Paradox of meetings

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  • This paper review related literature dealing with leadership, meeting theories, knowledge sharing and collaboration. Then explain in detail our concept of collaboration, the process of collaboration and the Pyramid of New Collaboration with its seven layers. Finally, we will discuss the application of the Pyramid to the solution of the paradox of meetings and propose the concept of a New Collaboration Meeting.

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  • “If I didn’t have to go to meetings, I’d like my job a lot more.” It’s a remark I’ve heard from many of the leaders I’ve worked with over the years. I used to think that it was understandable—even humorous—but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually a sad comment on the state of our business culture.

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  • The seeming simplicity of our daily activities is greatly contrasted by the complexity of our true nature—quite a paradox, no doubt. It is simple in that, on the outside, the goals of our body may appear few. We internalize food, water, and oxygen while at the same time ridding ourselves of carbon dioxide and other waste materials. These operations support reproduction, growth, maintenance, and defense. Yet on the inside our body may seem very complex as various organs participate in a tremendous number of complicated processes intended to meet the simple goals previously mentioned....

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