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  • PART I THE JOB OF THE ORACLE DBA 1 The World of a Database Administrator 2 The Database Administrator’s Job Description3 History and Development of Databases and Oracle 4 Oracle and Its Environment 5 The Tools of the Trade

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  • This book will help you in your endeavor to upgrade your Oracle OCP DBA certification to the latest level—Oracle Database 11g. It is a study guide for Oracle Database administrators who plan to take the OCP Oracle Database 10g: New Features for.The Oracle Database Application Developers Guide - Fundamentals describes basic application development features of Oracle Database 10g. Information in this guide applies to features that work the same on all supported platforms, and does not...

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  • Step by Step instructions to install Oracle Applications R12(12.1.1) on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 are described in this article. This is a single node installation, meaning that the database, all product directories and AD core directories, and all servers (concurrent processing, forms, and Web) are installed on a single node under one common APPL_TOP. The database node and the Applications node can be installed on the same machine. This type of installation is generally used for small systems or for demonstration purposes.

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  • This section includes an overview of the major steps required to upgrade an existing Oracle Database to the new Oracle Database 10g release. These procedures transform an existing Oracle Database system (including associated applications) into an Oracle Database 10g system. Oracle Database 10g is compatible with all earlier Oracle Database releases. Therefore, databases upgraded using the procedures described in this book can work in the same manner as in earlier releases and, optionally, can leverage new Oracle Database 10g functionality....

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  • This book will help you in your endeavor to upgrade your Oracle OCP DBA certification to the latest level—Oracle Database 11g. It is a study guide for Oracle Database administrators who plan to take the OCP Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-050). This exam is also known commonly as the DBA “Upgrade” exam because you can upgrade to the latest Oracle Database 11g OCP certification from the Oracle10g OCP certification. In order to take this exam, Oracle Corporation must have already certified you as an Oracle10g OCP....

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  • Preparation • Get INVALID Objects: • SQL SELECT UNIQUE object_name, object_type, owner SQL SELECT UNIQUE object_name, object_type, owner FROM dba_objects WHERE status='INVALID'; FROM dba_objects WHERE status='INVALID'; Recompile invalid objects in SYS and SYSTEM with utlrp.sql Compare invalid objects from before and after the upgrade • • Beginning with the comparison has been automated registry$sys_inv_objs, registry$nonsys_inv_objs = utluiobj.sql • Get accurate performance statistics • Comparison: before ↔ after • Time specific...

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  • Move to Oracle Database 11g – The whole Story Roy Swonger, Carol Tagliaferri, Mike Dietrich Database Upgrade & Utilities ORACLE Corporation Welcome!!! Upgrade Development Group Aalok Muley, PTS Agenda Preparation Upgrade News and Task List Tuning Performance Testing Best Practices Agenda Preparation Upgrade News and Task List Tuning Performance Testing Best Practices Support Policy Patches Certification Documentation Upgrade paths Installation Editions

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  • This book is divided into eight major sections. In Part I, “Critical Database Concepts,” you will see an overview of Oracle Database 11g’s options, how to install the Oracle software, how to create or upgrade a database, and advice on planning your application implementation. These chapters establish the common vocabulary that both end users and developers can use to coherently and intelligently share concepts and ensure the success of any development effort.

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  • Critical Database Concepts new features include “invisible” indexes, simplified table maintenance, and editioned objects. You should evaluate your previous architecture decisions in light of the new features available. In the next several chapters, you will see how to install Oracle Database 11g and how to upgrade to Oracle Database 11g from prior releases. Following those chapters, you will see an overview of application planning, followed by many chapters on the use of SQL, PL/SQL, Java, object-oriented features, and XML to get the most out of your Oracle database.

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  • Oracle Database 11g Getting Started or you can enter an alternative directory location for these files to be stored in. We will discuss the disgnostic_dest parameter and other new parameter-related information later in this chapter. As with previous versions of the DBUA, you can choose to have Oracle back up the database before the upgrade, or you can indicate that you have already backed up the database. If you allow the DBUA to back up the database, then the backup will be a cold backup, so be aware that you will be adding to the total time the database will be...

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  • Real Application Clusters (RAC) comprises several Oracle instances running on multiple clustered computers, which communicate with each other by means of a so-called interconnect. RAC uses cluster software to access a shared database that resides on shared disk. RAC combines the processing power of these multiple interconnected computers to provide system redundancy, near linear scalability, and high availability. RAC also offers significant advantages for both OLTP and data warehouse systems and all systems and applications can efficiently exploit clustered environments. ...

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  • Oracle provides unique portability across all major platforms and ensures that your applications run without modification after changing platforms. This is because the Oracle code base is identical across platforms, so you have identical feature functionality across all platforms, for complete application transparency. Because of this portability, you can easily upgrade to a more powerful server as your requirements change.

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  • Simple, predictable, flexible, and the most comprehensive support policy available, the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy helps drive your business success. Oracle’s industry- leading support policy covers your entire technology environment, from database to middleware to applications—an industry first, only from Oracle. Oracle’s Lifetime Support Policy also puts you in control of your upgrade strategy. Our flexible support policy stages make it easier for you to plan and budget for Oracle’s exclusive product upgrades.

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  • The above procedure for testing the statistical significance of performance differences between types can also be used to explore the potential benefits of combining the two typologies. It might be argued, for example, that despite (possible) structural similarities PR regions are, prima facie, very different, from Intermediate ones, and that the Structural Typology should therefore be applied to the Intermediate and PR regions, or to each of the D-P types separately.

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