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  • Bài giảng "Hệ quản trị cơ sở dữ liệu Oracle - Chương 6: Sao lưu và phục hồi" cung cấp cho người học các kiến thức: Sao lưu – backup, các phương án backup, tự động backup, quản lý backup, các bước khởi động database, nguyên nhân gây lỗi database, cách khắc phục,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • Deploy a rock-solid data backup and disaster recovery strategy with the in-depth guidance of this authoritative text. Learn how to set up RMAN-ready databases, create reliable backup tapes and discs, and perform accurate Oracle system restores.

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  • The geographical pattern of performance scores is shown in Map 5. This shows a very clear concentration of Depleting regions in the eastern New Member States and the New German Lander. Below average scores are also found in southern Italy, western Spain, Portugal, central and NE France, and the northern parts of the Nordic Member States and UK.

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  • When failures occur, the fail over process moves processing performed by the failed component to the backup component. This process remasters systemwide resources, recovers partial or failed transactions, and restores the system to normal, preferably within a matter of microseconds. The more transparent that fail over is to users, the higher the availability of the system. Oracle has a number of products and features that provide high availability in cases of unplanned downtime or planned downtime.

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  • Control Files The control files include information about the file structure of the database and the current log sequence number being written by LGWR. During normal recovery procedures, the information in a control file guides the automatic progression of the recovery operation. Database Backups Because one or more files can be physically damaged as the result of a disk failure, media recovery requires the restoration of the damaged files from the most recent operating system backup of a database.

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  • The Scheduler To help simplify management tasks, as well as providing a rich set of functionality for complex scheduling needs, Oracle provides a collection of functions and procedures in the DBMS_SCHEDULER package. Collectively, these functions are called the Scheduler, and they are callable from any PL/SQL program. The Scheduler lets database administrators and application developers control when and where various tasks take place in the database environment.

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  • The listener receives client connections and evaluates against a set of rules whether to deny or allow access. If it allows access, the listener forwards a request to a gateway process, selecting the one with the fewest connections. The CMGW process, in turn, forwards the request to another Oracle Connection Manager or directly to the database server, relaying data until the connection terminates. If a connection to the server already exists, the gateway multiplexes, or funnels, its connections through the existing connection.

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  • Shared server processes are utilized in the shared server architecture. Figure 5–8 on page 5-10 depicts a shared server architecture. With shared server architectures, client processes ultimately connect to a dispatcher. The PMON process registers the location and load of the dispatchers with the listener, enabling the listener to forward requests to the least loaded dispatcher. A dispatcher can support multiple client connections concurrently. Each client connection is bound to a virtual circuit.

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  • Even as we present you the third edition of the Outlook, we are acutely aware that the challenges before the media in our region, as well as around the world, are huge, but they are by no means insurmountable. Our research into the changing dynamics of the media in our part of the world taught us that very many new opportunities abounded alongside the challenges. Therefore, you will notice that the overall tone of the report in your hands is one of cautious optimism; we are confident that the fundamentals of the media in our region are strong enough to...

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  • Oracle Secure Backup, Oracle's new tape backup management software, delivers secure, high performance network tape backup for Oracle databases and file systems. It provides an integrated, easy-to-use backup solution that encrypts data to tape to safeguard against the misuse of sensitive data in the event that backup tapes are lost or stolen. Oracle Secure Backup provides optimized backup performance of Oracle Databases via tight integration with the database engine, as well as advanced backup functionality including automated tape rotation, known as “vaulting”. ...

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  • Oracle Database seems complex on the surface. However, its extensive feature set is really built upon upon a core infrastructure resulting from sound architectural decisions made very early on that have stood the test of time. This core infrastructure manages transactions and the ability to commit and roll back changes, protects the integrity of the database, enables backup and recovery, and allows for scalability to thousands of users all accessing the same data.

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  • Introduction Database Management Performing Routine DBA Procedures Preparing a Database for Production Performing Backup and Recovery Installation and Configuration Installing Oracle on Unix Installing Oracle on Windows NT Installing Oracle on VMS Creating a Parallel Oracle Database Network Management Confirming Network Availability Confirming Net8 Connectivity Verifying Net8 Name Resolution Configuring Net8 Clients Configuring Net8 Clients to Use LDAP Configuring Net8 Clients to Use Oracle Names Configuring Net8 on the Server Configuring Multi-Threaded Server Tracing Client Connections Tra...

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  • Storage Optimization: Storage optimization efforts continued in 2009 with a goal of continuous improvement in the levels of consolidation and savings that can be achieved. New disk arrays with higher densities and multiple tiers of storage were used to consolidate onto fewer, more cost-effective, disk arrays. FAST technology was adopted to automate the movement of information between tiers of storage for optimal performance and cost efficiency. Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) were tested with performance sensitive Oracle and SQL database applications.

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  • Chức Năng : Chứa toàn bộ dữ liệu trong database. Lưu Trữ các dữ liệu thuộc cấu trúc logic của database như tables hay indexes Tính Chất Mỗi datafile chỉ có thể được sử dụng trong một database. Một số tính chất cho phép tự động mở rộng kích thước mỗi khi database hết chỗ lưu trữ dữ liệu. Một hay nhiều datafiles tạo nên một đơn vị lưu trữ logic của database gọi là tablespace. Một datafile chỉ thuộc về một tablespace....

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  • Overview The recovery catalog is a schema that is created in a separate database. It contains the RMAN metadata obtained from the target database control file. RMAN propagates information about the database structure, archived redo logs, backup sets, and datafile copies into the recovery catalog from the control file of the target database. You should use a catalog when you have multiple target databases to manage. RMAN stores, uses, and maintains the information in the recovery catalog. The recovery catalog is maintained by RMAN when you do the following: 1.

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  • Workshop Methodology Group-Oriented and Interactive Structure The workshop is structured to allow individuals to work in groups to perform database backup, restore, and recovery operations. Each group is encouraged to share its approach to resolving database failures with other groups in the class. Intensive Hands-On Diagnosis and Problem Resolution The intent is to provide you with as much hands-on experience as possible to diagnose and work through backup and recovery scenarios.

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  • Incomplete Recovery Incomplete recovery reconstructs the database to a prior point in time (before the time of the failure). Note: This situation results in the loss of data from transactions committed after the time of recovery. This data will need to be reentered manually if required. Perform this recovery only when absolutely necessary. Incomplete recovery can be a difficult and time-consuming operation.

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  • Cross Checks of RMAN Backups and Copies Performing a cross check provides you with a way to ensure that data about backup sets and image copies in the RMAN repository is synchronized with corresponding data on disk or in the media management catalog. You can use the LIST command to obtain a report of the backups and copies that you have made and then use the CROSSCHECK command to check that these files still exist. If RMAN cannot find a file, it updates the repository records to EXPIRED. You can determine which files are marked EXPIRED by issuing a LIST EXPIRED command....

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  • Restoration and Datafile Media Recovery Using RMAN RMAN automates the procedure for restoring files. When you issue the RESTORE command, RMAN uses a server session to restore the correct backups and copies. The RMAN repository is used to select the best available backup set or image copies to use in the restoration. By default, RMAN does not restore a file if the file is already in the correct place and its header contains the correct information. In releases before Oracle9i, the files were always restored.

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  • Media Recovery Media recovery is used to recover a lost or damaged current datafile or control file. You can also use it to recover changes that were lost when a datafile went offline without the OFFLINE NORMAL option. Restoring Files When you restore a file, you are replacing a missing or damaged file with a backup copy. Recovery of Files When you recover a file, changes recorded in the redo log files are applied to the restored files.

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