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  • By the turn of the nineteenth century medicine had become so complicated that there started to emerge physicians who were medical doctors and those who were surgical doctors. Further divisions rapidly ensued. In the twentieth century, and particularly by the completion of the two great World Wars, medical physicians had expanded to include general practitioners, pediatricians, internists, psychiatrists, neurologists, cardiologists, respirologist, rheumatologists, endocrinologists, nephrologists, gerontologists, gastroenterologists, etc, etc.

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  • Upper respiratory tract infections and, especially, sinusitis are frequently encountered in the day-to-day practice of infectious disease specialists, allergists, pediatricians, otolaryngologists, internists, and family practitioners. The range of causative agents and available therapies and the constantly changing spectrum of antibiotic resistance can make it difficult to select the most appropriate course of treatment.

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  • My first nose job was performed by an otolaryngologist (otherwise known as an ear, nose, and throat doctor) who, in concert with my mother, encouraged me to have surgery. Without consulting me, my mother made an appointment and then convinced me to go with her— just to see what he had to say. He had operated on the nose of a neighbor, and my mother liked her result.

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  • SCIT (subcutaneous immunotherapy) injection of allergens has been practiced for almost 100 years. SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy) is a method of allergy treatment using allergen solution as drops deposited under the tongue and holding it there for a few minutes before swallowing. Since 1969 SLIT was used for treating foods allergy and since 1970 for treating inhalants allergens. In 1998 the World Health Organization concluded that SLIT was a viable alternative to the injections. After numerous control trials SLIT is gaining support from Allergists and Otolaryngologists. ...

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  • Final  figures  have  been  projected  to  reflect  international  statistics  and  are  exclusively  based  on  the  estimated number of Plastic Surgeons  in each country and  the  responding sample.  Whereas  the U.S.‐ based study funded by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery includes Board Certified Plastic  Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Otolaryngologists, this  International Survey  is focused entirely on board  certified (or national equivalent) Plastic Surgeons.

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