing and rating vehicles for side impact protection in the 1997 MY. As with the frontal program, the test protocol was based on an existing Federal standard, FMVSS No. 214 “Side Impact Protection”, and again the test speed was increased by 8 km/h (5 mi/h). 1 Starting with the 2001 MY, the agency began using NCAP to rate vehicles for rollover resistance based on a static measurement of a vehicle’s track width and the height of its center of gravity. The test protocol was not based on an existing Federal standard. The Transportation...

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  • published in september 2008, “Globalization and Global Trends in Green Real Estate Investment” analyzed green building trends and issues in key regions around the world. the paper found that developers and property managers were adopting greener business practices in all regions of the world, and at all stages of economic development, but that the rate of adoption and the key drivers varied considerably.

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  • Maysami and Sims (2002, 2001a, 2001b) employed the Error-Correction Modelling technique to examine the relationship between macroeconomic variables and stock returns in Hong Kong and Singapore (Maysami and Sim, 2002b), Malaysia and Thailand (Maysami and Sim 2001a), and Japan and Korea (Maysami and Sim 2001b).

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