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  • A crucially important adequacy test of any theory of speech acts is its ability to handle performatives. This paper provides a theory of performatives as a test case for our rationally based theory of illocutionary acts. We show why "I request y o u . . . " is a request, and "I lie to you that p" is self-defeating. The analysis supports and extends earlier work of theorists such as Bach and Harnish [1] and takes issue with recent claims by Searle [10] that such performative-as-declarative analyses are doomed to failure. ...

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  • Performance evaluation measures the skill of an asset manager and its principal idea is to compare the returns with an alternative appropriate portfolio to that which was obtained in a particular case. The emergence of modern portfolio theory (MPT) by Markowitz (1952), who quantifies how rational investors make decisions based on expected return and risk, has brought much development to portfolio performance measurement.

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  • Tham khảo luận văn - đề án 'báo cáo lâm nghiệp: "rationalization of the performance of a mobile off-road system working in the forest environment with respect to its emission load"', luận văn - báo cáo phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The experiment was conducted to determine adaptability of rabbitfish Siganus lineanus under rearing condition that similar a closed earthen pond and to assess the effect of stocking density on fish growth performance and the environmental quality.

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  • The term stress was introduced into the biomedical field by Hans Selye (1936) in reference to a General Adaptation Syndrome which would consist of all non-specific systemic reactions that occur during an intense and chronic exposure to a stressor (e.g., pressure at work and poor diet). This syndrome would be different from the specific adaptive reactions (such as muscle hypertrophy caused by exercise performed on a regular basis) and immune responses (Selye, 1936).

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  • Spatial or territorial organization is one of effective tools for sustainable land use. Spatial organization of land use and environmental protection by functional sub-areas is performed on the basis of comprehensive and integrated research on characteristics and differentiation laws of natural components and landscapes, socio-economic factors, the present status and trend of environmental changes as well as the structures and functions of sub-areas. Uong Bi is a national center for tourism, coal mining and thermal power production.

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  • The level of surface water quality protection is variable around the world in large part due to the relative effectiveness of environmental regulation and the degree to which science influences the regulatory process. In the United States, at the federal level, the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) has been an effective policy and water quality management tool for dealing with both point source and non-point source pollution.

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  • Themaindifferencebetweenstockandmutualcompaniesrestswithwhocontrols thebankandreceivesitsprofits(Rasmusen1988).Astockcompanyisownedbyits stockholders,whocontrol(atleastintheory)themanagers,decidehowtodistribute profits, and are free to sell their stocks at any time. On the contrary, a mutual association is “owned” by itsmemberswho are also its depositors, but it is hardly controlled by them.

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  • The research also reaffirms that the governmental decision on privatization is rational, and simultaneously manifests the impact of ownership modes on the business performance. Eventually, the research results can be consulted by business administrators and policy-makers.

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  • Consolidation of applications in cloud computing environments presents a significant opportunity for energy optimization. As a first step toward enabling energy efficient consolidation, we study the inter-relationships between energy consumption, resource utilization, and performance of consolidated workloads. The study reveals the energy performance trade-offs for consolidation and shows that optimal operating points exist. We model the consolidation problem as a modified bin packing problem and illustrate it with an example.

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  • The selection of neo-institutional theory as theoretical lens for the dissertation rests on several arguments. 3 First, the theory bears significant potential to generate fresh insights into the strategy formation process (Mintzberg and Lampel, 1999; Hensmans, 2003). Second, it con- ceptualizes very well the environment, its actors, its creation, and its internal functioning (Scott, 2001).

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  • The work on automaticity also represents a significant foray into the realm beyond rationality and control. The work by Bargh and his col- leagues emerges from a “dual-process” perspective that appreciates both the conscious and non-conscious information-processing aspects of expe- rience (e.g., Bargh & Chartrand, 1999; Bargh & Ferguson, 2000).

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  • Herbert Simon’s work on bounded rationality has had little impact on health policy discourse, despite numerous supportive findings. This is particularly sur- prising in regard to the elderly, a group marked by a decline in higher cognitive functions. Elders’ cognitive capacity to make decisions will be challenged even further with the introduction of the new Medicare prescription drug benefit program, mainly because of the many options available. At the same time, a growing body of evidence points to the perils of having too many choices.

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  • In this research, we investigated the burnup characteristics and the conversion of fertile 232Th into fissile 233U in the core of a Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor (SFR). The SFR fuel assemblies were designed for burning 232Th fuel (fuel pin 1) and 233U fuel (fuel pin 2) and include mixed minor actinide compositions. Monte Carlo simulations were performed using Serpent Code1.1.19 to compare with CRAM (Chebyshev Rational Approximation Method) and TTA (Transmutation Trajectory Analysis) method in the burnup calculation mode.

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  • The area of work that is, perhaps, most readily associated with work in the realm beyond the rationality and control is research on emotions. A num- ber of broad domains of scholarship can be seen as working to describe the emotions or feelings experienced in learning situations. Research on the brain, spurred by advancements in imaging technology, offers tanta- lizing glimpses into the relationship between emotions, cognition, and behavior. Another general domain in the study of emotions focuses on students’ feelings about themselves or their performance.

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  • If one sociological literature woke me up to new independent variables of interest to labor economists, another alerted me to new dependent variables – in particular, to a wealth of new aspects of organizational design and performance that economists could explore and perhaps explain.

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  • The natural question is whether these heterogeneous expectations co-evolve into homogeneous rational-expectations beliefs, upholding the efficient-market theory, or whether richer individual and collective behavior emerges, upholding the traders’ viewpoint and explaining the empirical market phenomena mentioned above. We answer this not analytically—our model with its fully heterogeneous expectations it is too complicated to admit of analytical solutions—but computationally.

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