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  • In this chapter , we’ll be taking a look at object oriented programming, or OOP . Whether you’ve used OOP before in PHP or not, this chapter will show you what it is, how it’ s used, and why you might want to use objects rather than plain functions and variables. We’ll cover everything from the “this is how you make an object” basics through to interfaces, exceptions, and magic methods. The object oriented approach is more conceptual than technical—although there are some long words used that we’ll define and demystify as we go!...

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  • If you’re ever writing code and get the funny feeling that you’ve solved the problem you’re working on before, you probably have. You may well have come across the same type of situation in the past, puzzled about it, and come up with the solution. And before that, you may have faced the same type of situation and come up with the same type of solution. And even before that . . . same thing.

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  • Welcome to advanced Unity scripting! In this book, we will cover interesting information about scripting in Unity's built-in scripting language—JavaScript for Unity. We believe that this book, and included material, has the fundamentals needed to create a game that you always dreamed of creating. In order to start working with this book, you need to have a basic understanding of what Unity3D is; navigate freely inside Unity, and have basic knowledge of JavaScript and object-oriented programming (OOP) in general. In this chapter, we will:...

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