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Pancreatic and gastric cancer

Xem 1-6 trên 6 kết quả Pancreatic and gastric cancer
  • The impact of biomarkers in present day health care system, health management and healthy life is enormous. Clinicians need them for diagnosis, prognosis, effect of therapeutic intervention, and most importantly, for early detection of a disease. Pharmaceutical industries need them for new drug discovery and drug efficiency test. Regulatory authorities need them for testing toxicity and environmental impact. Epidemiologists need them for population screening and risk factor determination.

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  • The field of general surgery has changed dramatically over the last ten years with the acceptance of laparoscopy as an extension of the scalpel. Once ridiculed by most academic centers, laparoscopy has revolutionized the management of biliary tract disease and has led to a critical reassessment of how patients with other general surgical problems are managed. The rapid advancement and acceptance of laparoscopy as a part of general surgery is apparent today since most academic centers have laparoscopic sections and many offer laparoscopic fellowships....

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  • To gain better insight into the insulin secretory activity of fetalbcells in response to glucose, the expression of glucose transporter 2 (GLUT-2), glucokinase and mitochondrial glycerol phosphate dehydrogenase (mGDH) were studied. Expression ofGLUT-2mRNA and protein in pancreatic islets and liver was signi®cantly lower in fetal and suckling rats than in adult rats.

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  • Chromosomal rearrangements apparently account for the presence of a pri-mate-specific gene (protease serine 3) in chromosome 9. This gene encodes, as the result of alternative splicing, both mesotrypsinogen and trypsino-gen 4. Whereas mesotrypsinogen is known to be a pancreatic protease, neither the chemical nature nor biological function of trypsinogen 4 has been explored previously.

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  • We purified pancreatic deoxyribonucleases I (DNases I) from three snakes, Elaphe quadrivirgata, Elaphe climaco-phoraandAgkistrodon blomhoffii, and cloned their cDNAs. Each mature snake DNase I protein comprised 262 amino acids. Wild-type snake DNases I with Leu130 were more thermally unstable than wild-type mammalian and avian DNases I with Ile130. After substitution of Leu130Ile, the thermal stabilities of the snake enzymes were higher than those of their wild-type counterparts and similar to mam-malian wild-type enzyme levels....

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  • Rarely, corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) is produced by pancreatic islet tumors, SCLC, medullary thyroid cancer, carcinoids, or prostate cancer. When levels are high enough, CRH can cause pituitary corticotrope hyperplasia and Cushing's syndrome. Tumors that produce CRH sometimes also produce ACTH, raising the possibility of a paracrine mechanism for ACTH production. A distinct mechanism for ACTH-independent Cushing's syndrome involves ectopic expression of various G protein–coupled receptors in the adrenal nodules.

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