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  • State law defines the grounds for misconduct, such as negligence, deceit, fraud, or exploitation of the physician-patient relationship. A physician will face restrictions, suspension, or revocation of his or her license to practice following investigation and conviction of charges filed against him or her. Physicians are required to complete medical school and several years of postgraduate training. They must also pass a rigorous medical licensing examination to be eligible for licensure. The license to practice is broad and not restricted to particular fields of medicine.

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  • The paradox of phallocentrism in aIl its manifestations is that it depends on the image of the castrated woman to give order and meaning to its world. An idea of woman stands as lynch pin to the system: it is her lack that produces the phallus as a symbolic presence, it is her desire to make good the lack that the phallus signifies. Recent writing in Screen about psychoanalysis and the cinema has not sufficiently brought out the importance of the representation of the female form in a symbolic order in which, in the last resort, it speaks castration...

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  • In the past two decades a number of investigators have attempted to combine measures of mortality and morbidity in order to address issues of whether Americans are living longer, healthy lives, as well as just longer lives. In general, a life-table approach is used to divide increases in years lived into healthy and unhealthy years. These measures have the same useful characteristics as life-table measures based only on mortality. They can be compared across time and place, and they summarize a large amount of age-specific data.

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  • In official statistics, it is not always easy to distinguish independently owned companies. If, for example, employment data is collected at the establishment level then it is likely that these statistics will include a significant proportion of units owned by larger firms. Yet, from a policy viewpoint the characteristics of the owner-managed independent business are substantially different from those of the small subsidiary firm of a large organisation. Such characteristics radically affect SME responses to policy initiatives.

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  • Small Business Problems and Priorities has three characteristics that make it unique. The first is that the survey has a very large number of respondents. Three thousand five hundred and thirty (3,530) small business owners returned useable questionnaires. The sizeable re- sponse allows break-outs into a large number of respondent categories or groups with adequate returns to analyze and compare them. It is thereby possible and appropriate to note where the responses of those in different categories or groups vary from the population and among themselves.

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  • I am committed to ensuring that middle class families have a secure retirement. That is why I have been holding a series of hearings in the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions to highlight the state of retirement security and better understand how we can improve the system. This report summarizes the key findings from those hearings and includes two bold proposals to address the retirement crisis.

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  • Sometimes solidarity groups study the Women in Business manuals or other reading materials together. In some village banks the solidarity group members screen each other’s loan proposals and give suggestions. They can recommend to the management committee whether or not a loan should be granted. If one of the members of a solidarity group is having a problem with her business the others might help her make her loan payment. Or if one of the members has to go to the market for buying or selling, another member might look after her children. Since the women in a...

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  • In its most basic form, Lean Manufacturing is the systematic elimination of waste by focusing on production costs, product quality and delivery, and worker involvement. It is defined, in its modern form, by the Toyota Manufacturing system invented by Shigeo Shingo and Taiichi Ohno in the 1950's. While “waste” has always been thought of as an undesirable by-product of most factory production systems, many have also considered this an inevitable “end-of-pipe” control expense on the corporate balance sheet.

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  • The increased rates of obesity have become a public health concern because obesity is associated with chronic disease and adverse health outcomes (Institute of Medicine 2005). Furthermore, because obesity is now a characteristic of populations and not only of individuals, researchers, government health organizations, and advocacy groups characterize obesity as an epidemic (Institute of Medicine 2005, 2006a; World Health Organization 2003).

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  • This paper explores the intersection of two issues that often are thought of separately: the need for sustained economic recovery in the United States, and the status of women’s entrepreneurship. Despite recent gains, women still lag behind men on key measures of startup activity, and their firms tend not to grow or prosper nearly as much. Typically, this is seen as a ―women’s‖ issue. It is framed as a problem to be dealt with for the benefit of women, in the interest of gender equality. In fact, it is an economic issue that affects everyone. ...

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  • Both of the old world and new world camels belong to the subfamily Camelinae of the family Camelidae in the suborder Tylopoda of the order Artiodactyla. Camels are even- toed ungulates but differ from most others of their order in having soft, padded feet. They are generally referred to as special ruminants or occasionally as pseudoruminants because of their ruminating habits. Camels do not belong to the same suborder as the other major meat and milk producing domestic herbivores.

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  • Reproductive traits describe the animal’s ability to conceive, calve down and suckle the calf to weaning successfully (Davis 1993). These traits are important since they affect the herd size and off take. Reproductive performance is commonly evaluated by analysing female reproductive traits. The traits regularly considered include age at first calving, calving interval and calving rate. Male fertility traits are rarely included in genetic evaluations despite their influence on the female reproductive performance.

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  • Education of the patient is a critical part of treating tuberculosis. The health worker must communicate with a patient clearly and supportively from the time of diagnosis, throughout the long treatment process, and until the patient is cured. The patient’s family will also need information, advice, and support. At the time of diagnosis, patients need basic information about tuberculosis and how it is spread. They may be afraid and need reassurance that TB can be cured. They need an explanation of the treatment process and the necessity of directly observed treatment.

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  • The central idea of evidence-based education—that education policy and practice ought to be fashioned based on what is known from rigorous research—offers a compelling way to approach reform efforts. Recent federal trends reflect a growing enthusiasm for such change. Most visibly, the No Child Left Behind Act requires that “scientifically based [education] research” drive the use of federal education funds at the state and local levels. This emphasis is also reflected in a number of government and nongovernment initiatives across the country.

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  • This memo defines the publication stream for RFCs from the Internet Research Task Force. Most documents undergoing this process will come from IRTF Research Groups, and it is expected that they will be published as Informational or Experimental RFCs by the RFC Editor. Status of this Memo This document is not an Internet Standards Track specification; it is published for informational purposes. This document is a product of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF). The IRTF publishes the results of Internet-related research and development activities.

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  • We use discretionary accruals as a measure of earnings quality (Beneish and Vargus, 2002; Chan, Chan, Jegadeesh, and Lakonishok, 2006). According to the accounting identity, earnings are equal to cash flows plus accruals. Accruals are accounting adjustments designed to better reflect firms’ fundamental operations. However, accruals are subject to managers’ discretion, which may distort reported earnings.

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  • Effective communication is more than just talking or giving advice. It involves asking questions, listening carefully, trying to understand a patient’s worries or needs, demonstrating a caring attitude, and helping to solve problems. Good communication begins when the health worker sees the patient promptly, addresses the patient by name, and offers a comfortable place for the patient to sit. It continues as the health worker makes eye contact, speaks in a respectful tone of voice, and encourages the patient to ask questions. ...

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  • COPD, although preventable and treatable, is not currently curable. hus, the primary prevention of COPD remains a critical action for public health. New investigations into COPD risk factors could explore occupational hazards, environmental exposures, genetics, family history, and co-morbid conditions such as asthma. Investigation of proper training and clinical use of spirometry and evidence-based treatment modalities is also warranted.

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  • It is hard to find adrenal carcinomas early and they are often quite large when diagnosed. Adrenal carcinomas are often found earlier in children than in adults because adrenal cancers in children more commonly secrete hormones. Children will show outward signs of excess hormone production early. For example they may develop very early signs of puberty due to the sex hormones that sometimes are produced by adrenal cancer. In adults, these tumors may be found early by accident, when a CT scan is done for some other health concern.

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  • Cancer registries can play an important role in the evaluation and mon- itoring of screening programmes aimed at detecting pre-invasive condi- tions. Cancer registration data have been used in routine-data-based stud- ies to examine trends in disease rates in relation to screening frequencies within a population and to compare disease rates between different popu- lations with the coverage offered by their screening programmes (see Section 16.3.1).

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